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  1. Not quite sure why you'd want Schuko sockets instead of standard UK ones? I'd rather stick with the legal UK version, it's safe, well-designed and compatible with all the plugs on my current equipment.
  2. Just by way of providing an alternative, I use a Sonos Connect, connected via optical to my DAC, but could just as easily go directly into the Gato's optical input. My music is stored on a Synology NAS too, and I just specified the folders on the NAS containing music in the Sonos app, and then use that on my phone, Mac or PC to control playback. OK so this is restricted to red book quality audio (my CDs are ripped as FLAC) but if you wanted HD audio as well then I believe the current Sonos Port (the replacement for the Connect) supports that.
  3. I thought this was perfectly normal and acceptable Wam behaviour....?? Especially the last bit! My confession is that I haven't got the faintest idea what I'm doing most of the time...
  4. It's a very interesting question, this. I do get the whole business of just wanting the thing you've invested your time and passion into, being passed on to someone who continue to gain enjoyment from it. I was fortunate enough back in my late teens / early twenties (can't remember that far back accurately!) to inherit a collection of around 200 classical LPs from a lovely lady who's late husband had been a big music lover, but she didn't share the interest. However, she was keen for someone else to get pleasure from them, and so my grandfather who worked with her in a local charity shop, put me in touch. I still have those LPs, and enjoyed many of them. Though I've not listened to all of them, I'd never think of selling any. It would seem ungrateful and somehow unethical. Daft really, considering this is some 25-30 years ago now, but it would go against the grain to part with them. I'm really not in the slightest bit bothered about the financial value of my system or my music collection, but just like that generous lady, I'd like my efforts to be enjoyed by someone, anyone, once I'm no longer around to use it all myself. I don't think any of the younger generation in my family or circle of friends will be that interested, so no idea if it will happen or not. And as has already been pointed out, I won't be around to worry about it either (assuming there's no afterlife or halfway house for my soul to get stuck in!)
  5. I'd say live with it and enjoy it for a while before rushing into any expensive decisions. As long as the stylus isn't worn and your LPs aren't at risk of damage, live with it and then you'll be in a better position to decide which direction you want to go. Your musical tastes will, to a certain extent, help determine the right course of action. Some of the higher-end MMs are very capable, and might suit your needs without the need for the (more expensive and complex) MC / SUT / phono setup. I don't read too much into reviews, just use them as a general guide for personal evaluation, but apparently the Nagaoka MP-500 is excellent, as is the Ortofon 2M Black, or at a lower price point (and one I have personal experience of) the good old Golding 1042. Congrats on the TT BTW, nice one!
  6. Is this their own version of Airplay and similar? I get a "The link is inactive" message when following that hyperlink
  7. Get those drivers in a TL cabinet! My current speakers may be a standard ported design but I wish to god they weren't. To my ears 1/4-wave is far superior in bass delivery. I do miss my old Castle Harlech in that respect, which had a far better-controlled bottom end, if nothing like as extended as the C500s. Still, as you say, you're on the way to nirvana! Hopefully next year we will be able to enjoy your design at the show, damn viruses permitting....
  8. You can design the clever bits inside that we don't get to see
  9. One person's "dull" is another person's "smooth". I used VdH Teatrack (the bi-wire version of CS-122) for many years, along with First Ultimate interconnects and I certainly wouldn't have considered the result in my system as dull in any way. I'm still using First Ultimate and D-102 interconnects, although I'm now using Kimber 8PR for the speakers. True enough that you could spend quite eye-watering sums of money on cabling and accessories, but you don't have to. As has been pointed out, buying S/H saves a big chunk of wedge, and if you don't get on with a particular choice, you can sell on for little (if any) loss. I don't see the issue with selecting a particular cable to help correct a small imbalance or meet a personal sound preference (assuming that you are on the "believer" end of the spectrum, let's not open that can of worms all over again!). We all select the big bits of our systems with the same principle in mind - finding items that balance and / or compliment each other's strengths and deficits, so to my way of thinking it's the same thing but on a smaller-scale of changes / benefits. Sometimes you don't need to add more chilli to the curry, just a little bit of salt & pepper to balance the flavours. Changing kit might be TOO much of a difference, and if the O.P. is close to their ideal but feels there is just a small tweak to get it just-so, then why not play with cables, accessories, room treatments, placement, etc?
  10. How about... an active design using a 15" bass driver in a transmission-line enclosure, that lovely ATC dome midrange unit and a ribbon tweeter? Massive amounts of grunty Class-D amplification onboard for the bass driver and single-ended 300B for the mid and highs. Oh and make it look pretty too, none of those tatty homebrew cabinets, and dear god PLEASE nothing like those horrendous WAMMs! Simples. Over to you DIY guys....
  11. Thanks for the clarification, that's really handy to know. I did know about the HT feature as I'm using that already. What headphone amps have you chosen? I want something really simple, no DAC or output for balanced cans. I was looking at the Project Headbox S2 - right sort of price and really simple. But all amps I. Sn find have their own volume control, understandably, but unnnecessary if the input to it is already attenuated. Ideas welcome!
  12. Happy RSD 3 everyone! Currently chilling out to Sara Bareilles - The Blessed Unrest: She's a stupidly-talented songwriter, so many great songs that make me choke up when I try to sing along. This is probably my favourite album of hers overall, although there are absolute gems across all of them.
  13. That sounds (pun not intended) really promising, I'd love to try it out. I've lived with tinnitus for decades now - entirely self-inflicted I think, too many rock gigs in my "yoof" without any form of hearing protection, and too high a volume listening through headphones. There's just no telling those young-un's... I have become accustomed to it over the years, and during the day it rarely bothers me - the only occasions when I really notice it is when it's quiet. If I feel like it's bothering me, which it does from time to time, rather than try to ignore it I actively try to listen to it, and after a while it seems to subside (or I drift off into some other random thought and forget about it). A remedy, either partial or complete, would be a dream come true! What form does your tinnitus manifest as? Mine is like the really high-pitched noise old CRT tellies used to make if you put your ear up to the back of the cabinet. Only much louder. I know others have whistles, whines, droning noises. I wonder if some types are more debilitating than others?