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  1. There was of course, but this is the sunset of the Golden era Pioneer. There DAC PD2028. This is level models 8хх-9хх. It`s not URUSHI series
  2. Novice forgivable, Especially my English... PD-91 pre top, top is PD-93. Outwardly, they are just handsome. TECHNICALLY PERFECT. Now Pioneer is not able to produce such a technique
  3. Because in 507 is not very good DAC, PCM1716 ( PE8001A ) , cheap
  4. And conversely, I love equalizers. In another rack, I have the first Pioneer EQ with a spectrum analyzer.
  5. Of course PD91 is great, even look very nice. Even 20 years ago, it was worth serious money, and now even more. In principle CD players Pioneer have a very high reliability with Stable Platter and Magnetic Stable Platter .
  6. Here's my humble Pioneer
  7. The best pioneer PD-91 was only the pioneer PD-93, it installed a PCM63 20 bit DAC, one of the Best existing audio in the world. Such a DAC were placed in the best model for CD players, for example, ACCUPHASE DC-91, AV SC2000MC, balanced audio tech. VK-D5, COPLAND CDA 289.
  8. AX-2000 is a very rare amplifier. I've never seen him on eBay. Although they were produced for the European market. There was a series of Yamaha - Titan. The device for Europe is almost not found, and so I ordered my own in Japan. It has an excellent DAC PCM 56, optical and coaxial inputs Now it looks like this:
  9. Untrue, because these players (PD-S6xx-7xx) are DAC PD2026 and PD2029. This is an entry-level DAC. PD2026 - 1 bit, cheap, the sound is not so hot. PD2029 - 1 bit, cheap 1 bit with built-in Legato Link. Good models start with PD-S8xx and PD-S9xx series, there are DAC PD2028 - 1 bit, the best of Pioneer, without built-in Legato Link. And of course your PIONEER PD-91 is even better, many times better, it is PCM65 - one of the best, expensive and rare multi-bit, with parallel input. The best DAC that stood in Pioneer is PCM 63 and PCM 65.