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  1. And...? For the amount of electrical energy that's required to power speakers, any ofc wire over a certain basic guage will suffice. There really is no need to spend as much as you could spend on a high end component on a few strips of wire. The quality of such rudimentary items is finite.
  2. Nah: the way certain people around here carry on it's definitely "spunking" 🤣
  3. I have to agree with most people here in saying that there are plenty of other avenues to explore before spunking £1.6k on cables for kit that simply may not be the best/have the greatest synergy in its class anyway. And without being rude to you OP, you really need to explore your hearing problem more before most likely wasting so much money. I find it hard to believe that someone with hearing problems is hearing anything special in cables that many (experienced) others can't: the difference between interconnects is incremental at most and largely psychological at best. If you really need to do something with your cash, I'm currently project managing a start up that's producing PPE for medics/care staff: we're in the process of applying for charity status, but we're desperately in need of financial support! The warm glow you'd get from helping us out would be much better than an (most probably) imaginary improvement in SQ
  4. Before you do that I think it may be worth checking with your audiologist/consultant to make sure that there isn't some sort of RF interference between your hifi system and your hearing aids: I'm concerned that you're about to drop the best part of £2k on some very short lengths of wire which you expect to make a 'considerable' difference, but you wouldn't spend that on an upgrade to your components. In that case perhaps you don't actually need the system you've got, and could manage with very good components in the sub-£1k class and effectively shielded interconnects?
  5. Didn't realise QED and QA were one and the same. Also explains why QA published findings that supported biwiring speakers a couple of years back 🤣
  6. Well I thought Kernow made a valid point.
  7. Record Store Day. EDIT: touche! I didn't virtually: I popped down to Rough Trade East and picked up a Nubya Garcia EP that was limited edition vinyl and has been sold out everywhere for the best part of a year. It wasn't on their website even, so had been just sitting there waiting to be taken home by me
  8. I imagine it's rare for the wires on the inside the component on the other side of RCA/phono socket to cost anywhere in the region of £800/m, except of course if you have a D'Agostino power amp or the like.
  9. If you have to spend almost 40% of the cost of a single component on interconnects then there's something wrong with your system and I'd be taking advantage of the manufacturer's warranty and sending them back to be looked at.
  10. I think these were mentioned earlier in the thread: I really wouldn't want to put a pair of tower speakers - whch have a much higher centre of gravity than source or amplification components - on springs.
  11. These can be cut into squares and placed under speakers:
  12. The seller's response to you was indeed an overreaction. Quite bizarre, but we are living through testing times for retailers, whether bricks and mortar shops or online, what with disruption to to logistics channels, etc. People are more prone to fly off the handle atm.
  13. I'm going to say Arcam based on my 18 years of experience with my A65 Plus.
  14. What on earth could you have said that would illicit a threat of legal action?