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  1. Soft Cell - This Last Night in Sodom - CD rip
  2. Thank you Steve, she is one very special lady indeed, even if she's a cow-bag for getting so ill! Thankfully she is now much improved, and I am hopoing that in a few weeks we can get her surgery booked in, fingers crossed
  3. Well, I had to take a bit of a hit as you'd expect, but as they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  4. Disc 1 from this marvellous CD box set: Soft Cell: Keychains and Snowstorms
  5. Thanks to all for your comments and support, however as I've had no interest in the amp I have resorted to selling it directly to a dealer as I can't wait for the money - credit card payment is due imminently for a chunk of Roxy's prior treatments. Therefore mods, would you mind either deleting or moving this ad please as the amp is now withdrawn from sale. Title updated appropriately.Thank you
  6. There's two pairs of Sonus Faber Concertinos on eBay - both have some cosmetic damage though, but well under £1k, and should be a smoother sound if that's what you're looking for. Or some floorstanding Concertos in gloss black for a grand.
  7. I don't know what the original retail price of my Tube Technology M.A.C. was but given that I paid around £500 for it second hand about 7 years ago, I presume it was under the £2k limit. Another tube design, it might lose out a little to the "big boys" you've already mentioned but on a brief comparison with a Tron Seven Ultimate, it acquitted itself pretty well. The only other "serious" phono stages I've ever heard are the Alchemist Bragi and a Whest (can't remember the model). Thought the Whest was awful - bland and uninvolving.
  8. Couldn't disagree more. They may not stock the most esoteric brands (if brand snobbery means something) but "real" hi fi? They definitely do. The days of pile-it-high-sell-it-cheap are gone. I've not bought my entire hi-fi from them but I have definitely purchased a fair bit of stuff there and have been extremely happy with the excellent customer service and the equipment I've bought over the years. A swanky shop in a posh location stocking obscure kit with astronomical price tags does not automatically translate to audio bliss (or decent customer service). P.S. I have no affiliation
  9. Sorry for the slow reply, missed this altogether. Rox is much improved now thank you - I would say "back to normal" but I have to keep reminding myself that she still has a serious neck injury to be treated. Last day of antibiotics now for both her and Pops (who also had some of, but not all, the symptoms) so with luck we might even be able to go out for a short walkies tomorrow. Both of them have been "confined to barracks" for almost 2 weeks now so as you can imagine, they are driving me up the wall! Thank goodness we have a decent sized garden for them to use. Here she is, pestering me
  10. Probably a daft question, but did you remember to select the "source" position on the record selector (left-hand knob) and then set the source knob (on the right-hand side) to Phono? There's no dedicated "Phono" on the Rec secltor for some unfathomable reason so you have to set both correctly. Try that - if still no output then there might be a fault somewhere. I confess I've not used the output from my A-400 for a very long time so am doing this from memory. BTW you might want to ask one of the mods to move this thread into the 2-channel section where you might get more response - it's p
  11. I'm pretty much in agreement with that. I've had music on all day long here today (which is actually quite unusual for me). It's only been on in the background while I hunt for a new job (and write replies on here!) and streamed from my NAS via Sonos. I have a random selection of songs so the production quality is very variable, but I've pretty much enjoyed all I've heard today, making allowances for the fact that I am not "critical listening" right now. Nothing has made me wince. Nothing has made me skip a track (except Bing Crosby's White Christmas - totally inappropriate in May!). It's been
  12. Funnily enough... As I've just sold my Arcam DAC, I have a pair of Van den Hul D102 Mk III XLRs kicking around here doing nothing at the moment. You are absolutely welcome to try them out if you wish. The only potential issue is that they are short, it's a 50 cm pair so your components would need to be quite close together. If that works for you, give me a shout and I'll stick them in the post
  13. Thank you Nick So this is a "final call" here for this amp, before it goes off to be sold directly to a dealer for far less than it's worth, so they can add their markup and sell it back to someone again for more than they could have bought it on here. My FINAL PRICE REDUCTION - this amazing bit of kit now £1500, NO OFFERS at this price. I can now get insured shipping for way less than I previously quoted, £30 will cover it. Surely there's someone interested? It's not THAT weird looking A quality bit of kit and deserving of a good home.
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