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  1. Bought as part of ebay job lot. Thanks. David
  2. sold Goldring Lenco GL88 / G88 Turntable, no tonearm. Selling for a friend Wonderful ! Motor serviced, new mains wiring. Speeds adjusted and are all spot on (videos available). New idler wheel as the original was noisy, but will include the original in the package. Main bearing cleaned and relubricated, very quiet. Platter in good condition, 3.6kg, great for speed stability. New 0.1uF 400v switch suppressor capacitor fitted. Original black rubber mat included but not shown in photos. Very clean unit, a few minor paint flecks esp on screwholes. On/Off lettering is slightly faded but could be repainted easily enough. There *is* a plinth/lid but frankly, it's rubbish ! I will include it free as it provides some additional protection during shipping. I will also provide one of my 5.5mm PEEK bearing mod kits (see my Traders advert) free of charge for the buyer to fit, or on request I will fit it before shipping (see last photo). This is a beautiful turntable with a well deserved reputation as being equal to or better than a Garrard 301 or 401. (Last one on ebay sold as "not working" for £382) Specs: Motor: 4-pole constant velocity motor. Speed control: continuously variable. Speeds: four click-stop speeds, 16/33/45/78 rpm. Bearing: centre spindle is lapped, hardened steel in a sintered bronze bearing Wow and flutter: maximum 0.2%. Rumble and hum: negligible Speed variation: less than 1% for 13% mains voltage. Dimensions: 36cm x 33cm inches. Platter diameter: 30cm Platter mass : 3.6kg. £495 plus shipping or buyer collects NN3 Northampton - open to sensible offers !!! Videos taken of the TT working at 33/45/78 rpm. Come and have a look. Advertised elsewhere.
  3. Got it, from another place : Goldring 700 ! late 1960s, stereo, tracking at 3-4 grammes.
  4. Goldring 700, stereo cartridge, 1960 vintage. Came fitted to a Goldring G60 arm on my GL59, really unusual, never even seen anything remotely like this one ! The stylus is gorgeous
  5. Just had some sad news for Lenco owners, Alexey, the Russian guy who made such wonderful V Blocks for Lenco tonearms, has passed away RIP sir.
  6. Sold the ARE77XB, the rest are sfs.
  7. Various turntables for sale, some are mine some are a friends (I'm selling them for him). PM for more info and pics. All refurbed, cleaned and relubed, tested & working perfectly to my usual standard. All have good carts with excellent or new condition styluses (not all shown in pics !!) GL75 + G800 cart £265 Trio KD1033 x2 £125 each NAD 5025 + low cost cart £85 sold : Technics SL-B202 + Philips 400 cart sold NAD 5120 + G800 cart sold JVC JL-A20 + Ortofon cart sold elsewhere All located NN3 Northampton. All prices cash on collect or add shipping at cost, all ONO. Advertised elsewhere.
  8. will do a little later, just off shopping (One of the Lencos is on ebay right now, g8ina2 user ID.) David
  9. where to start I must have 8 tts for sale right now, 2x Trio KD1033, AR77XB, a pair of Lenco GL75, Dual 505, couple of mid range Garrads inc a direct drive which is nice, NAD 5120, plus another few I cant even remember If any of them tempt you I can get piccies. Happy to deliver via ParcelForce or collect Northampton.
  10. My Rega P2 is now sold, but the Trio is still here
  11. Rega P2 sold Rega P2 plinth, glass platter, R200 arm with an unorthodox mount fitting, a home made arm lift bar. New belt, main bearing serviced and lubed with black oil. Ortofon cart with good stylus in a BUM branded headshell (not in pics). Cork mat. Very minor scratch on the glass, really hardly noticable. Missing label on anti skate dial, I can prolly make one if needed. Third party lid and hinges, perfectly servicable, but has a fairly significant crack along the top rear edge. Located NN3 Northampton, looking for £150 plus post or collect with safe distancing. I also have some Trio KD1033 (both within budget) and a Lenco GL75 but thats £250.
  12. Lenco GL75 in large plinth with folded Perspex lid. Another beauty ! Top plate stripped and professionally powder coated in gloss black. Has my own main bearing mod fitted with 1mm POM thrust plate and SiNi ball. Motor serviced, coils recentred, relubricated, new mains wiring. IEC socket on rear panel. Speeds adjusted and are all spot on. Rubber mat has been cleaned, platter has been polished with Autosol. Beautifully balanced platter ! Spins for over five minutes after switch off. New V blocks (my own 3D printed ones), cleaned arm bearings, rewired outputs with phono sockets & earth tag on rear panel. Anonymous cart/stylus, tip looks OK but could use an upgrade. Plinth has been stripped back to bare wood, cleaned, sanded and finished with Linseed Oil, has a lovely satin finish to it. A few very minor marks commensurate with age, but nothing serious, photos always highlight the tiniest of flaws ! Folded Perspex lid hads been polished and is in very good condition. Quite happy with this one, the first of my latest batch of powder coated tops. Located NN3 Northampton. Looking for just £265 collect Northampton, really not keen on shipping, but will do if really needed, extra at cost. Will be very well packed. See my ebay feedback g8ina2.
  13. I have a home built EAR834p clone you are welcome to try - buy if you like it, return if not.
  14. I have an EAR834p clone, home built by me well within budget
  15. Rega P2, glass platter (P3), lid is damaged rear top, otherwise good, R200 clone arm, has been modded for arm lift, had to make something to fit, part was missing. Overall works pretty well, just not very pretty. Has headshell and low cost cart, cart could do with upgrading.
  16. Here we go, 26cm outer diameter with a groove for a round belt. Looks like a captive ball in the bottom of the bearing. Well balanced, silent. Approx 1.3kg total weight, plus packing will allow it to go 2nd class signed for which should be less than a fiver. Ill PM you Paypal now.
  17. cool, will fetch them out of loft, take piccies and pack em up, Ill PM you when they are ready to go
  18. I have a main bearing and platter off a Connoisseur but not sure which model. IIRC the platter is about 10 inch diameter. Yours for post and a pint if needed.