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  1. hi blacksabbath25 i was referring to one particular poster who quite clearly had an axe to grind with me hence my comment. we have now blocked each other so its the end of the matter as far as i'm concerned...once again its only a forum. i will (hopefully) have a budget of £3000+ soon hence a cheapo system from pc world will not cut it - my old system cost £1500 - the new one will have to beat it... i have some active speakers to test coming soon anyway. active speakers chosen after reading advice from this forum - something i had not considered before.
  2. Turk 182

    avi dm12

    hi beeray and thanks for your thoughts too. i will audition the dm12's as everything i am reading regarding the avi products seems to suite my ideal listening experience. the one stumbling block is a home demo however i do prefer to buy brand new hence cost does not really bother me to much. (the alternative yamaha cd, amp, speaker choice i was considering is well over the £3000 for the dm12's !).
  3. Turk 182

    avi dm12

    hi stargazer and thanks for the detailed reply - fully appreciated. this pinpoint sound seems to be what i'm after as i mainly listen to electronic music and i like the "super focused" distortion free sound. i also like the idea of plugging a cd player / transport direct to these speakers and hearing as accurate reproduction of this signal as possible so i intend to audition the dm12's. once again thanks for your thoughts.
  4. hi may i ask how are you storing your cds ? i have some disks over 20 years old and have no problems with them. (always stored indoors so none left in the car, damp etc).
  5. i understand the magico m6, m3 and the smaller m2's are heavy speakers - may i ask what are your views on them ?
  6. ok understood. if i start any new threads i will do a search and resurrect an older thread or be more "original" with the topic started !
  7. greatest flashcore album ever made i'll have you know !
  8. apologies but as time moves on opinions can and do change hence the resurrection of old topics. not trying to be argumentative (a troll ?) but what exactly are we not allowed to discuss ? there is a useful block feature on this forum which i have been alerted too - i'm using it now so other users can use it to block me !
  9. no i'm just responding to these attacks ! (i have allowed my other threads started such as 16 bit / 44.1 khz etc to flow) would be interesting to read what posters thought of the attached video ?!
  10. that's devastating to read but i think i'll cope !
  11. it seems there are few people on here who want to "rule" this forum and i'm not referring to the moderators !
  12. i am in the process of getting a new system !!!
  13. hi benecat as stated a number of times i currently do not have a system - true. i am in the process of gathering information regarding a future purchase - i thought a forum would be a good place to ask ?! my previous system was sold 3 years ago - it consisted of a musical fidelity x ray cd player, the matching xa1 amp and some b&w 601 s2 speakers. this replaced a technics midi system and was bought mainly on how it looked to be honest - the fact it sounded much better than my technics system came as no surprise ! this system served me well for years but because hifi is not my main interest in life chopping and changing kit is not something i do or could be bothered to do to be honest... the system was sold because i needed cash and listening to music took a back seat as such - other priorities in life etc so i had a lack of time to actually sit down and listen... i have asked questions on future system choices in other threads - if you read through my questions you will see this regarding yamaha kit to the avi dm12's... as for "constructive" views my technical knowledge is limited - i like listening to music not taking kit apart, measuring etc so i'm not sure what you want me to add ? i gave my view on the audio desk treatment in my thread yesterday. i tried it and found that it worked - its not my fault a few members get angry at me stating this experience. overall this is a public forum and any body can post threads and reply to subjects as long they are not insulting others - the moderators soon cut that out anyway. so feel free to ignore my threads if you wish - just like i have ignored other threads that i have nothing "constructive" to add to or are of no interest to me. overall its only a hifi forum - not something to take so seriously.
  14. i think you are taking this forum far to seriously ! i will ignore you from now on !
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