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  1. I've seen similar to what you've described before, but not with an allen key slot in the end of the threaded section (opposite end to the rubber/plastic foot, essentially a grub screw): this would be really handy for adjusting the height, as my speakers' plinths are designed to allow for just that.
  2. Do you have a link to the feet you're talking about?
  3. New speakers will definitely provide the best value in terms of improvement to SQ.
  4. What's a Denon UP? I'm with Uzzy on this: a DAC may only make a difference if you're paying more than £1k for one and plugging it in to a high-end and highly resolving system, and even them the differences are moot. There's a lot of flannel spoken about the benefits of 'hifi' DACs, when these days most well implemented examples under £500 will do the trick, even those onboard a streamer or CD player. I'd save your money: well, unless you're just hankering after a new box and interconnects.
  5. I would take all marketing clams, even Arcam's, with a pinch of salt.
  6. This description of how class G works is poor.
  7. Because if the A49 truly runs the first 50w in class A it would run very hot indeed. It would be no cooler than a straight 50w Class A amp. Also, whilst we're on the subject: the bumph for the A29's successor, the SA20, does include mention of class A as part of the latter amp's class G offering. If you open up the A29 and the SA20 they are more or less identical, except for the DAC technology that's been shoehorned into the SA20.
  8. If the A39 and A49 really run up to the first 20w and 50w respectively in class A, how come neither get anywhere near as hot as a Sugden A21se, which runs 23w in class A?
  9. No, because it's not an off-the-shelf implementation: each manufacturer does it differently. The A29 did the first 20w in Class A.
  10. The 50A is A/B.
  11. As I said earlier: The Creek Evolution 100A is class G, and very good it is too.
  12. I have a class G amp too, and no matter what volume it's at it doesn't get hot.
  13. Interesting. Therefore, if you have a class A amp playing a very loud and constant sound with the volume turned up to ear-splitting levels, the amp itself will run cool when compared to running a normal music programme
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