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  1. a good all round sound nice to see people doing it for the love of it
  2. totally agree i thinking about getting a freeview box and a sound bar i understand you plug them in the back of tv with a scart lead (what's that : ) i am only behind the times because i want to be : ) Hey we all enjoy music and care that's main thing!
  3. yes in some ways it was but just to point out at this moment in time i play 75 % cd to 20 % vinyl 5 % reels i know were the limits are in each part of the system of course vinyl cut well will sound better but recording on cd and vinyl are totally different even the same tracks just pointing out most people care about 4g network for the there phone Best Regards Steve are not all audiophiles on here? if we are then we should only care about the sound?
  4. very interesting to read the above but these hotel rooms are same very were you go, built to the same building reg and there not really changed in 30 year we had the same issues 20 to years ago remember the Heathrow Shows the runway next to the hotel and Concorde taking off twice a day with planes taking off and coming in very minute so it wont make much difference were the WAMM show is i think Wamm member know there hifi better, i think there get a better sound from the rooms too ( just maybe i have a room too:) the change that's taken place in the last 20 years for 90% of companies and have to say accessories, are crazy prices with out any reason to charge that amount for hifi and its not even hi end! its the only industry that ive been involved were you talk bullshit 90% of the time and get away with it : ) you got to prove it with the sound! dont get me wrong there are good companies and great designs still about, but very few companies can invest or will invest in the future, as this is an industry that's getting smaller. Yes there be good to do a WAMM show steve
  5. Hi George nice to have a chat with you at the show yes, i be interested in the wamm show 

    Best Regards


  6. agree yes £16 is alot money! just bring your own food, but we shouldn't give a shit about the 4g network (why worry ) after all if it becomes a hifi show for wamm members to show of there stuff! then they should be aiming for the best sound possible
  7. Its alway's interesting to hear what other member say what sound best at a show having, seen experienced the difficulties involved in setting up a system in these hotel rooms and getting it right, the arts been lost, some were along the way! even up to 20 years ago, a much bigger No of companies were getting it right then now, we seem to be more about getting the room looking right, than sound right! i had to point out alot of the time were to put there seats, just get some sort of correct sounding music, that's before we even talk about correct matching of equipment, the different sounds from each room from one song was amazing!! having been in studios to recorded and recorded and cut records live, with one my old friend Tim, sadly not with us now. and at a few other live sessions, ive been lucky enough to have good idea, as i used to seat under the mic, when the test cuts being done, with my sound level meter, just so i hear, then play the recording at the correct level straight away like i said at lest a few of the room were getting equipment sound right 1st, then sorting the look out after, after all you got 2 days to show your stuff of for us to hear making wonder about the wamm show maybe were get better sound there, be very interesting, there be alot of competition Steve
  8. It was good to go to a show feels like life's getting back to normal and of course i like to Thank Roy, for putting it on and not cancelling it! there was couple rooms i was pleased see that stood out from the crowd but after 30 years of going to shows and exhibiting i can see and hear 75% (maybe more) still don't know or understand how to set a system up and get the best out of room at a show) but it made change to get out and hear new stuff, shame there was not enough vinyl to buy at the show something to address in the future But on balance, Roy done Great job and the above's not down Roy and of coursed it was nice see George 47 at the show ( interesting chat) i hope numbers were up today too as the show's do need our support Best Regards Steve
  9. so looking for 1 st audio power amps 7.5w or the 2nd audio power amps 15w there was a 500 single amp can i ask what your using with them Best Regard Steve
  10. i like to know how you can list hifi on the Megastore having joined it HELP!!!!!! (i have sent a couple of emails no reply) any ideas anyone Best Regards Steve
  11. Hi Selling my very rare Cello cartridge £15000.00 at the time of buying ( like all Cello hi end gear very expensive ) its really only been used at passed hi fi show, to demo turntables, one hear and one in the USA, as i am now using an Audionote io ltd is the only cartridge ive found to be better and ive had few cartridge over the years, i am selling my Audionote japan ans6 silver transformer too, at the time was £18000.00 (part of my Audionote level 5 system) which i don't need to tell you its one of the best out there (its almost as important as the cartridge which people don't seem to understand or have forgotten ) iam sorting out my systems most of it, is in storage, so i can get two new systems one in each room, once treated, are going to become my new hi fi rooms. because of the cost and the fact, i am going to put together to new systems, as i am selling the rest of my system too i will add (one ive unpacked and taken photos off ), i maybe happy to swap with cash for other equipment, if i feel its what i am looking for next Both items are in LONDON the Cello Cartridge £5000.00 the Audionote japan ANS 6 Silver step up £5500.00 Best Regards Steve
  12. Hi interesting projects i like to know more Best Regards Steve
  13. Hi iam selling my Audionote silver speaker AN SPX cables bi wired 4x 2.5 m for £6400.00 i may split them into 2 sets as iam building my 2nd system so i may even swap/part ex them i will add photos and i be selling some interconnects too soon iam in North London Herts/Essex
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