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  1. I have just updated the spreadsheet equipment details to confirm I am exhibiting. JOOLZ is planning to bring his modified Tannoy speakers also, to joint exhibit in our space. I am looking forward to allow my active powered Kii BXT speakers to stretch their legs if possible. Please does anyone know if it is definitely a 2 day show and what the final timings will be, so that our hotel arrangements can be finalised?
  2. I want one. A quick visit to Lidl High Wycombe tomorrow.
  3. Hi Richard,

    I am visiting Gran Canaria again from 7th November till early March.

    If you would be interested in meeting up and having a mini bake-off, I will be in San Agustin?

    Can you send me a private message, as I cant seem to get PM to work sending to you - Jester 7

    Best,  Chris

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    2. Jester 7

      Jester 7

      Hi Richard,

      Sorry to reply so late.  I did not get an email notification of your post.  I dont know why?

      Please can you send me a private message?  I have some things to discuss.  Hopefully I will get an email notification from the PM?  

      Thanks,  Chris

    3. rdale


      Hi Chris

      If I try and PM you the system can't find 'Jester 7', only 'Jester'. Is that you too?

      -- Richard

    4. rdale


      Maybe it's easier to use email, my address is richard.j.dale@gmail.com

      -- Richard

  4. As an owner of this excellent streamer, I spoke to Stack Audio about this software issue. Apparently the problem lies with Volumio, who have a recent issue with their software update server for the LINK. Hence Stack Audio have changed to another software platform and have nearly finished developing new firmware, which improves the audio performance to a higher level on the existing hardware. Until the new software is released quite soon, Bubble UPNP control software works fine for a one off purchase fee of £3.69 I understand the independent Bubble upnp software is used by thousands of audiophiles to control their streamers and is fairly stable. I hope this news helps those out there who are experiencing problems. I will update this thread, when Stack Audio releases their new Firmware update.
  5. Interesting, the discussion so far. Appears to be getting into the nitty gritty detail of circuit design, which is beyond me. All I can say is the audible results speak for themselves. If you want one of the best streamers available, irrespective of cost, you can have a 30 day trial with full refund if not convinced. As I did. If you cant afford the trial, then I humbly suggest you remain with what you have and don't worry about it.
  6. I believe the Project Stream Box S2 has similar circuits. On comparison, I found the Stack Audio Link sounded much better. Possibly due to the cast aluminium case providing better RFI protection and special vibration damping of the circuit board? Then I found the new dedicated Stack Linear Power Supply takes everything to the next level when I listened to Joolz unit. Can't wait till the new power supplies are back in stock.
  7. Hi Fourlegs, yes I am definitely booked for the next Kegworth. I was allocated a share in one of the Giant rooms. Hopefully I will get that again. Then I can crank up the 7KW power of the KiiBXT active speakers, fed by the Stack Link complete with the new Stack Linear Power supply, which I am told will released soon - that should be impressive?
  8. Hi everyone, sorry to disagree with the opinions above, but Streamer Quality is everything. I was bringing my Stack Link streamer to Kegworth to exhibit wirh my KiiBXT (yes £30k active speakers), to demonstrate what an amazing streamer can do. Sounds as good as my €20k Value Krell CD player. Please don't be missled by the bits are bits false news argument. A superior timing clock, better RFI screening, superior USB circuitry, vibration isolation etc, etc. Will give a streamer that sounds better than CD or Vinyl. A bold statement but true if you can afford an outstanding streamer. I visited Jools house just before the lockdown (see his comments above), and I was stunned by the sound quality coming from his link streamer, driven system. In my humble opinion it sounded better than what I have heard systems sound like at Bristol, Windsor or Kegworth.
  9. Joolz full name is Julian Martin - My Name Jester 7 is Chris de Hoedt Thanks very much for helping with accommodation.
  10. Joulz is joining me as assistant and bringing some extra equipment. He is bringing RipNAS music server, and 10 inch Tannoy Speakers. I don't know how the accommodation works as is my first time. Please can Joulz and I (Jester 7) have a twin room for overnight Saturday and Sunday?
  11. Actually it is 3.5KW each channel - total 7KW. George 47 has heard the system last year and is right, you may not have to actually visit the room to hear the system. But I am also bringing my Krell KSA250 (140 lbs weight) which has less power. (https://www.stereophile.com/content/krell-ksa-250-power-amplifier-specifications) That Krell is a room heater outputting 0.5KW heat just switched on. Will drive 0.5 ohm speakers to 4KW per channel. Looking forward to my first exhibition at Kegworth . . .
  12. Sorry, I must have had a beer too many - Viper 7 is my handle on another forum. But this forum is much more interesting Jester 7 calling . . . Is there a published list of exhibition rooms as some members seem to know who is next to me?
  13. As only a one year member, I am catching up on the Kegworth protocol, so a little late to join the party on this thread. Having fairly new 3.5KW 55kg each KiiBXT actives I too have listed for a larger exhibition room to help cope with the potential 115db peaks. I was planning on a van rental to bring 3 large systems up from Oxfordshire. But maybe I should kerb my enthusiasm? Any advise appreciated? Please can someone say when should I plan to arrive and what day/time are the systems expected to be up and running? A twin bed room would help for Sat and Sun accommodation, as I am bringing a helper, if possible. Apologies if this post is in the wrong place . . . /
  14. The Linn vs Brinkman turntable was a direct A vs B comparison using similar 470ohm loaded cartridges. Both fed into the same PS audio Phono stage which then did ADC digitally to input via high quality digital coax to the Kii3+BXT speakers. We just switched the Phono leads between both turntables. (the Phono leads are considered part of the turntable set-up) Both turntables sounded well set up with no obvious lack of bass or treble and a well integrated musical presentation. Yet as the owner of the Linn I was happy to agree with everyone that the Linn was trounced. In my opinion the Brinkman had a more solid and tighter bass, more inner detail and more nuance with the singer's and instruments. However in my opinion the differences were not massive. Now I wonder what would have happened if we did the test as a double blind like the the Toslink cable test? Would the Linn have come out on top? Would some in the audience have given different scores back to back, even if we did not change turntables on the same piece of music? Which happened for 12 out of 15 members on the cable test. Hence my conclusion that there must be a better test for comparing hi-fi than this (in my opinion) flawed double blind test. Please can I ask who in the audience thought that the Linn was better than the Brinkman? (Please PM me if you want to express your opinion privately? )
  15. Sorry to be clear cable A cost £489 and cable B cost £35. Whilst I am convinced that my own double blind test is not a valid audio comparison test, due to the reasons given above, I do not yet know what is a better A vs B cable test. I will have to do a lot more research and personal experimentation before I can be brave enough to propose any kind of alternative audio test, if any.
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