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  1. I occasionally wound my Gato up to 85 (out of 100) when playing an LP as my phono stage has a low output. That was still pretty loud. With CD as the source I don't think I went over 65-ish.
  2. I've been doing some reading up on the inclusion of tags in WAV files (thank you, Wikipedia). So if I understand correctly, it would seem that tagging is not defined explicitly in the specification, but that ID3 tags can be added as part of the INFO() chunk that forms part of the RIFF file format on which WAV is based, or in any additional chunks added to the file. However INFO() or other custom chunks may not be supported by all media renderers, especially earlier ones, which may explain why some audio equipment can't use any associated tags. I presume that more up to date audio kit probably makes provision for retrieving some or all of this metatdata, perhaps in combination with its own custom meta store.
  3. What a sad loss, may you be at peace now, Neal. Also a cautionary tale to us all not to leave it too late to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances, I'm sorry to hear you didn't manage it, Richard. Don't beat yourself up over it though - we are all reminded that life is too short to harbour regrets. Be thankful he was part of your life and celebrate his many achievements. PT were probably my "most-aspired-to" brand when I was just beginning to get into hi-fi properly in the 90's - I recall the joy of auditioning an Anniversary and then desperately trying to work out how to afford one (never managed it).
  4. Well that's something new I've learned today I expect it may be down to the equipment I've been using then, i.e. my car audio, as that's one of the few situations when I have tried using WAV.
  5. Did you mean "can't" rather than "can"? I've never found a way to add metadata to WAV, although in the past when I used to use iTunes you could certainly create metatdata and attach it, but that was iTunes own internal database and not actually part of the WAV file itself. I'm hardly an authority on the subject but I would agree with your opinon about the device doing the decompression being responsible for any differences between lossless compressed and normally-uncompressed files. Surely the whole point of lossless is that the results of the compression / decompression process results in a file that is identical to the original? So to my mind the file format itself can't be responsible; any differences in the output must be down to the inability of the device doing the processing to complete the decompression accurately. Are there uncompressed file formats that support metadata? I'm not familiar with DSD - does that count?
  6. I have to be brutally honest, that guy bores me to death. I kept skipping through the video, couldn't finish it. From the bits I did pick out though he seems to be intimating that the 400S lacks tonal colour, which I'm quite surprised at as I don't feel that the 250S suffers in that way. Perhaps it's a comparison of "natural" colours vs "Technicolour", i.e. he prefers a really vivid presentation?
  7. I would agree with that. Also I have to confess that having enjoyed the 250S so much it was really a "no-brainer" and the quickest way to get my system back to a decent sound, without having to audition other amps. Plus it was a whole lot cheaper! And that counts for a lot, it means more money to spend on music
  8. I am super-happy to report that I'm back in the Gato family! After my horrendous March / April / May when I was forced to sell my 250S and my DAC to help pay for the vets bills for Roxy, I have now acquired another 250S from fellow wammer @hexx and I could not be happier! Although my trusty Pioneer A-400 did a sterling job as a stand-in, the first few songs played through the Gato showed me just what I'd been missing. There is so much more texture to the music again, plus a sense of separation between performers that was totally lacking with the Pioneer, a much better sense of image depth and controlled bass. It's quite a relief! Downsides - well only one I can think of so far - the Gato is now allowing my speakers to show up poor recording / production values in a way that wasn't apparent with the A-400, but thankfully those sub-par albums are not rendered unlistenable. It's just that the system is now saying "this isn't great, but I'll make the most of it for you". I'm more than happy with that - as long as I can still listen to the songs I love (which I can) then all is good! I had given some consideration to moving up to the 400S (As well as considering non-Gato amps), but in truth I really don't think I need the additional power, so wasn't sure what differences or improvements I might find. Has anyone else spent time with both the 250S and 400S to notice any obvious improvements?
  9. I've never "gelled" with the Prestige models that I've heard in various locations - it may be considered heresy to say so but I found them just a bit bland and lacking in variation of tonal colour. Meh. However I confess that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to a pair of Definition DC10Ts at a show. I'm afraid I can't remember what the partnering equipment was but I don't think it was anything too esoteric or massively high-end. I could happily live with a pair of those - I found them balanced but still exciting to listen to, without throwing excessive detail or falling into the "hi fi" sound trap. They made vibrant music that I reckon would be easy to live with long term. Depending on the size of your friend's listening space he may want to consider either the DC10Ts or the smaller DC8Ts as an alternative to the big Prestige models?
  10. Huge thanks to Julian & Diane for hosting an excellent bake-off yesterday. Your home and hospitality are second to none, and your beautiful system was sounding fantastic. 🙂
  11. Love this album soooooo much! Discovered her completely by chance and it's been played more times than I care to mention
  12. Sandra McCracken - Best Laid Plans - ripped CD
  13. CHVRCHES - Love is Dead - Ripped CD
  14. Try this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/KitchenCraft-Extra-Large-Umbrella-Style-Folding-Picnic/dp/B0001IWUNG Different sizes depending on how big the ghetto blaster is
  15. Thanks John for kicking off the post-apocalypse bake-off season. As already said, it was great to catch up with (not so) old friends and make new ones too. Two completely different systems, both sounding sweet. After hearing how many cartridges you've been through recently, John, I'm looking forward to hearing the next one! It's always a nice surprise to hear how a system assembled from various people's components can still deliver the goods, musically-speaking. Jessica's TT and amazing phono stage really delivered the goods through the Cadet and Toy Towers - probably not a combination anyone would have chosen for themselves, but it was thoroughly enjoyable, so much so I spent more time listening to that than the main rig (sorry John). Shame I can't make the next BO (double-booked) - hope everyone enjoys it and I look forward to seeing the photos
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