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  1. The only scientific tests that can be done are those done at test houses where the EMI and EMC test are performed as I am making an assumption that the difference if there is one is how well it shields signal in and out, susceptibility and transmission. This would be done in an anechoic chamber and would set you back a couple of grand. Then if there are measurable differences how could they be assigned to the better or not so good cable without a subjective test. The only advantage would be if there was no difference or that multiple cables tested and those that had a specific feature was consistently deemed to sound better Jessica xx
  2. So my visit to Jacks was lovely, new place so much easier to get too and saves nearly an hour of journey. The rooms are so much nicer than your old place. The system was set up very similar to how it was before, almost a mirror image with the iota phono stage now being nicely seated with iso feet, instead of being on end in a built in shelf. It sounded like, er, Jacks system, the same beautiful clarity and detail, but bigger. I am now closer to the music even though probably physically a little bit further away as the perception of closeness depends on width, and wide it is. I slightly cheated and bought a record that was not with me on the first visit, but chosen to show if the original weakness that of sound staging was now improved, more later The first record was the ballet music boutique fantastque by Rossini. This is a fun and jolly piece which felt very boxed in at my last visit and sounded like I was in the gods, now I am in the front row with the instruments in their correct positions not with the players sitting in each other’s laps. And one point the tambourines are rattled, they were bright in the mix to the right just as I like them and as they should be Then played Joan Armaratrading, very open sound. Strong brass, huge detail. Her voice with full clarity sighted in the middle and stage around her, lovely. This was followed by Ravel’s Bolero, the extra record. This was chosen as unless it stages correctly is as boring as a wet weekend, but if it is staged correctly then the music forms circles around the side drum with each instrument playing in place and weaving the theme in, out, front and back. This is how it played. So to conclude, the experimental hypothesis had been proved there is a minimum amount of space a system needs to breath and now it does Jessica xx
  3. Ok got it, it’s my sky wifi dns not finding Lencos IP address, thanks guys xxx
  4. Ok really weird Firefox and edge on my laptop just goes to a forbidden page
  5. This is strange both safari and Firefox on my phone goes to forbidden or blank page. Will try my laptop were I can check other browsers, cleared cache just in case it was that
  6. it’s been down for a few days now And cannot find any news Jessica xx
  7. I should say, I always loved the detail from Jacks system, it is superb with voice, acoustics, and jazz in particular. The sub woofers added the ambience bass and came into their own when a thudding bass was required. We played some classical music (Rossini - La Boutique Fantasque 1959 recording) and once the volume was set right as this recording has huge dynamics, all the detail was there, but.. and this is something I think will improve with the room change, soundstage. I am used to hearing this record with full 3D effect, that was lacking in my mind, give the speaker some room and I am sure it will be there after there was only just enough room for Jack and me so how could you fit a small orchestra lol Looking forward for round 2 ( might bring a 1973 recording of Mahler’s 5 a huge orchestra) Jessica xxx
  8. Jessica_k

    GL75 thoughts

    Not in the same league but also only a lowly modified AT95E, but still a lovely sound on par with my TecnoDec with a TecnoArm great for rock as what it lacks in detail it gives in grunt jessica xx
  9. Jessica_k

    GL75 thoughts

    I just got one too, and on lencoheaven as Jessica_k. Mine cost me £75, I did change the v-blocks on the original arm, but it needs a new headshell as the one on the TT was badly out in azimuth. So put in a spare ittok. Still in original plinth did a bit of cleaning removed the spring and stood it on isolation feet and it is working great. Will be building a single layer plinth in the future estimate £55 and a bit of cutting but it’s good to go now jessica xx
  10. I hate to be a party pooper but at the moment it is thought the new restrictions will still be in effect until March 2021. I am not seeing the 2021 WAM going ahead unless it is moved to later in the year or things improve dramatically. :-( Jessica xx
  11. My guess would be the only difference will be in single cycle transients that will push the speaker in the opposite direction from intended ( used as actual phase of transient in these highly processed days is unknown). Would this have an audio effect? I doubt it Jessica xxx
  12. If you know the room number then you could look up the booking list and find the name! Jessica xx
  13. I do not like getting involved in group politics and have like many here not commented on this situation. I am happy to wait for the show to come around when it can. But my concern is if we will ever get a show again. The show is not only non profit for all those that participate but involves a considerable investment in money and time. This is fantastic, however with the time between the postponement message and now and still no statement of affairs even if a holding statement then trust is being eroded such that when we do get some form of normality and shows do start to reappear some may be less willing to put money upfront to fund the next WAM Jessica xx ps I hope everyone is well and safe
  14. This record is amazing, 2 track stereo recording by RCA Victor the notes on the back