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  1. FTFY A nice tidy installation, Alex, those bass traps in particular hug the corners really well. Top job!
  2. All the Christmas decorations are out chez-Jules, decided to add a bit of festive cheer to the setup Show us your baubles!
  3. One of my all-time favourite artists is David Sylvian, so I'm going to plump for Secrets of the Beehive.
  4. Not the most obvious choice perhaps, but: Stephanie Kirkham - Inappropriate. I kid you not, I have listened to this track on repeat 30 times on the trot before, it's just so damned catchy (never seen the video before now though)
  5. This thread gets my vote for best topic of 2021. It's been (still is) fascinating seeing how varied our systems and setups are, each one a careful consideration of assets and limitations and each excellent in their own way.
  6. This is my main one in the front room - a 2 x 4 sat on top of a 4 x 4 and bolted to the wall: I do have some drawer inserts and some doors at the bottom and as has already been said, LPs fit no problem, allowing for the hinges. The door inserts create a back to each pigeon-hole they're used in as it's a 3-sided assembly. I've also got other sizes of Kallax used all over the place for LP storage - another 1 x 4 in that room, a 2 x 1 in the main lounge and also a 2 x 2 to store all manner of junk! At the moment Ikea are struggling with some sizes in some finishes - the oak finish in the smaller unit sizes have been out of stock for months now although I think the bigger ones are OK.
  7. Phwoarrrr!!! Pure tape porn. If my speakers had sold, I'd be snapping this beauty up. I see there's a wanted thread for R-2-R - could this be a great match?
  8. You do need clinical help. You're a mod on this crazy merry-go-round
  9. That's an interesting point you make about the loading times. That's one reason why up to now I've not been so keen on the universal players like the Oppo (and the earlier mentioned Lexicon) - they seem to have a rep for slow responses. I know it's a first-world problem, but I don't fancy waiting 45 seconds for my disc to be read! Another player I rather covet, without ever having heard one, is the Bow Technologies ZZ-Eight. Seem to be pretty rare, although there have been a number for sale internationally, but all seem to be sold now. Any experiences with this rather seductive bit of tech? Used the Philips CDM12 Pro I believe?
  10. Thanks for all the replies, it does sound as though Marantz engineering (at this level at least) is pretty substantial and bodes well for long-term use, and for buying older equipment. I see that they make their own transports too rather than buy in off-the-shelf, hopefully that's a good thing for repairability too? I am sorely tempted by an 11S2 - the only downside I can see is that it has no digital inputs so can't be used as a DAC for external sources, whereas the 14 and 14 SE have optical, coax and USB inputs. The 11 does have balanced output though which might be useful. I wonder how much improvement the 11 is over the 14S1 SE?
  11. Ooooo that's a looker isn't it? Very nice
  12. Piccies please? Love a bit of TT p*rn
  13. I always think that you get a very different impression of certain speakers depending on your preferred listening volume, and perhaps that's partly why different speakers elicit such very different responses, like the ATCs seem to. Some speakers are consistent in their delivery across low and high volumes, others vary and might sound dull and restrained at low volumes with little bass or a reticent midrange, but come alive when you "turn the wick up". Or the other way round - some give that impression of hardening-up and becoming harsh, fatiguing or shrill at high volumes but work much better at lower listening levels. Also of course the interaction with the room can make a big difference, when it's loud you may be more aware of reflected sounds than when it's quieter. I know that in my (awful and as-yet untreated) room, with my previous Q Acoustics speakers that above a certain volume I became very much aware of the sound bouncing off the rear wall and patio doors behind my right ear, which made things uncomfortable to listen to at times. Now with different speakers it's more the front wall reflections I have to manage, so a different issue, but still I find that at lower levels it's far less of an influence on what I hear.
  14. Not a brand that was even on my radar, I'll admit. Thanks, will look them up
  15. Thank you for the suggestion, all are welcome, especially curve balls. I always like to have ideas challenged! But I have a few reasons to discount Audiolab, to be honest. Bad prior experience with the brand. Bought an M-DAC a couple of years ago, damned thing was faulty out of the box, no output at all. Went back, never considered another one. You only get one shot in this household! Don't like slot-loaders I'm not convinced that it would be significantly (if at all) better than my current setup, and I'm looking to make a jump in performance. Where I was aware of the limitations in my front end (analogue as well as digital) my new speakers are now significantly highlighting shortcomings in the CD replay chain. I am just beginning my research into potential replacements. Second hand is the way forward given that I can't afford to throw big money (many thousands) at this, plus I think you get a lot more "pizazz for one's pound" (my English version of the usual phrase!). A friend has suggested looking out for a Mark Levinson second hand, I'm not sure what their brand personality is to know whether it would be a good choice or not. For the Marantz options, from what I read in that Stereophile review I think the voicing of the 11 might be more suitable than the Pearl, being a little more on the "lush" side. I would expect insightful speakers + insightful amp + insightful front end to equal way too much!
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