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  1. I've been listening to BBC R6 all afternoon (Giles Peterson's show is currently on) via my WXC-50 which uses (as I said earlier in the thread) Airable to source its net radio stations: I haven't heard that annoying message telling me to take action cos the service is going to be switched off on 22 March once. Does this mean that Airable have updated the URLs they use? Would be interested to hear from anyone else using a Musiccast device.
  2. Fair enough. We can agree to differ. Anyway: back to the BBC radio streaming issue.
  3. I think it sucks a bit that's BBC appear to be supporting Sonos, Alexa and Google smart speaker devices beyond 22 March, but not anyone else at the moment, without some kind of workaround: I appreciate, for many here, that any excuse to add another box to their system to enable this is always to be welcomed 😉, but for characters like me, who run a minimal, stealth set up, it's a bit of a faff. Swines 🐖
  4. I don't think the Guardian and the BBC are that similar. I think the Beeb has a plurality of views: some mainstream, some alternative. I don't like all their output, I pick and choose, isn't that the point? I listen to bits of R4, bits of R3, bits of R6. Probably my favourite radio show is Giles Peterson's Saturday afternoon show. But if I can't listen to that via my streamer any more I'll listen to WorldwideFM instead.
  5. I've been getting the message using my Yamaha Musiccast stuff. Yamaha changed from Tune-in as their net radio provider to Airable two years ago. This is exactly why I won't spend loads on a streamer. It's annoying cos I listen to Radio 6 a lot, which isn't available via traditional radio, only online. Of course I can stream Sounds from my phone to my Musiccast stuff via Bluetooth, but that doesn't match WiFi quality. Ah nevermind: there are still tons of good web-based stations available anyway. Swines.
  6. How about an Arcam SA30 or a Creek Voyage i20? You're familiar with earlier offerings by both those marques...
  7. As I posted in another thread, this amp is in a 'hidden' section of the ae site, with no option to purchase, so looks like it's either been reserved or sold already.
  8. Oh how peculiar: the link I provided above was only aavailable if you Google 'Leema Tucana': if you go via ae's homepage, the amp is nowhere to be found: it's apparently in a 'hidden' section of their site, which suggests it may have already been sold... Sorry about that 😏
  9. Sez London UK on their profile 🤔
  10. Pussy-foot no more: Although I can also highly recommend a Creek Evolution 100A 👍🏼
  11. Talking of smaller systems, here's the active parts of mine (you can see a bit of my CDP on the left hand side, but that is for legacy purposes and rarely gets switched on these days). The Creek has their latest phono module (Sequel Mk4) installed, which is excellent. I'm very impressed with the DAC in the Yamaha WXC-50, despite many using the Yam's optical out to an outboard one: I find it very well implemented. The Creek is attached to a pair of XT 6Fs and it all sounds very good indeed for what is a relatively (by Wam standards) minimalist set up.