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    Goldring GR-1T
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    rb250/Nagaoka MP110
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    Magnum Class A
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    Audio PC, Fidelizer
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    Harman Kardon FL8550
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    TDA1541a S1, N.O.S.
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    Magnum Class A
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    Magna Acustica
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    AKG k-550
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. Hi there, I'd like to take it if I could?
  2. Sonogasm

    FREE Taken

    ehhh yeah... see, no good at this lol
  3. Sonogasm

    FREE Taken

    Hi there, I'll take that off your hands if thats ok? How do I get you the postage?
  4. Sonogasm

    FREE Taken

    Hi there, I'll take that off your hands if thats ok? How do I get you the postage?
  5. I've straight attached a dark matter generator to the end of my amps line in so I can't use a block unfortunately....
  6. People with crap equipment will notice no difference. My 46 years of experience in the high fi industry has told me that anyone that anyone thinking they can hear any difference through crap equipment needs a doctor.
  7. Glory days... fantastic full bodied FM straight to high end deck and chrome tape... kids don't know what they've lost... ripping vinyl to digital files, lolololol...
  8. Recording from chromecast to tape is easy... simply get a 3.5mm to dual stereo RCA adapter cable, plug rca's into tape player and record straight into it.
  9. Don't think the terms disallow it as they provide a download feature on their mobile app allowing offline listening... even after you've stopped subscribing. It would not be theft at all if you simply backed up your faves to your phone or tablet as a recording device, then ended subsc. and kept the app and files (I kept my old phone stuffed with big SD card). As far as the legality of downloading files/ recording copying, there is nothing illegal with downloading or copying for personal use... only if you distribute copyrighted goods is it a problem... at least from what I remember.
  10. Yep... they got me once or twice but I figure at 80 or so shipped, adding 15-20 still gets the op in the range he actually asked about... and for a dual pcm1794 with nice output section its a steal even with tax.
  11. Lovely piece of kit right there... I've also found If the output section of a source component gets married to a decent chip, as the one you got there, then that more fully involved bass and midbass fullness and integration, I try to ensure all my source components are discreet output, as close to class a as possible (tube or ss)... even tape deck, lol. Really fills out the source signal and gives the amp something hardier to work with.
  12. It's... just... the OP stated around about 100? and it kinda seems closer to twice that amount.
  13. https://somafm.com/sonicuniverse/ Transcending the world of jazz with eclectic, avant-garde takes on tradition. Call it Modern Jazz, call it Fringes of Jazz, call it Nordic Jazz. None of the labels do this music the justice of what it really is: a new direction in music that takes its direction from classic innovators in the past.
  14. They are also lovely looking, those early AKM's really stunning. SMSL seems to get good marks from owners constantly as well.
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