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  1. Was on sale on eBay, in two versions from 2010 - 2019. Originally, it cost £199, and ended up around £400, I think. Photo shown is of the later version which used the same valve for the input and splitter. Original used a 6N1 and 6N2. I stopped using mine not wanting to burn the mains transformer out. Not keen on the shiny appearance which the original didn't have. Actually, it's still available. Must have been quite a few sold by now.
  2. You can get a funky set of anode caps for £13: http://ebay.co.uk/itm/254720535396 It's a great amp for the money.
  3. Mr Kipling

    Valve info

    Don't try this at home: Sent from my CUBOT_NOTE_S using Tapatalk
  4. Mr Kipling

    Valve info

    Sorry. Personally, I have no idea.
  5. You mention the output valves in the video. Seems they are Chinese. Enthusiastic review here: https://www.audioasylum.com/reviews/Amplifier-Tube/Unison-Research/Smart-845/tubes/18964.html
  6. Mr Kipling

    Valve info

    True. Might use them in a re-build.
  7. Mr Kipling

    Valve info

    Has anyone tried this UK 6SN7? Really fancy a bottle type.
  8. Mr Kipling

    Valve info

    Some interesting articles: https://www.effectrode.com/knowledge-base/mullard-ecc83-12ax7-reissue-vs-original-a-physical-comparison/
  9. Is there any place that specialises in vintage ones, Mr Awkward? The one I got I just got it of ebay.
  10. Thanks. I was going to try that when I could sort something out.
  11. Well thanks for the replies. Yes, it would be easy enough to get a modern digital item, and just use that. But I do like a nice moving iron meter. I got a nice vintage one last year for an amplifier project. It has prongs that would have plugged into a socket, originally, which I've never seen before. Cleaned it and put it away, wondering how it should be connected not wanting to burn it out. Anyway, just had a look inside, and it has 3 resistive elements inside wired in series with the coil. Hard to say if they are coils or carbon elements. Was able to measure one and got a reading of abo
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