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  1. Hi, since years (since 2010-2011) I am using a mac mini with miniserver installed on it and a usb harddisk containing my music. My mac mini, my adsm (now katalist) are both connected to a netgear switch, which is connected in a powerplug. Since years I am using this configuration. However last two year are so I noticed every time there was an apple update the mac mini went slower. Now I has been quite a time I listened to my music but the last days I had time for it. However It seems to be impossible with that mac, kazoo crashes everytime, and the adsm indicates there is a 'network problem". Now, I think I have to renew my mac mini. Are there other users with similar experiences. My question about this is, kazoo etc is'nt more powerful then years ago. Nothing changed, except the mac mini that became slower en slower ... . Same experiences here ?
  2. Could someone explain why those inputs are used for exactly. In order to have minimum interference I have put the spdif off, is'nt it best to put songcast and net aux off too ? thanks for some clarification kind regards
  3. Hi guys, With counterweight set at 1.75 gr, what is the general consensus for value setting of the antiskating for an adikt. Actualy I've set it at 2 for testing but not sure it is the best position yet. Many thanks for experiences. In my otherwise linn system I use a thorens td2001 with tp 90 and adikt. Many thanks
  4. Thank you for your reply, that's just what was my impression too! And I am never sure it is completely closed. Many thanks !
  5. Now the thing is : when I am listening to a playlist in Kazoo, and in the mean time i am opening bubble upnp and play a song, immediatlly that song starts playing. So it starts playing what is sent via upnp without selecting that input. Is that normal ? what will happen when you are listening to vinyl ? and push a song to play in bubble ds. Does your vinyl input stops too ? and secondly how am I sure that bubble upnp is stopped working on my phone as it interrupts from time to time. Many thanks for your reply
  6. Thank you thank you ! Solanum ! Many thanks. How simple it is ! It is now in the possible renderers! I'm still in test without paid licence for bubble upnp, but so far I am really enjoying it's possibilities
  7. Hi Folks, I just have a small question and maybe some of you know the answer. My main system consists of linn adsm that I use with Kazoo and minimserver on a mac mini, all connected wired on a swith. Recently I bought for a secundary system an Arcam cds27 as source, connected wireless, and for commanding this I installed Bubble upnp. I can see the arcam as possible renderer in my network. Now I wander, in case I would use bubble upnp + minimserver for my adsm too, how does it come I don't have the possibility to choose the adsm as "renderer" as he is also in my network ? What do I have to do to achieve this ? what did I wrong ? Is there an input to choose on the frontpanel ? that I maybe disactivated ? Thanks for your answer. Kind regards. Lorenzo
  8. So, in combination with arcam, bubble upnp is the right choice ? thanks for your reply
  9. As a linnie I use Kazoo with Minimserver since years. Now recently I acquiered an Arcam cds27 for a secundary system. I am happy with the sound quality, connected to linn wakonda and lk240 amps. Now I was a bit unhappy with some technical issues. The usb input seems to support only fat32 formatted devices, and the streaming fuctions where crap. No gapless playback through the Musiclife app (with Minimserver), and also the navigation on the cds27 itself was crap. Now I installed bubbleds and minimserver as usual on the mac mini as server with a usb disk connected. Via bubble upnp I am now able to acces my library via Minim , and have acces to internet radio as well. Also it is playing gapless, So I 'll take a licence on Bubble upnp for sure. But what I don't understand, what is just the difference between bubble ds and bubble upnp ?
  10. why nobody is talking about atlas cable equator, as for me it seems that linn k200 is a atlas equator made accoording to linn's specs (bigger) and what did i read ? is linn black mogami or vandamme ic ?
  11. I know fm is not so popular anymore and I am into streaming yes. However I still like to listen to fm radio, no fuzz, no interuptions, but limited to local stations yes, and in fact mp3 nowadays I know. I often read very positive opinions on the linn kudos fm. Not so on the linn pekin. I have both and tend to prefer the pekin. For me the pekin is more crisp sounding. However I would like to know what is the general consensus about those two fm tuners judged by other members here on the forum. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  12. Anyone who compared those rca's ? I want to make a secondary system consisting of quad 34/306 components and linn pekin /genki and a streamer as sources. Would I invest in additional blacks or bluejeans rca's to link all those together? Thanks for your opinions
  13. Hi, Last week I bought a near mint pair of Spendor s3/5r2 speakers. I wanted to create a 'Kan on stands look", also wanting some 'bbc heritage' ls3/5a, and thought it was a nice idea to pick up those little spendors sec hand. My main system consists of adsm katalyist, a 2100 amp and m109 speakers. I also have a secondary linn LK system. My aim was to include the spendors in my main system on custom design fs104 stands (open frame) and also use my sub bk xls200. To my surprise I found out that the spendors are not a great match with 2100, but they are fine in my secondary lk system with lk240, as well as in my quad system with quad 306. There is an 'ease, a natural music flow" With the majik 2100 I find the reproduction a bit stressed, there is a lack of openess, weight, etc ... I always tend to put the volume low as it seems to annoy me. I used linn silver cable and atlas equator as speakercable. Have I done something wrong ? I seems like there are quite a few linnies who have spendors (d7 or d7.2 for example). Could it be that it is not working fine due to dynamik ? I don't have a clue. Otherwise I find my 2100 the finest sounding amp I have, and haven't had isues with none of the speakers i tried in the past (mission, wharfedale, etc) Are there folks here that have spendors classic range of d range with 2100 or 2200 amps ? what did i wrong ? I ordered open frame stands, but those could not make all the difference i want. Thanks for suggestions or expierences
  14. My secundary system consisting of linn LK components (lk240, wakonda and kudos) and Majik Speakers, BK sub, Thorens td316 turntable with goldring e3 cartridge. Enjoyable to listen to and nostalgia for myself.
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