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  1. Hi Paul gorgeous amp,I am now considering selling my Technics c800 pre/power ,hopefully the Musical Fideliry is still available once sold my amp.Thanks.Leigh.
  2. Looks like it's going to be a good day out. I have only just joined would I be OK to attend? Thanks.
  3. I am going look silly now but what is a bake off? Sorry I am new to this. 😳
  4. Hello there thanks I have updated profile. My budget is £200/300 + I have budget equipment for swap etc.
  5. Hello everyone I am new to forums so go easy please haha. I have recently purchased an audiolab 8000a to partner my Arcam Alpha 7se cd player. I am using a pair of Mission 751 in rosewood. I really want another pair of Jamo Concert 8 is there any suggestions for a better match up 2nd hand preferable. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 👍
  6. Hi. I am listening to Pink Floyd's Endless River at the moment having just listened to A Great Day which is not advised due to the recording being so poor. Division Bell next I think.
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