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  1. I was going to ask about the source volume offset for an LP12 a while back but I never got round to it so I'm interested in the info in this thread. I'm going to try the +5 this evening (I also use Kandid/Urika II). Incidentally in the Linn Docs Wiki it states "Volume Offset: this to raise or lower the comparative volume level on this input compared to other inputs. E.g. an LP12 may require a +5dB offset, but CD player may be -8db". Purely out of curiosity I looked at the fixed/default gain settings for the various analog MC stages and Linto/Uphorik/Akurate are all 64dB (when on high gain) but
  2. When I decided to tighten up the drivers on my Keltiks it was pretty obvious that the previous owner had taken the rings off at some point and had done a pretty poor job of reattaching them with hot glue. I removed all the hot glue and the original factory applied double sided tape (a very tedious process I might add) and applied fresh double sided tape, which worked great.
  3. Just catching up on this thread!. That is what I did also and with the same "logic".
  4. Thanks Fred!. This is all really helpful. It's a pity that Linn are unable to document this kind of thing with any clarity. I would maybe add a "thus" to that last bullet i.e. "Exakt Design filters supplied by third parties can only be applied via Konfig and thus can only be used with SO1.". I'm also assuming based on your last bullet that Linn will have to add support for third party Exakt Design filters into the Linn account app if they do retire Konfig as the grapevine is indicating.
  5. Hi Zee, Not going to bore you with the details but I have a long term plan with the ADSM/3 and really like the flexibility it gives me should those plans happen to change. Was recently offered a great deal on a used Klimax Hub but the ADSM/3 is staying.
  6. Interesting. I was unaware that Exakt filters were designed for a particular version of SO and would like to understand if that was indeed the case. There is nothing that mandates the use of SO with Exakt (it is completely optional) and I can't recall seeing any mention of any SO linkages/dependencies in all the Exakt filter release notes, but I do tend to be a skim reader. I can though understand SO needing to know if you are using Exakt or not. I may have this wrong but I thought that all the SO signal processing was done inside the DS/DSM, and all the Exakt signal processing was done inside
  7. I would try my 4200 on the back of the AEB-I but it is the balanced input version and the AEB-I only has single ended outputs. Also, I'm really trying to downsize in terms of box and cable count and the two box solution fits well with my future plans. Yes, the 038/2 sticks out of the cloth a little bit which can be visually distracting . Exakt filters and SO are two separate things although they both manipulate the signal in the digital domain. Linn themselves have not developed OW1 Keltik Exakt filters, but they are available from speakerfilters.blogspot.com (forum member sunbeamg
  8. Thanks Zee...I meant compared to the analog aktiv set-up. It may just be a psychological effect though where the grain/hash/edge of the old set-up was simply drawing additional attention to the treble. With the AEB-I everything seems much more balanced and coherent throughout the frequency spectrum with no emphasis in any particular area. I do need to do some more vinyl listening with my reference albums to be sure. I really like that it is a two box set-up with a single connecting cable and the integration between ADSM/3 and AEB-I is excellent (e.g. putting the ADSM/3 to sleep automatically t
  9. Very interested to read this thread. I'm a long time Keltik owner and just recently swapped out a 4200 (Treble & Mid) and 2 x Klout (Bass) for an AEB-I (Katalyst). The AEB-I was actually going to have gone in a secondary system but I just thought I would try it with the Keltiks for a bit of fun. I really did not think it was going to have the necessary oomph to drive them but boy was I wrong and it is definitely staying put. Improvements were all across the board but what really surprised me was how clean and pure the treble was and how there was no trace of any grain or "hash". I would no
  10. Looking at a zoomed in picture of the analog board I would hazard a guess that the two chips that are oriented at 45 degrees compared to the rest of the ICs are AKM ADCs but I could be completely wrong. Actual chip markings would confirm - I used to do some reverse engineering back in the day (all legal and above board).
  11. I really need to check out his solo work. His vocals on "Blackwater" by Rain Tree Crow are hauntingly beautiful.
  12. I have an Akurate Exaktbox-I hooked up to a pair of Keltiks and wanted to confirm which version of Exakt filter I should be using. When configuring the system using my Linn Account I have a choice of four filter versions: 4. Independent highest-frequency drive unit modelling 3. Independent drive unit modelling 2. Original drive unit modelling 1. Original drive unit modelling Logic would say that I should use the highest version available, but after looking at the "Exakt filters" page and the "Exakt Release Notes" page on Linndocs I am rather confused as things don't seem t
  13. Anyone successfully using Asset UPnP Server on a Win10 machine to stream PC Soundcard Audio (e.g. watching YouTube) to a Linn DS/DSM?. Linn recommend it as an alternative to Songcast but I am having trouble getting it to work properly. I have it installed on my laptop (hardwired ethernet into switch) and I can get audio on my ADSM3, but there are very long dropouts/pauses, and when I do get audio there is a lot of distortion, and it is noticably sped up!!!. Also my DSM display is frequently showing a rotating hourglass. Are there some specific settings in Asset or on the ADSM that I need to lo
  14. Hi, The Linn RS232 cable specification is available on Linndocs at the link below. You need Conn 464 which is the Product to Product cable (see page 6). Microsoft Word - RS232 Cables_v102.doc (linn.co.uk)
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