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  1. Hello. Many years ago (early 80s) I was at a demonstration in a hotel and heard top flight LP12, Naim amps and Isobariks. The experience has lived with me ever since and I don’t think I have ever heard anything subsequently to match it. Could someone tell me how isobariks compare against Keltiks, and 350’s when fronted by LP12? Or by fronted by a CD player or streamer? I have heard keltics fronted by CD player and 350’s fronted by a streamer and they seem, to my rose-tinted memory, to be inferior. I am prepared to concede that an LP12 from the 80’s is still superior to a klimax
  2. Has anyone done an A-B comparison with any of the equipment with and without a case, just to see if the case really does make a difference?
  3. Using a Naim Uniti Core as source, I could just about discern that wav is better than flac, but the difference to my ears was so small that it could have been imagined. With all the discussion regarding quality degradation when changing formatting, I can understand why there is a school of thought that Roon degrades quality.
  4. My dealer spent at least 6 hours setting up my system, using SO1, over two days. He does not use SO2 as he believes it to be a somewhat blunt instrument and has not been able to recreate a similar sound using SO2 in his own home, so my setup is still based on his work using SO1.
  5. I use a Naim Uniti Core, with a sad. Linn apps are used for its control.
  6. I have never had any problem with kazoo or the new linn app connecting to my system hub or unit core
  7. No, I use Linn kazoo as control. The rest of my hifi is 100% Linn, apart from Naim dac v1, which I use as headphone amplifier.
  8. I use a Naim Uniti Core to stream my cd collection and downloaded music, using a solid state hard drive
  9. Hello, I have looked into the titles of the threads of the forum and I may have missed this, or it may have been on linn's own forum, so apologies for reinventing the wheel. Linn sells complete aktive systems eg accurate system hub with akubarik speakers for about £30200. It is possible, for example to replicate this active system with separates: akurate system hub, exact boxes, exact amps and passive akubariks (subsequently converted to active). The second approach would allow for upgrade to 350's (for example), by just trading in the speakers, but it is more expensive. I expec
  10. Dear Snug, I did not mean to imply that aktive akubariks were poor in the bass presentation/depth, because I was very happy with those attributes, even when comparing akubariks in passive mode against other loud speakers during a dem- with passive Linn front end. Perhaps I should clarify that I did have klimax exakt dsm, klimax exakt boxes x 2, akurate 4200 x 2, akurate 2200 and akubariks (converted to aktive). The akubariks were later replaced by 350’s. My loudspeaker comparison is with unchanged front end.
  11. I have been reading this thread with interest for a while since it was first started and have decided to contribute, even though my views are off the original topi as posted. I have heard passive Akubariks driven by Akurate amplifiers, but then I heard them after they had been converted to Aktive mode, this time being powered by Akurate 4200 x 2 and 2200 x1. This made a worthwhile improvement. I agree that with great recordings they sounded divine (eg Love Over Gold album by D Straits) and with other albums they were practically unlistenable (eg Istra on the Anatomical Venus album by Blac
  12. Sunbeamgls, would you be kind enough to explain why you feel this could be the case and under what circumstances? Thank you
  13. Listening to isobariks being driven by an lp12 and (possibly naim amps?) at a Linn demonstration in a hotel in Ashford, was the catalyst for my interest in hifi. That was in the late 80's or very early 90's, I've never heard anything since that has had such an impact on me.
  14. I have been able to listen to active Akubariks and the subsequent upgrade to 350's over a long period and in my opinion the 350's trounce the Akubariks in every way, period. They may share the some drive units, but the sense of space, perspective and authority conveyed by the 350's is awe inspiring, It must be said that whilst everything is improved, on a small minority of recordings the improvement is marginal, so one would have question the upgrade. But for the vast majority of recordings the upgrade is hugely audible. For example, the track "Istra", on the album "Anatomical Venus
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