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  1. You would do yourself a huge favour by reading Pauls text again, instead of giving your default moderation sales pitch. What is hidden in plain sight, is that Paul is slowly but steadily accepting a status of being a second rate citizen, and no matter the moderation policy, -that- should be a wake up call. It's always amazing to see how quickly the moderators accumulate the moment you question their motives. Sad, but funny.
  2. The moderators here seem to serve as bad examples mostly. It is actually quite clever, as on PFM every discussion ends up in heavy moderation and that doesn't happen here. As for letting people enjoy their discussions, I don't think that is allowed for some reason, but honestly, try writing on PFM that you own a Linn device and the thread just explodes.
  3. Yes, you're still just one nill.
  4. I don't think I did. If everybody would just stick with accepting the experiences that other people share instead of trying to push their own opinions, this could actually turn into a nice thread for once.
  5. I fear that this is your best joke I've read so far.
  6. I had my preconceptions getting smashed big time twice. The first time was when I tried expensive interconnects. I could try them for free and I was pretty sure that they wouldn't, shouldn't, couldn't, make a difference. Well, they did and the difference was breathtaking. I realise that this is still a sensitive subject, and no, I don't think that the wires inside the interconnects have some magical or mythical atributes. It's just plain copper, so obviously that's not going to be 'it'. I do however have quite a lot, really a lot, cables and interconnects and at the time I was trying to redefine the term 'cable spaghetti'. What I -think- was happening is that my interconnects and cables suffered a lot from electro magnetical interference from each other, and the more expensive interconnects were much better shielded. It took me a couple of years to get the spaghetti sorted and I guess that the effect would be smaller if I would try it again. Truth to be told, most of the cables I now have are more expensive than the ones I started out with anyway, because with 7 power cables, 17 interconnects, 11 strands of speaker cable, a pair of REL High level subwoofer cables, ethernet, SCART, HDMI and a coax tv cable (I'm sure I missed some), spaghetti can still happen, and the much shorter and stiffer cables help in separating them from the rest. The second time was when I had used REW to measure my room and used the outcome to remove the standing waves caused by low frequency room modes. That actually went pretty good and it was a massive improvement. Then this guy from the Linn forums came over and re-did the whole thing just by using a small selection of tracks and his ears to pinpoint the room modes. Easily the best upgrade ever. About a month ago a guy who works at my local dealer came to visit me and he was actually sitting with his mouth open and not saying anything. But in his defence, I still do the same, every time I turn up the volume and listen.
  7. That's probably best. dum dum .. signs of life is just a dream.
  8. There are just as many music lovers who carefully selected just a single system. This is the internet, it is very easy to find confirmation inside your search bubble. If you want to learn, you have to challenge your bubble sometimes. I think you'll be amazed if you would visit a dealer and would listen to several setups in different price ranges.
  9. Where obviously your approach towards improving your setup is beyond reproach. We all like to make our own choices and mistakes.
  10. Ah, but my speakers have been off the market for a couple of years now years. 😇 But seriously, are you really implying you have never heard a better amp sounding better?
  11. I still have a i7 6700, but I haven't been gaming much the past 6 months; change of job and an obligated 4 month training. This is my first free weekend since ages.