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  1. Cheers Oliver, one question mate, is there any reason why the signal cables cannot be run in and enter from the bottom of the board, so that they drop straight down to the RCA’s instead of being bent over the top of the board, so it looks like this? Really pleased with the oak, making a jig today to square everything up , bit of shaping and sh&t loads of polishing!! Feet arrived and fit the theme perfectly!
  2. Comments are really helpful, have changed things round, signal cables and power cables separated. Made a ply base for a lash up until the acrylic arrives, started the cases, still got loads of background noise, possibly the valves I’m using?
  3. Cheers Oliver, many thanks for your suggestions, the BB3 is far from finished andI I’ll make the changes you have pointed out. The final design will be quite different to how it is now.. The farnell boxes will most likely be replaced. The board will be higher but central however being higher will mean it is further away from the supply cable, infact it may be possible to bring the supply cable in at the front of the front of the box and straight to the board.
  4. Here’s my BB3 looking pretty sorry for itself in the crappiest ever boxes from Farnell! Not quite working as it should be at the moment but I’m working on it!! it can only improve, hopefully🤔 So hopefully something can be fashioned from this timber to suit the BB3, it’s twisted like a good un, not quite as flat as the seller told me, but onwards and upwards! Just love the markings on this split pippy oak, it’s had a proper life and hopefully all will become clear over the next week or so regarding the intended design, it’ll certainly be something different😳
  5. Mine arrived last week, must have been lucky with postage, which is very unusual for me! Also got an El transformer just in case!
  6. On a seperate note mate, have you trialled the James “o” transformer?
  7. That’s a nice selection of tubes mate!
  8. Yes mate, I can see that it can be quite tricky picking up decent valves, especially Telefunken!
  9. Were the Telefunkens an eBay purchase?
  10. Be great to see what your thoughts are on the BB3, I’m in a similar position, just waiting for a few bits to be delivered and for the BB3 to be tested!
  11. Thanks Oliver, think that’s very sound advice and many thanks for your offer, I may well take you up on the Reflektor.
  12. Many thanks for the info, will certainly give me more of a grounding on all of the different makes avaidable👍
  13. Hi Steve, the RSL is a pretty awesome piece of kit, without doubt on a par with anything I’ve heard up to now! Especially in my system. The hum was a little off putting but now you’ve fixed that, should be a great piece of kit! So if the BB3 is better, seems I’m in for a treat, be great to join the BB3 owners club!!
  14. Not as yet mate, have seen the ones at Watford valves, going to ring them Monday. For a start I have a pair of NATIONAL MATSUSHITA pcc88’s and TUNG SOL ecc83.
  15. That’s a lovely bit of kit, those Das Plinths just add that bit of luxury, also being serviced by Loricraft is really the icing on the cake!! ‘Great bit of kit, great price!