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  1. I forgot to mention I have the Internal Amplifier set to on and the Pre Out set on, so is the level just controlled by the volume ? Steve
  2. Hi HansBertil, Thanks for the reply, yes I did check the PRE OUT terminals in Konfig but it only gives two options 1 Pre out 2 Power in ? I may be missing something but can see no adjustment for Pre out ? Steve
  3. Hi All, Just a quick question, can the preamp output on a Majik DSM 3 be adjusted to increase or decrease the signal ? Steve
  4. Hi, I realize this is an old thread, I had similar problem with a virgin V6 box / Sony Bravia / using QED hdmi cables connected to the ARC socket, it would play for a day through the DSM which gave great images and sound, then could not play the selected stations until a full reboot, spoke to Linn Virgin and Sony but never had an answer, I ended up using a Toslink cable from the DSM to the TV to get good sound quality, shame as images were great through the DSM hdmi any other advice welcome. Steve
  5. Hi, I had this problem, I spoke to Linn help and the advice was to change batteries, that worked so it must be the voltage that causes the button issue. Steve
  6. Hi All, I have not had a demo with the Akurate yet but have obtained a Linn Klout and tri wired the 6 channels to my ATC SCM40's, in comparison to my Majik 4100 my opinion is it has a firmer bass, clear mid range, and similar highs, it is built like a tank and I am surprised it is so good at 20 years old ! any thoughts ? Steve
  7. Hi All, Thanks for the very useful replies, I like the sound I'm getting with the Majik 4100/ATC combo but my thoughts were am I getting the best out of the SCM40;s given the limited power, I don't always play at high volume so I thought an amplifier that meets ATC's recommended output would be worth checking out, just for the record I did have a week using a ATC P1 amplifier and although the sound was clean and the bass nicely controlled I did not feel it was as musical as my Linn sound, my kit is connected via QED Quinex silver spiral interconnects and QED X Tube XT400 speaker cables, I will arrange a demo to compare an Akurate 4200 with a Klimax Twin feeding the SCM40's and will report back. Steve
  8. Hi All, I currently use a Linn Majik DSM 3/ Majik 4100 Power Amp/ Roksan K3 cd player, I have just purchased a pair of ATC SCM40 Passive Speakers which are bi amped via the 4 channels, the Majik can drive the ATC's well and I am pleased with the improvement over my Pro Ac Studio 140 but the recommended power is 75 watts into 8 ohms minimum so my question is what could I expect if I upgraded the 4100 to an Akurate 4200 ? Any opinion welcome Steve
  9. Still for sale but I was advised to move the post as it was in the wrong section !
  10. I have sent a message to remove as well, thanks guys.
  11. Yep, you could be right, the first time I posted on this, can I delete it ? Steve
  12. Hi All, Any one out there with Pro Ac Studio 140 Speakers ? I have two custom made black granite plinths, they replace the existing wooden ones, the large bass port is cut out and they have 4 x spike threads and are 30 mm thick, they not only make the speaker very stable, but the thing is the sound quality is taken to another level, the bass is deeper and controlled, the mid range and highs are all much improved, I have now changed my speakers and the plinths are available at £80.00 the pair, this will be a great step up on a already great sound, let me know if anyone is interested, location West Sussex Steve
  13. Hi All, just in case anyone looks at this I uninstalled Kazoo and re installed then updated my library and all is in the correct order now, thanks for looking. Steve
  14. Hi All, Sorry for the late reply, the flac files are stored in album folders with jPeg art ripped on DB poweramp, they are on my Qnap Nas hard drives, so I can access them from Laptop, iPhone, and desktop, I use Kazoo mostly but sometimes Asset, I just noticed however that on my desktop Kazoo shows the tracks in the right track order so it is only on the Laptop that Kazoo is showing tracks in alphabetical order ?
  15. Hi all, when playing albums on my Windows lap top Kazoo puts the tracks in alphabetical order but on my iPhone they are in track order, can I adjust the Windows app to play in track order? Steve
  16. I have a Majik DSM3 which is connected to a M4100 with internal links, the amp is driving Proac 140 Studio speakers with granite bases which are Bi Amped which to me sounds excellent, however we all like to tweak! so I have the DSM3 amp sitting redundant and was toying with the idea of connecting the mid/high speakers to the DSM3 and let the M4100 run the bass or visa/versa would anyone have opinions on this combination? Steve
  17. Hi All, thanks for the replies, looking at Zee's post I have it set up with internal links so the 4100 is using 2 channels to run the highs and 2 channels on the bass with the DSM as a preamp so I may leave well enough alone.
  18. Hi Zee9 Thanks for the reply, so if I remove the internal channel links on the 4100 which of the eight speaker sockets should I use to connect the mid/high, the Pro Ac 140 have four posts on each speaker.
  19. Hi All, I am running a Majik DSM 3 with a Majik 4100 amplifier which is bi amped to my Pro Ac Studio 140 speakers with two channels to the mid range and treble and two feeding the bass, so at the moment the amplifier in the DSM is disabled, so would anyone think there is a better way of wiring up using the DSM amp and the 4100 amp? any advice would be appreciated.
  20. Hi all, The cost was £60.00 per plinth, they do offer a service on Ebay but to get custom made I think it's better to go direct, the contact is Alex 07717742382 Chichester Granite, by the way I tried to add images but they don't appear on the post but are sitting in my attachments, any ideas? Steve
  21. Hi All, I thought you might be interested in the results of my DIY upgrade, fitting granite plinths to my Proac studio 140 speakers, the plinths have the large centre hole for the downward bass port, thread inserts bonded in and bolted to the speakers replacing the wooden plinths, the difference has been excellent and well worth the experiment, the company I used was Chichester Granite, very helpful in producing to my exact template.
  22. Hi, I had a Linn Pekin until recently and I did not know it blended mono/stereo when the signal was weak, although I had an outdoor aerial I had very good stereo sound on all the main stations but there were a few with a weak signal so I used a Maxview mains aerial booster and the signal increased quite dramatically, this could be an easy way of checking if the tuner is at fault.
  23. Hi Timster, thanks for the reply, the CD's were Flac files and the Poweramp DSP was set to 24-bit, I do have Asset but only the trial version so if I use the full version can I use settings to transcode to 24-bit and would this give any improvement? I'm asking as all my ripped CD's are 16-bit but when I play a 24-bit download the sound jumps up a notch or two Steve
  24. Hi All, has anyone tried DB Poweramp in the 24 Bit setting? I noticed my Majik DSM3 info button gave 16 Bit on all ripped CD's but 24 Bit on all other inputs, Linn advised the player up scales all inputs to 24 Bit, so to run a test I changed DB Poweramp settings to 24 Bit and when I play the ripped CD now it comes up as 24 Bit, any comments would be welcome. Steve
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