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  1. Can also bring a WAD KT88 power amp if anyone is interested Jessica xx
  2. I will have the PS1 in the back of the car, and can bring it in if suggested. My main kit of the day is the usual Puritan conditioner and a new ultimate mains cable for any phono stages and classic+ for pre-amps plus lots of classics if required Also bringing the PRE1 classic a pre-buffer amp. It is a 2-6 channel buffer (gain max 1) with a stepped attenuator with a very low output impedance so can drive long cables. It does need a power amp with 0.5V sensitive or sources that can supply 1-2V, both are common these days Jessica xxx
  3. I am already at the show had breakfast, soon the fun begins oh and I am wearing a skirt lol
  4. I entry is free, not sure about at the door. I have a exhibitors badge
  5. I will be the one in a dress or skirt
  6. Pretty much all ready to go, hotel booked Friday and Saturday nights for a both day visit. All I need now is diesel for the car!!!!? Jessica xxx
  7. I would love to visit you Jules, please, I could bring a few new toys..valves of course Jessica xx
  8. SUT loading, I find, does not seem to obey the laws of physics. Calculate how you will and values just do not fit what you hear. My SUT has choice of 1:8 or 1:16. Again like your calculations for 47k phono input the loading on the cart should be about 180R for the 1:16 setting ( I can go lower with the load switch) this should be higher than required) but however I load it (and I can get 100R) it sounds dull and bass blown. Switching to 1:8 and with load switching I can get 470R and the cartridge opens out. Even when loaded to 100R it sound far better then any 1:16 setting. And compared with a non SUT set up head amp the 100R load works pretty perfect. Obviously with coils loading coils there is some math missing. Down side of using the 1:8 setting and the low output XA is the amp has to be at higher gain but for my setup it is plenty to drive the power amp Jessica xx
  9. Nice that you have joined the art club Jack. I love my ART9XA, that is just coming to the end of its warm up, along with the new caps in phono amp and the A2D pre-buffer. The detail of the XI is exceptional, but the XA takes it to the next level but as with most things in life there is always a balance. The Xi has thundering bass that extends and tightens with run in, the XA is just a little more subtle at that end. If I had two arms I would have both. The Xi for the heavier stuff, the AX for classical and lighter music. Though do not think the AX lacks bass it is all there, maybe the mid and upper detail just so more apparent that it masks it. I guess it is why I like my GL75 with a modified AT95E to give the punch when I want it Jessica forgot to add how brave of you to fit the cartridge lol
  10. A belated thanks to John for another successful BO. Really enjoyed the more unusual stuff in the playroom Ian’s Simon York TT was super, so was the John Wood amp along with a paradise a combination probably never heard before Sorry to hear the Quads playing up again Shame also that my Pre-buffer misbehaved It is working again now, replaced the pot. Next time!! Jessica xx
  11. I have not had much time this week so had only a quick look at it at the lab today, Strangely, connected to my EL34 power amp both MM and MC were as quiet as a mouse, the analyser showed a small amount of 50Hz but that was on both. I am bringing it back morrow, but if you can be without it again after the BO I will put it in the main home system that is very sensitive and see if I can see any issues
  12. Bringing the PS1+PSU1 again, Puritan stuff, and a new, straight off the press, only finished today PRE1 classic. Two Line input 6NS7 buffer. There may be a bit of hum…. None in the office systems, but present in the home system so (shrug) Sorry not bringing the TT I am limiting the amount of transporting so it will be in top state for Kegworth. Really looking forward to morrow Jessica xxx
  13. Lucky there was not a disaster with the TT as I lifted it to pack away I found the back foot was only hanging on by the weight of the TT. In getting it level during setup I had unscrewed it all the way. That may have accounted for it being a bit vibration sensitive. Thanks John for another great BO and so lovey to finally see some everyone who was there. Jessica xxxx
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