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  1. Have now got a trade offer on my Pam, which is slightly more than I’m asking😳, so if no interest it’s off to the Trade on Monday.
  2. If it helps, size of speakers without the bases in mm are approx; 862 high, 220 wide and 268 deep. When collected them from Steve’s, they fit comfortably in my wife’s boot and it’s a convertible!!
  3. For Sale one of my favourite Panerai’s, my 00778, in very good/excellent condition, but has been worn ( albeit sparingly),so a few minor marks, but nothing serious. White dial, blue Panerai logo, Comes on an unworn brown calf strap, polished ss buckle, outer box, pear wood box. Under warranty until 12/12/26. Current RRP £4800. £2950 collected, bank transfer. Rotherby Leicestershire.
  4. Will have a go at resizing the rest of the images later, file sizes are too large to post and postimage doesn’t seem to be working???
  5. Picked these Avatars up from the forum in January from Steve(Bourney). Santos Rosewood finish. Always wanted to try a pair of Living Voice and at the money they certainly don’t disappoint. Bad bits, Cabinets have had a few repairs, finish is reasonable but certainly not first rate, when in position however they look good, so the cabinets could be, if wished, improved. A new set of Avatars would set you back 6k! Good bits, overall look good, they sound superb, drivers are spot on and Steve supplied a new set of grills. Price £680 collected from Rotherby, Leicestershire.
  6. There is mate certainly a very unsavoury side to football, it is a very small percentage, but it’s there and needs stamping out, the platforms from where it is happening need to take account and stop it!
  7. England have had a superb run at the Euro’s, losing in the final by the tiniest of margins to a team on a run of 34 games unbeaten! I certainly think the team and manager have done us all proud! As for the penalty’s, no doubt the players who in training who have been knocking em in consistently took em! You’ve also got to hand it to Mancini, he’s certainly created a minor miracle with his squad!
  8. They certainly aren’t small mate!
  9. Finally managed to plumb the Tannoys and Manleys in, first thoughts they sound pretty decent!
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