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  1. GLWTS, I have one of these from TT to phono stage and it is a league above the previous VDH. Fab cable.
  2. A man has been arrested for squirting Domestos at the Archbishop of Canterbury. Police say the man has been charged with a bleach of the priest.
  3. I use the damper on a Series IV. I set it 'only just' in the fluid. I find it controls stylus entry to the groove when the arm is lowered, stops that occasional 'skip' across the entry grooves. I've had it for years and never felt the urge to remove it.
  4. Yesterday I stole all the punctuation keys from a Judge's keyboard. I'm expecting a long sentence.
  5. Nurse.. 'Doctor Doctor, there's an invisible man in reception'. Doctor.. 'tell him I can't see him today'.
  6. Ah, some years ago I worked in & out of the industry so I heard a few top decks back in the day. I would say a PT TOO or Export is/was roughly equivalent to a Gyrodec or Xerxes. The Anniversary took it up to another level altogether. Whoever thought that mounting the motor ON the subchassis would work - Arthur of course. The only deck I have heard that I would happily replace it with was the SME20, at a much higher price obviously. Used Annis are rare and seem to hold their price well, check the usual stuff like bearing condition (mine still runs smooth as silk and silently if spun without the belt); and the caps in the PSU - mine look fine. Plus the lid as above.
  7. Pinkie.. distance between the top of the SME bearing housing to the underside of the lid is about 1 cm. FTR my Anni lid has stayed glued after all these years and still looks very smart.
  8. FWIW my listening room is helpfully wide.. my Avanti are only about 8-10 ins from the back wall but I do have around 7ft of space between speaker and side walls. Plenty of room to breathe and no problem with bass boom or integration in this situation.
  9. I still have my mid - 90's PT Anni, it has been through the usual house moves, arm & cartridge changes and has never missed a beat. Still sounds glorious after all these years. Currently with a SME IV & AT ART9.
  10. I went out to buy my wife a chapstick and bought a glue stick by mistake. She's still not speaking to me.
  11. I'm using a pair of approx 18 month old Avanti in a rather nice gloss rosewood, I had to mount them on screws in the floor to make them truly rigid due to our very deep pile carpet. I'm driving them with a Chord 1200E and they sound sublime on anything I throw at them. I have also got a BK sub to give them a bit more bass heft, they work very well together.
  12. Joke to be told in a Barnsley accent.. Barnsley man takes his cat to the vet in a pet carrier. 'Ay up veterinary, can thee 'av a look at me cat, it's ailing wi' summat like.' 'Certainly' says the vet.. 'is it a tom? 'No yer daft bugga, we've brought it wi'us.'
  13. Someone called Buster has been sending me spam WhatsApp messages. They are all youtube videos of 70's pop/rock band The Sweet. Does anyone know the way? There's got to be a way.. to block Buster? ?
  14. TBF the pair on ebay are described as brand new boxed from a dealer, just the oak finish available.