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  1. Many " Audiophiles " back in the day could be outed by having a little anglepoise lamp next to the deck for cosy cartridge duties.
  2. The manufacturing revision numbers have nothing to do with SQ must be on about 15-16 now.
  3. I only know of Linn Keel for Linn And also the Linn Keel for Aro Brought about with help from Cymbiosis. Other than that nothing in the archives.
  4. @pirov Hi at the factory the cast platters and hubs etc are then further machined to their specifications and then lacquered by spray to seal the metal and help prevent discolouration. that's why they discourage the use of polish on the platter etc as it's removal speeds up the ageing process. The mild rainbow effect seen on the top of platters and hubs is the light catching the lacquer. Trust me I've seen it done.
  5. Well I've just done the white gloves and can confirm mine has gone a bit like Pirov's too it's slightly patchy on rotate on the outer rim can't say I'm impressed at all.
  6. That's just the lacquer settle in puddles it's the rim I'm bothered about. There are loads of rejected platters in the factory during manufacture.
  7. Hi troll I'll look at mine later this afternoon with my white gloves mine is brand new with the Karousel too and I noticed with the Christmas tree lights it seemed patchy on the round's. My old one wasn't patchy at all from 1987 but dull " kind of wish I'd kept it now I thought I was doing myself a treat having it all new.
  8. Simple keep it real analogue and go Urika 1 Go digital and tune how you like go Urika2
  9. Why after investing in a Klimax level deck would we hide it under a tinted lid.
  10. I'd say the Dim setting is mostly to accommodate Akurate Laser effect. When I changed to Klimax I was delighted to find the very different light effect. I reckon dim on a Klimax would be overkill.
  11. Just to clarify about switches etc. If you get the upgrade kit it reuses your original deck switch. If you get a new Radikal complete it comes with a new soft touch deck switch. Mmmmmm I suppose it only really matters if your a master clicker between albums. I use my button twice in a session one to start and one to stop all else is on the fly.
  12. I'm not sure if i should be disappointed that something as trivial as dragging the diamond would destabilise the rotation.
  13. I don't get the mystery here I still have my K rad 1 here and it's always been the case when the deck is started and the red led is bright then dims when speed is stabilised. If the red light doesn't dim then something is wrong.
  14. As I've said earlier it may have got lost now but I did use the original silly putty with great results but I just fancied something a bit less garden shed and having had many years of success with Audio Technica products they did the very thing. And is washable too. Santa Stocking Filler.
  15. Hi Roo Im using my iPad on the latest iOS 15.1 and Safari browser. Thanks. Screenshots below in order club / turntables / then get returned to message page.
  16. Before you all say how is that a problem. I can find the club but if I click on any topic I just get thrown out to the temp homepage with the green message.
  17. I used original Silly Putty for a long time and now changed to AT 617A It can be washed and reused although I've got nothing on it yet.
  18. I still have Radikal 1 and there is no sound unless the deck is turning. The Urika isn't powered until the deck switch is triggered. Always been like that here.
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