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  1. Roger T.. I had a similar volume problem with my kit. XLR inputs have more gain, my CD was connected to the XLR input on a Chord preamp but the separate phono stage only had phono connectivity. I upgraded my phono stage (to a Gold Note PH10) which had XLR out plus adjustable gain. The volume is now the same on vinyl and CD. Hope that helps.
  2. Much of Metheny/Mays work has contained some quite beautiful stuff over the years. To quote one example 'First Circle' has some exquisite melodies within.
  3. It is surely down to a dealer's discretion and their policy, not all dealers do home loans. Those that do may ask for full payment if you are not a known customer of theirs. I know it is a desirable service for the end user but I do know dealers who have been badly stung by being too lax, or by customers who don't look after the gear with due respect. Just ask around and find a dealer who will offer the service you want.
  4. Sorry to hear that Pinkie, I did meet Neal & Arthur many years ago. RIP Neal and thanks for your contribution to Pink.
  5. I once sent an £800 phono stage to Poland with Parcelforce, tracked and insured. Unfortunately the PO where I dropped it off failed to scan it. The parcel effectively disappeared for 4 days and couldn't be tracked. It finally arrived in Poland but then there was no confirmation of delivery. Fortunately the buyer was a decent chap and confirmed receipt, he also notified PayPal as I couldn't claim the funds until delivery was confirmed. What a mess! I did complain to PF that I hadn't received the tracking service that I paid for. They refunded all my delivery costs which was fair enough I suppose.
  6. Two separate issues here.. if oil has leaked from the lift/lower device it will become less effective or not effective at all. I.e. the arm will drop onto the record too quickly. Arm movement.. Is the nut in the locking collar tight? Alternatively it looks as if the securing nut & washer securing the arm underneath may be loose? If it were me I would remove the arm and see what is going on. Hope that helps.
  7. I cure the odd warped record by putting the LP (in it's inner sleeve) under a carpet or rug for a week or so. This has worked in most cases.
  8. Re. KEF.. When I worked in a store many years ago Kef had a popular & well reviewed AV package, KHT2005 - 5 'egg' satellites and a sub. 5 year warranty on the Sats and 1 year on the sub. Over the first 2-3 years the subs had a failure rate of approx 80% (I kid you not). One section of the shop had a huge pile of duff sub amplifier boards stacked up. After that fiasco frankly I would never buy a KEF product again despite their current acclaim and popularity.
  9. To my knowledge all remote controlled Cyrus CD players through history can be commanded by their current IR14 remote. Available separately for around £50.
  10. A duck, a skunk and a deer all went out for dinner. When it came time to pay, the skunk didn't have a scent, the deer didn't have a buck... So they put the meal on the duck's bill.
  11. How do you fix a broken brass instrument? With a tuba glue.
  12. Gold Note have just launched a flagship PH1000, just give me time to sell the house in order to fund it.
  13. I own the black ones and I tend to agree that you would have to spend a lot of money to better these. I much preferred it to the Cyrus Phono Sig/PSXR at similar money. GLWTS.
  14. For goodness sake don't do it! The Orbe is a very fine deck and you would have to spend a King's ransome to better it. (SME20 perhaps). FWIW I have a PT Anni with SME IV; I did hear it against one of the upmarket Technics DD's that a mate brought round. It couldn't hold a candle to the Anni, the Orbe is a similar quality deck to the PT. Don't change for the sake of change!
  15. Stapo.. sorry if I am misunderstanding but I thought Cyrus trade ins (and repairs/upgrades) had to be done through a Cyrus dealership? You have certainly been very unlucky - I've never seen a warped Cyrus chassis, I can only think it received quite a clout in transit. I am surprised that a replacement wasn't offered though.
  16. West Yorkshire police are reporting that a clairvoyant dwarf has escaped from custody. Detectives say they are looking for a small medium at large.
  17. I was walking past a pet shop today and saw a cat playing in the window. A sign above the window said 'Pedigree Netherlands cats for sale'. I was doubtful about this and whether they were indeed from the Netherlands, so I walked into the shop and asked the assistant... 'How Dutch is that moggie in the window?'.
  18. The trick to getting rid of the sun marks (I learned this from Proac!) is to leave the grills off for a few months. The light will gradually fade the darker area closer to the lighter area.
  19. My wife has fallen behind with her Klarna payments on the new spice rack. They're threatening to call in the bay leafs.
  20. A bargain I would say! I have one of these in use several times a week due to the wife's TV preferences. Built like a tank and a lovely sounding headphone amp - I chose it in preference to few others around a similar price. GLWTS.
  21. One of Ken Dodd's finest... What a beautiful day for knocking on the door of the Kremlin and asking 'is Len in?'.
  22. Another possibility.. I think you can still buy Scart to Component cables that would do the job by the look of it.
  23. The Pickerings are pretty rare in the UK now TBH. The XV15/625E was very popular and a notch up from the V15 series. Most of the styli seem to 3rd party offerings now so no idea how good they are. You should find a bit more info on the HIFi Engine website as they have quite a few members from the USA. From memory I think you had to increase the bias by 0.5 gram if you had the brush fitted.
  24. GLWTS, I have one of these from TT to phono stage and it is a league above the previous VDH. Fab cable.
  25. A man has been arrested for squirting Domestos at the Archbishop of Canterbury. Police say the man has been charged with a bleach of the priest.
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