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  1. Great idea. Don’t get sucked into all the variables of different surfaces. If your happy with how it is then go for the cosmetic change and just enjoy the deck. Check out the angle of the dangle though.
  2. Tiny tip alert. Didn’t think I’d be the first to mention cable dressing trivial as it might seem it’s recognised that the deck cables on a wall shelf especially give better results hanging free to their intended location rather than bunched up and lying on the shelf or frame. It’s not quite so tidy looking but usually brings better sonic results.
  3. There will be endless personal opinions about tweaks but realistically it looks great and probably is working absolutely fine. cosmetically I’d have preferred a black shelf and some are available here and there. That should serve you very well so enjoy.
  4. Never a truer word spoken in jest. IMO the Mober bearing is over complicated and the more parts you have the more noise must be generated and the more wear must occur. If the heart of the machine isn’t Linn then it can hardly be called a Linn LP12. Other Frankendeks are available. And no I’ve no intention of ever hearing one.
  5. Hi Third party is third party and you take the gamble and go with a particular opinion. Genuine products have the compatibility and generic DNA in design throughout. You only get what you pay for but eventually you’ll reach the point of diminishing returns. Pick n Mix can be a can of worms.
  6. Hi In your setup I’d say the bearing and sub are the parts that are most important and in need of attention. Keel is way up the scale from a majik sub and as the keel has an arm board incorporated “ all one piece “ then changing arms would involve changing Keel’s to other arm type fittings and geometry. Keel is really intended to be used at mostly Ekos arm level although as your budget is well out of that scale then the advice is given according to funds. If your lucky you might have an Ittok with the thicker pillar and would get away with it on a keel but would need drilling for the arm rest. Hope this helps.
  7. As already said budget is key but so is hierarchy in order of upgrade. The most fundamental point is the main bearing. Decide Cirkus there are many good ones out there but buy from a reputable dealer that has the expertise to truly examine the condition. Decide Karousel and your pretty future proof and not chase the second hard market. Ittok is still a great arm and better than many newer offerings but it has to be in great condition as servicing of these has pretty much died a death. As for Sub chassis even a new Majik one with a newer bearing either of above will serve for a long time. Just my opinion and I’m sure there will be others but really start at the heart.
  8. These publications just print exactly what is sent to them in case it might be a name quirk after all look at the mess LINN might be in with advertising “K”
  9. Why mess with the designed culture and the DNA I’m sure it will be clearly obvious in a demonstration. Either way you can be sure of a great setup with no compromise.
  10. I’m late to thread but Karousel before anything it’s the heart of the machine. I’ve just not long got mine and it’s a game changer.
  11. I just ease my arm out of the holder forefinger and thumb. Dont just yank it out sideways that will do damage to the bearings long term. Play gently as for the bounce that's one for your dealer to sort out.
  12. Hi Ben Thanks for the updates I've been in touch and have answered with a picture here.
  13. Apparently this has been the case for months same cueing device just no longer painted black. Thank goodness for that.
  14. Sorry if I picked you up wrong I thought it was a new to him SE Interesting then if it will be a new model or just ongoing developments due to part access. Cheers.
  15. There are many differences between an Ekos SE and an Ekos SE/1 Non painting of housings. Longer headshell. Shorter arm tube. Pre loaded bias for accuracy. Just a few off the top of my head. I can't imagine a new arm being produced as they've not really that long did the aforementioned. I could do without spilling more coin already I'm still playing round Covid restrictions to get my Karousel. Hope this helps.
  16. Glad that's running better. Dont use furniture polish. What you did is best don't contaminate the belt with anything now just enjoy.
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