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  1. 9 hours ago, The Abbot said:

    Are they under 500 quid?

    I'm asking £700, but would be flexible if I thought they were going to a good home. I'd rather they went to someone who will appreciate them.

    I'm Nottinghamshire if you wanted a listen.

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  2. The cabinets are from the original series and were made for Living Voice by Castle. 

    I originally used an A400, but have also heard them from an Audionote/Kondo system (not mine😂) that cost more than my house and they always sound lovely.

    I have more photos or can arrange a demo listen if if anyone is interested. 

  3. Might have been issues with the original vifa drivers, I'm not sure, but the foam split on one of them, so Kevin replaced them all. 

    The original drivers were no longer available and Living Voice developed a replacement which is now made for them by Scanspeak, which to my ears sound better and I've had no issues since, so would seem to be more robust too.

  4. Selling my Living Voice Auditoriums.

    They are second generation model, I bought new directly from Kevin at Living Voice about 20 years ago.

    They had new main drive units fitted by Kevin around 8 years ago and are in great condition.

    They have a wonderfully musical sound. They are incredibly forgiving of source material and will make anything you play sound good. 

    They are not the last word in precision and analysis, but they do separation, dynamics and musicality in spades. 

    They are high sensitivity with 94db at 6ohm so happy with any amplification including valves.

    They sound great at low volumes as well as when you turn up the wick.

    They are Maple finish and the grilles are in excellent condition.

    Have the original boxes.

    I can also provide the original 5 meter bi-wire speaker cables that came with them from Living Voice.

    Asking £700. 

    They can be heard working on video call or in person in Nottinghamshire.

    More photos available.

    Link to period review;






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