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  1. And a good friend that knows how to tell it as it is, that offer of a visit to yours still open when the lockdown is relaxed 😎 jessica xx
  2. Best reviewers I have ever met are at Bake Off’s, honest in opinion and constructive in criticism. I know my phono stage would not be where it is today without the great guys and girls at BO’s let’s hope we can get back to them as soon as it is safe to do so Jessica xxx
  3. I have the cheaper PSM136 and bring it to all BO’s. So far it has improved every room it’s been in, not cheap but a good purifier needs good components. I run my power amp through it as well and there is no compression like a lot of passive filters seem to produce Jessica xx
  4. I know this is not the purpose of this thread but I really need to try the class D amp I designed about a year ago. It is a full range 250W per channel amp but it was designed to drive coils with a 10 and 20Hz signal to excite a liquid (another hat in my design work). It worked beautifully for its purpose driving 48V at 4.5A RMS (216W) continuously I really should try it on speakers jessica
  5. That reminds me when I worked in industrial estate nr Poole and opposite there opened a large format TV specialists, they had just fully stocked it when a JCB went in one evening and they lost the lot. Another instance someone broke into our secure (perhaps not so lol) vehicle store and the place was swarming with the red caps investigating ( they were military trucks, good thing the secret stuff was put away in the safe each night) Jessica xx
  6. Yes mine is about the same too, and also have to pay for green bins, they even charged me again for the bins I already had from when it was free
  7. That could come in handy as I received this a day ago
  8. WHAT, that is 64Kw. Do you have a direct connection to a power station lol Jessica xx
  9. You guys shamed me to go out a do the lawn, I does look a lot better now, now back to the music
  10. Task one complete Task 2 I am socially distancing myself from the mower
  11. Good morning all. Beautiful day here in the little village of Kintbury Berkshire. View from my back garden Jessica xxx
  12. Only just seen your update Jack sorry to not see you at Johns. Oh to being only 67 and so I can go out and play with the younger kids, until that gets banned too. Very sensible though Jack, keep safe jessica xx
  13. My partner is a dispenser and receptionist, it is a village surgery so has its own dispensary but like all surgeries it is on kinda shutdown, even with footfall reduced the workload has increased hugely, she was 2 hours late last night
  14. I am up for it as long as my partner and I stay heathy (she works in a surgery so a bit more at risk) I will bring the VP12 with the S6 arm (yes it is finally been upgraded) my phono stage with all the boards now fitted and in its production form (China has sent the PCB’s), my usual mains purifier and a WAD kat6550. if Jack is coming, and I have not done it by then, I will bring his Monarchy’s and pre Stay well everyone Jessica xxx
  15. Yes these industries are the front of house industries, the people facing and one assumes and quite rightly they will suffer hard. But there will be many others that will too. I have already seen my design projects being cancelled or long term postponed because of the jitters in the markets. There is very little confidence out there so money is not being spent Jessica xx