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  1. Hi all Just wanted to give you all another quick update on Rox. She's had a couple of rough days this week with her neck, but as she has recovered from the Haemorrhagic Gastro-Enteritis, we have been able to book her in for her corrective surgery. I'm taking her in tomorrow morning at 07:30 for a fresh MRI scan (which the practice has very kindly agreed to do F.O.C) prior to the surgery. I'm hoping that I will be able to pick her up tomorrow evening, assuming that her recovery is OK. I have been advised that this is fairly major surgery, and with that does come a risk. Thankfully the
  2. Lordy! It looks as though it's made up with wartime leftovers, possibly cast-offs from making the Bombes
  3. Not saying that it isn't well-made, or that they aren't using decent quality components. Point is that it's still a lot of money (second-hand) for not a lot of "stuff". I looked up the Cello Etude dimensions - 9.5" x 3.5" x 10.75" W x H x D so not really that big, so your money isn't going into a lot a casework either. Bang for buck I'd say it's pretty poor. And raking my distant memory, I seem to recall that it wasn't particularly well-reviewed either, so you probably can't even make the excuse that what it lacks in componentry, it makes up for in performance.
  4. Law of diminishing returns applies I think. Over time, the improvements that are possible by further refinement of components and designs becomes ever smaller. The same thing applies in many other consumer-focused industries such as cars or computers. Even where differences do exist, each of us has our own threshold where we still no longer be able to determine those differences and so some of us will "tap-out" at lower price points than others, due to the limitations of our hearing and / or perception. Take a look at the mobile computing industry for a good example. Every year, the next
  5. Oh my goodness Geoff, what an absolute stunner she is turning out to be, and congratulations to you for taking her in and giving her such a loving home. It certainly looks as though Blue and her are getting on famously! I cannot find the words to describe my total hatred for the sub-human lowlife scum who run those puppy farms - who on earth with even the slightest shred of humanity could conceive of treating another sentient creature in such disgraceful ways? If I had my way, that recent (welcome) revision to the animal cruelty act would have included the reintroduction of mediaeval tor
  6. Show-off. Of course, I say that only through complete jealousy. You have a wonderful view there, although you seem to have blocked part of it with some sort of ugly black boxes. I'll dispose of them for you if you like, then you can enjoy the uninterrupted panorama
  7. Or better still, from the wall up, if you can find space and a suitable location to mount a shelf on. Well-said on the subject of compatibility. More than any other combination of components I can think of, the arm / cartridge "synergy" (and to a lesser extent, TT / arm "synergy") makes a huge difference. I made a couple of really poor choices in the past and didn't keep the combo very long. Still, I learned from it.
  8. Don't discount an older Sonos Connect:Amp. Streams all the popular services including Snotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, 7Digital, AbsoluteRadio, audible, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube Music.... There's plenty of them available second hand so prices are competitive, and there's even a line in should your daughter decide to get herself a turntable!
  9. And what's wrong with a 1960's low-budget sci-fi film? I love a good B-movie... Personally I'm not at all bothered by the concept of everything having to match. As long as a component has good, interesting design then I'm fine with it sticking out like a sore thumb. The biggest sin of aesthetics is to be plain and unassuming if you ask me (like my recently-departed Arcam DAC) - be bold, be brave and yes, be colourful! I'd happily have a red anodised amp, but then again I'm biased, I have a high gloss red and white kitchen. And my other half likes bold design too so I don't have to worry
  10. Lady A(ntebellum) - Golden (CD)
  11. The Cinematics - A Strange Education (CD)
  12. Broken Records - What We Might Know - ripped CD
  13. Soft Cell - This Last Night in Sodom - CD rip
  14. Thank you Steve, she is one very special lady indeed, even if she's a cow-bag for getting so ill! Thankfully she is now much improved, and I am hopoing that in a few weeks we can get her surgery booked in, fingers crossed
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