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  1. I did not find the pulley, I got a Valhalla modified to run the smaller pulley but am stuck with only one speed now! So, if you buy a UK motor/pulley plus a new power board you end up spending over $500- to some it may be worth it, not to me. Also if you need a pulley puller in the US just go to a hobby store and get one for scale model trains, they are very inexpensive there... that is where I got mine.
  2. Guys, have any of you run your LP-12 without the belt guide? I have built around a dozen Thorens and always remove the belt guide, the belt stayed on all of them. Thanks, Nut
  3. I did two things, I loosened the screw on the cup and lowered the suspension a little on the arm side. A couple of days ago I tightened the suspension for cosmetic reasons- it made less noise before I did that, now it is quiet. I did order the new cup with the bearing from Isokenetic, I will see how that works- always happy to do upgrades... especially if they don't cost much. I will let the group know how it works out. I am using a Fidelity Research FR-12 arm as I like to change cartridges a lot (I have over 100 cartridges because of the business I just closed down). I may go back to my heavily modded Rega as the FR seems to be toward the limit of what the LP-12 can stand.
  4. Yes, it has the gray cup, it is a very vintage unit, but I did put an upgraded Valhalla on it :-)
  5. I found a nice brass thrust plate and bearing if it will work on my table by guys I got parts for a Rega from- they make good stuff.
  6. Can you direct me to a post that says how to do that? Thanks!
  7. Yes, the motor is quiet with no belt and platter. It makes noise when there is a load on it.
  8. I have an old LP-12 with a Torlyte chassis and armboard, I built a new plinth from 1" solid tiger maple and painted the top black, it is beautiful and sounds terrific. I have one issue though, when there is no belt or platter connected it spins in silence, once it is weighted it makes a ticking sort of sound, has anyone encountered this? If so how did you fix it? Thanks in advance, Nut
  9. I have a very old LP-12 and got a Valhalla that was set up for a 17mm pulley. I know the gray wires are common, but which are the red and blue. Thanks, Nut
  10. I too am looking for a 50hz pulley, bought a Hercules and had it shipped to the US only to find out that it will not work with the 17mm pulley. I have a pulley puller that I bought for my AR-XA projects and it works great, I got it at a hobby store- they use them on model train parts. Thanks, Nut
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