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  1. I just ease my arm out of the holder forefinger and thumb. Dont just yank it out sideways that will do damage to the bearings long term. Play gently as for the bounce that's one for your dealer to sort out.
  2. Hi Ben Thanks for the updates I've been in touch and have answered with a picture here.
  3. Apparently this has been the case for months same cueing device just no longer painted black. Thank goodness for that.
  4. Sorry if I picked you up wrong I thought it was a new to him SE Interesting then if it will be a new model or just ongoing developments due to part access. Cheers.
  5. There are many differences between an Ekos SE and an Ekos SE/1 Non painting of housings. Longer headshell. Shorter arm tube. Pre loaded bias for accuracy. Just a few off the top of my head. I can't imagine a new arm being produced as they've not really that long did the aforementioned. I could do without spilling more coin already I'm still playing round Covid restrictions to get my Karousel. Hope this helps.
  6. Glad that's running better. Dont use furniture polish. What you did is best don't contaminate the belt with anything now just enjoy.
  7. I still give my platter a little hand out of habit what's the point of being lazy and giving it all a hard time on startup. Its only once at the start of a session.
  8. Don't see the point no bang for buck going up the numbers unless you go Lingo 4 or even better Radikal. I went from Lingo 1 to Radikal. Going up the boxes just wastes savings for something better.
  9. I've seen them being built and there just in folded cases I have one. The only thing in a Klimax case is the machined cases some products come in. Klimax in this circumstance is simply the level of performance implication.
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