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  1. Forget it. Moderator just close the thread please. Thank you to the people that posted some positive replies by the way, the Moderator especially. Remove my account too. If this is an example of the argumentative/bigoted people that are on here. Its simply not for me. I'm sure its the usual one-off saddo/fanboy keyboard warrior that seems to frequent most forums and ruin them. Please delete me thanks. Powder coat speaker cones lol. What on earth lol. They'd just be a melted pile of nothing in a speaker cage. LMFAO... Hopefully somebody will find some use from this when they search and ignore the garbage, I'm sure they'll figure it out. I've wasted so much time replying to this crap, I really wish I'd just bought 4 drivers now, its been exhausting and really not worth the effort. Yes speakers are like a used car..(Really!) I look after my gear as did my work colleague whom I bought them off. It's ok I'll buy the black driver (pictures to follow once installed). I posted a thread on a another forum and really got constructive replies and support. Not that the speakers had possibly been a toxic environment, maybe there was formaldehyde gas in his living room? Was it his breaking wind? He wasn't a smoker, so no it wasn't nicotine, what possibly could it have been in a living room that would make a speaker driver change colour? I'm really, really worried now... I wonder lol.. WTF....
  2. I was beginning to think that you had some kind of affiliation with the company in-question to be honest.
  3. I haven't a clue what I expect them to say. They more or less told me in the email what it is, or did you not read that part? If you look around the edge of the driver it is still black, it is coated too. I expect KEF to say nothing like they have, I'm not expecting them to do anything like most large companies these days, there's no warranty on them. I'm simply making my concerns and this post will show up if anybody else experiences this if searching. There's no paint on these speakers, acetone does nothing to them. I'm just going to buy a driver and keep the grills on. But I'll be looking at other brands when I replace them. I'm just stating that the company has told me what there is a possibly of the cause ,and as though that is acceptable. I would personally expect better, they're not cheap and many people buy speakers and keep them for years and years. They obviously carry parts for these speakers, which is of little use if they have been damaged by sunlight and made the colour change. If you personally think it is ok for sunlight to possibly completely change the appearance of something that's fine. Or if like a lot of people you often upgrade speakers I get that, but many people keep speakers for longer than other components. "Some Fading" is from black to gold with my eyes. My brother has a 30 year old pair of Mission speakers that have no fading at all anywhere. Toxic elements in a living room, but not changing the colour of one driver. I personally think there is nothing wrong at all in anything I have said or researched. If it helps somebody out with this issue that's a good thing. I think the main purpose of my post is that I was hoping KEF had made an admin error, and some of these speakers were actually made with gold drivers and somebody might tell me. I just couldn't get my head around that these are supposed to be black as they are so far removed from that colour. You seem to dismiss every single thing that I have wrote in this thread, even when a company actually states what can happen to these speakers in sunlight, logical thinking would tell me that this has happened before. If not, why mention it?? I'm simply making people aware, as many people keep speakers for a long, long time. If the parts are obsolete it's not an issue. I personally find UV damage in this day and age to be not really be acceptable. But as you say they're used, end of!
  4. The other speaker as it is, I know the light changes things but this genuinely as it is is. The bottom driver is darker than all the other 3, the top one is just the same as the other speaker. I guess somebody sprayed 3 of them one colour and the other driver another... Or possibly this one was more obscured from sunlight, due its position in the previous owners home. I still wouldn't call one of them black though. Its my problem I bought them used. Hopefully help somebody out with the same issue when searching on the internet. Acetone does absolutely nothing to these speakers. I'll be in-touch with KEF to buy a new driver and leave it on the window sill for a 3 -5 years, then maybe it will match. I'll check on it every 6 months see if I'm getting close.. Whatever that caused this. KEF's email suggested UV light damage. So I guess that is ok with them if this kind of thing happens. I used to be a bit of fanboy, but no more. I'll look at speakers with no decorative coatings on the drivers. I'd of thought in this day and age, a coating should be able to deal with UV light, obviously not. Better keep those ugly grills on your R series speakers, or keep those curtains closed at all times... Further to your email below, the LF unit used in the R500 white loudspeakers is black. You may find your LF unit has been affected by sunlight and has discoloured over time. We do have stock of the units- SVC+SP1633 - £107.22 each + £10 carriage + VAT If you wish to place an order, please call the KEF Service Dept on the number below.
  5. The speakers haven't been painted at all. Seriously they must of done an amazing job of masking them, its a proper high quality professional coating. I'd imagine such a job would cost more than the drivers to be done aftermarket. I was really looking for people with similar speakers to share their experiences. Thanks for all the replies and useful information, I wish KEF could be bothered to do the same, possibly stating what you have. they've said nothing. Thanks for the link. If I buy some new speakers they certainly won't be them, bargain or not. One of the drivers on the other speaker is actually slightly darker than the rest. I'll take a picture of it. As you say they are used. I'll ask my ex-workmate. He is definitely not the type of guy that would mess about painting things. He was always buying hifi and replacing it, was a bit of tech/gadget nerd, that money was no object to. So I didn't buy them from the other end of the country or something. It's difficult to tell looking at google images as all the images are mainly of new speakers. Your right its my issue. It was KEF that mentioned UV, certainly not something I'd ever thought of at all if they hadn't, I just assumed that they were made in different colours. I just thought that them mentioning it, thought that it might of been an issue to them before, sorry that's just my logic. To be honest it is really not something I have ever considered looking at at all when buying any speakers at all, the colour of drivers, yes the condition but not the colour. You learn something new every day...
  6. I was just stating that his living room only had one small window and didn't appear to have lots of sunlight entering it, for what KEF claim could cause such a huge colour change, UV light. For that to even be mentioned I've a feeling that this has been raised before (I'm just guessing though) As I stated the speakers were immaculate and no faults whatsoever. It's in my ownership that the driver is failing. I guess this could happen to anybody if they had a speaker that a child stuck something in the driver for example and it needed to be replaced. I'm sure if that happened to yourself and you found that the driver was a totally different colour to your other 3 you'd be pretty annoyed, whether you think that KEF speakers are something special or not? And you were told it's UV related. Maybe you wouldn't I don't know. But I personally won't be buying anymore. As I said previously, and I'm sure that many will agree, there are plenty of other quality speakers around. On another forum it was suggested to clean them with acetone lightly to remove any deposits. I'm not so sure about this as they are certainly clean. But it's worth a try if the driver cannot be repaired. If I was talking about a cheap pair of speakers it wouldn't be an issue.
  7. Thanks you've hit the nail on the head.
  8. I bought them off somebody that I used to work with, they were not faulty when I bought them. The room he kept in was actually pretty dark. The fault developed in my ownership, I've had them for quite a while. They have always been this colour, ever since I bought them. I might get in contact with him see what colour they were when he bought them new. So no, I haven't bought something that was faulty.. I was just seeking other peoples opinions whom owned these speakers to be honest. Everybody to their own, I've had 4 sets of Kef speakers. I just don't expect a coating to fade with UV light to this extent from black. It was the first thing that was mentioned in a reply from KEF (UV light) , I'm just assuming that they know its an issue, just as some people seem to be assuming that I bought some abused speakers. Not on a speaker that is about 5 years old. If that's what other Kef owners deem as acceptable that's fine. Components fail, and I've bought parts off Kef before and they have been spot-on. There's lots of other decent speakers around. I personally won't be buying Kef again. It's not like these drivers are unevenly coloured like you'd expect with UV light, it's all uniform on all four.
  9. The units are really easy to remove. You just gently prise out the plastic trim ring, then it is held in with several phillips screws. It is a genuine Kef driver, I would never have contacted them without knowing the part number. They are really easy to remove, thanks for the info on the voice coil, I may have a try. I've usually had drivers that aren't coated, I never gave it a thought. I won't be buying anything from Kef again though, they weren't cheap and should be better.
  10. I have a feeling that this is maybe a common issue as it was the what the representative suggested in an email, as though it's acceptable. I would assume that it has came up before and is possibly an issue that they are well aware of, as I'm sure I'm not the only one that has had to replace a driver on such a popular speaker. Considering that these speakers aren't really ancient it's a really poor product. I've had various speakers for 30 years and never ever encountered something like this. I can't think of any product I have, maybe an old red car fading before they started using clearcoats. Obviously these drivers are coated with a really poor product. I honestly thought that they were two different versions of this speaker as the difference in driver colour is so extreme. I guess I'll have to buy another driver and leave it on the window sill for a few years, compare it every six months to see if the colour has faded to the desired tone, it's the way that Kef UK are describing it anyway, no other choice really. Time to change brands. I'll have to sort this somehow though, I am not the type of person whom would sell speakers with an issue. Considering Kef UK are not really helpful at all, is there anyway a speaker driver can be repaired at all? This driver is fine most of the time, but with certain music with pretty heavy bass this driver makes a kind of clacking noise, it's the only way I can describe it. When the driver is gently pushed in, it has a noise like paper moving, or being lightly crumpled. The other drivers do not do this. I'm guessing it's had it, just clutching at straws really.
  11. One of the bass drivers has a fault on my white Kef R500 speakers. I bought these used, and was concerned when the issue occurred, that most of the drivers that I have seen on these speakers on google images are nearly black. Mine are beige. I sent an email to Kef UK and raised my concerns. They stated that the drivers on these speakers are all black and UV could of caused the drivers to fade. I've never come across this in my life on a speaker. I guess I'm either going to have to live with the fault, replace all 4 drivers (which isn't cost effective as they are about £125 each), or use the ugly grills. Just wondered about other owners experiences.. Pretty disappointing if they are telling the truth and this has actually happened. I've had several sets of Kef speakers, This will be the last.
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