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  1. Well, that looks fantastic, a lovely ‘stealth’ look to it, hope it sounds good!
  2. Oak from worktop cut offs,
  3. Yes Martin, it’s not perfect but it’s certainly a lot better!
  4. Amazed this is still here, with the right cartridge it’s a fabulous piece of kit!
  5. Sorry Andy, I’m just about to update the thread, it’s already been sold.
  6. Firstly I should make it very clear I have absolutely no idea about film cameras, these belonged to my father who was an avid enthusiast. So with that in mind! For Sale 2 Film cameras, both very good condition. 1/ Leica Z2X, boxes and accessories as pictured, good condition, few minor marks. 2/ Contax TVS, external box and suede effect internal box( there are 2 of the suede effect internal boxes), spare lens, booklet etc.Again good condition, some rubbing around the view finder. Selling as good working condition. Local pick up or post at cost. Rotherby Leicestershire Looking for £275 the pair, any questions , I’ll do my best to answer.
  7. Again due to a mini clearout my Rothwell Simplex MM phono. Great piece of kit for not a lot of cash, used in conjunction with an MFA 632 for a Transfiguration Axia and it was a lovely combination. Boxed with PSU and instruction leaflet. Condition is good, few glue marks to base where pads attached to base have moved. £120 to include delivery, item location Rotherby, Leicestershire.
  8. After a bit of a change round my Ming Da pre-amp is up for sale, no doubt I’ll regret it as it’s been a stellar piece of kit. It’s in pretty good condition , slight fading to the valve writing( next to the valves), tiny mark next to the on/off switch, apart from that it’s in good nick.Remote also very good. No box or packaging, so local collection or reasonable meet-up( when allowed!) The 4 , 6sn7 are Tung Sol GTB’s. While it’s been with me it’s been in a rack and so I haven’t used the valve cover, but if your pets/wife/kids are attracted to things that light up and will possibly burn/maim them, it is included. There is one for sale on a well known site for £1300😳😭😂🤣😂 £550 like said , safe collection, Any questions, fire away! Rotherby , Leicestershire.
  9. I did a master reset on the Nad and everything is a lot better, not perfect but a lot better, there are still differentials between the TT and streaming volumes but not as large as they were, it’s certainly a lot more “liveable”, there’s also a difference in streaming volumes between Bluetooth and WiFi. Certainly looking forward to getting started with the Dirac Live and sub integration!
  10. I’m still waiting for cabling to arrive to hard wire the Nad in but streaming from the Nad is excellent, did you upgrade the Dirac?
  11. No, it’s the opposite, the TT needs to be on a lower volume setting. I’ll try later, but I don’t think there is any noise when nothing is connected to the line level.
  12. This is the info Oliver gave me, Depends on the cart used. MC gain is around 64dB so x 1600 or thereabouts. So with a 0.4mV cart the output would be 0.64V. The MM gain is only 39dB so x 90. Anything under 2v should be ok for any preamp. I’m assuming that the Nad can handle a maximum of 4.5v , like you said previously. Im getting background noise when the phono is selected, not massively but it’s there, it’s not there when streaming. I have had a problem of too much gain with my valve pre amp, I don’t think this is the same problem, more of a niggle really. The supplier said to do a master reset and start from fresh and I’ll also connect a CD player just to see how that performs. All in all its not a major problem I got the Nad to add my subs and for the streamer, which is excellent, haven’t quite got round to the Dirac live as yet☹️
  13. Have spoken to Oliver, the Bigbottle BB3 with my cartridge he says needs around 2v.