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  1. Seems strange they've gone for a mixed metal fixing after all the fuss made about Kandid body being the same material as SE/1 headshell.
  2. If you want to keep it real in the analogue domain then it's a Urika 1 or perhaps something from the Lejonklou range " I don't have any experience with them but come very highly recommended. Less is more.
  3. When the Radikal 2 upgrade kits are installed by the specialist dealer the parts removed are disposed off and not available for resale. The price of the upgrade kit is taken into consideration in the disposal of obsolete parts.
  4. Looking at that list seems like they've included the Exstatik in the Klimax setup at extra dosh. The list I've got deletes the Kandid from the Klimax components but shows the trade in values now bottom left.
  5. Cheers Mick £200 extra for flutes. £838 in UK The Klimax list will probably change after 30/10
  6. Additionally I think are the plinths being available again in fluted fashion.
  7. Most Welcome Billy. Can of worms really but as I'm analogue only then I let go all my previous Linn boxes as they were obsolete and dumped in favour of they're new digital system format so I went to Naim and Kudos but I'm sure if your going to embrace the digital world streaming etc then I'll take a back seat and let the much better educated and experienced members in here help. Good Luck. .
  8. Welcome Billy. Personal choices are always going to come into play asking an open audience but I'll advise on what I opened my wallet for. I'm a great believer in the DNA of a system and as the LP12 is the daddy in yours I'd have no hesitation as has been suggested by other well experienced enthusiasts here that the Karousel is the number one bang for buck and the heart of the machine. I too am in the MC cartridge family and for convenience and no messing about and getting the bucks worth from my Radikal I have a Urika tucked in the plinth. There are two types the first is simply called Urika and is analogue only but if you wish to " play " with your system then a Urika 2 will allow you to digitise and so on. The very short signal path to the Urika from the cartridge is a no brainier for me but that's me. Hope this helps and remember less is more.
  9. I'd go Lyra Delos it'll be more affordable but still have that signature sound and the trade in allowance will continue. Refurb might be ok for nostalgia but they're never the same as original. Hope this helps.
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