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  1. I would stick with the Cyrus TBH, after all the flack they got with their CD players IMHO this Phono stage is the best product they ever made. I have heard one in my system and was very impressed. To get a major improvement I reckon you would have to spend circa £3000+.
  2. I take your point Rabski, but surely phrases that I saw on PF like 'snake oil' and 'pointless drivel' - from folk who clearly hadn't heard the product - are hardly impartial either.
  3. I am more inclined to believe a testimonial from someone who has actually used it than those from the 'foo' camp who are simply being cynical.
  4. Back in 2017 I ran the Valencia marathon and the start & finish were in the vicinity of the Parque de las Sciencias. It was a stunning experience and I loved the place. However my mate, who is very much into his history and old architecture was left cold by it. This surely emphasises that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. FWIW I would not pay several grand for, say, an amplifier if it didn't look a bit special - I wouldn't even consider a plain black box at that elevated level. I do have a Chord Pre/Power with the integra legs and I do like the look of it, equally I can understand why some find it over the top. I wouldn't buy a Ferrari if it looked like a Nissan either.
  5. I would have a model 15 or 20 SME deck at the drop of a hat but this and the Synergy do nothing for me style wise. While I too was baffled at their decision to stop selling arms separately, I'm not sure performance wise why their arms come in for so much sniping. I've owned a Series IV for over 30 years, it sounds stunning in my system and has performed without a hitch in all that time. More than I can say for my first top arm - the Ittok - faulty bearings within 6 years. Linn wanted £260 for repair or a refurbished model, this was in 1989!
  6. 'I can't hear what you're saying, I must be having trouble with me Britney's' Britney Spears = ears.
  7. In the 19th century a meat shortage in Cornwall meant that cornish pasties had to be filled with rodent guts and entrails. These became known as the pie-rats of Penzance.
  8. A cycle dealer I bought from recently said in as many words 'try not to email us, we are extremely busy and it may take a few days to reply'. It's just the way it is with some businesses during covid unfortunately.
  9. I had a similar scratching, buzzing, motorboat noise through my phono input and out through the speakers. Turned out that 2 x Devolo powerlines were the cause. These have now been removed and I paid for a long CAT5 cable to run from router to destination instead.
  10. I went out for a few beers with the Beach Boys last night. It was all going rather well until I asked them whose round it was.
  11. I must say I didn't find the nut & bolt arrangement of the original too troublesome, though yes self tapping does make life easier. As the new models are more expensive the original might be available a bit cheaper I suppose. I've had one for about 18 months now and it sounds stunning, I would definitely buy again.
  12. TBH the calibration on an SME arm is as accurate as you are going to get (their arms are designed within microns of tolerance) so I would say nothing to worry about. I'm using an AT ART9 in mine and it sounds spot on.
  13. Locked is with the lever to the right as viewed from the front.
  14. Police have seized a large quantity of counterfeit Mr Kipling Bakewell Tarts from a warehouse in Leeds. A detective at the scene said 'these are exceedingly good fakes'.
  15. I've just joined a tourettes support group. I didn't take long for me to get sworn in.