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  1. Anyone who compared those rca's ? I want to make a secondary system consisting of quad 34/306 components and linn pekin /genki and a streamer as sources. Would I invest in additional blacks or bluejeans rca's to link all those together? Thanks for your opinions
  2. Hi, Last week I bought a near mint pair of Spendor s3/5r2 speakers. I wanted to create a 'Kan on stands look", also wanting some 'bbc heritage' ls3/5a, and thought it was a nice idea to pick up those little spendors sec hand. My main system consists of adsm katalyist, a 2100 amp and m109 speakers. I also have a secondary linn LK system. My aim was to include the spendors in my main system on custom design fs104 stands (open frame) and also use my sub bk xls200. To my surprise I found out that the spendors are not a great match with 2100, but they are fine in my secondary lk system with l
  3. My secundary system consisting of linn LK components (lk240, wakonda and kudos) and Majik Speakers, BK sub, Thorens td316 turntable with goldring e3 cartridge. Enjoyable to listen to and nostalgia for myself.
  4. Thank you all for the usefull tips. I cleaned one record, with discostat and indeed most of the ticks are gone, although not all of them
  5. yes, I think technically everything is well set up, I was told to use the record brush on each record, not so ? Anyway, when I have the time I will clean the record with disco stat
  6. Hi everybody, I need opinions and advise from some experts in vinyl here. Through the years I became interested in vinyl playback and as such I recently added a turntable to my secondary linn system. The turntable is a thorens td316 (I know, not an lp12 yet ...) with a new cartridge Goldring e3 installed on it. It is plugged in a wakonda P. As a starter I bought a new vinyl (a record from Ry Cooder) that I frequently use as a test record. Each time I am modifying something (placement etc) I use this record. Let's say that I played 5-10 times this record. Each time I use a
  7. It won't surprise me if linn black II was a purpose built cable by Atlas ...
  8. and the linn black rca, would that be Mogami too you think ? Not that I intend to make them myself, just out of curiosity
  9. Thank you guys for this helpfull answer. I was just wandering as to me it seemed that linn was using a kind of Mogami cable as tone arm lead.
  10. Hi folks, I have a simple question : I know for a phono rca cable, capacitance must be low. Now my question ; is the linn black suitable (with added separate ground wire) as phono lead or are there specific cables that are better suited ? or does linn black the job just fine ?
  11. Hi Nopiano, thanks thanks thanks ! Here I found that the compliance of Goldring 1012 is indeed 10, not to say it's 10 for Adikt too. https://homemedialimited.co.uk/product/goldring-1012gx-moving-magnet-cartridge/ Fact is, I now have a thorens td316 mkI with tp21 with an Adikt mounted on it. A thorens td2001 is proposed to me now for an very reasonable price (deck including a clearlight rdc base, but without cartridge mounted, and I want to be sure I can mount the adikt on it without problems. On the tp21 i did not have to cut something from the adikt. So I suppose it will fit i
  12. see post dlaloum in the middle of this page regarding adikt compliance 10 https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=93143.20
  13. It is indeed Goldring , thank you by for for this information, I was indeed assuming it has compliance of 10, that's what I read somewhere on the web It seems like an Adikt is based on goldring 1012 Gx, do you now this ones compliance ?
  14. what i do not understand is, that according to this link https://www.vinylengine.com/cartridge_resonance_evaluator.php?eff_mass=17&submit=Submit it suggest that an akito with effective mass of 10 gr - adikt compliance 10 seems to be a bad mach ... In theory adikt on tp90 seems a better mach as resonance frequency is calculated lower. Can anyone give some clarification? Thanks in advance folks!
  15. Thank you Nopiano, so if I understand well, the cartridge compliance of a cartridge used on the the tp90 arm must be ideally between 5-10 um/mN. Now the question is, what is the compliance of een Adikt ? does anybody can tell ?
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