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  1. If your taste runs to Jazz then can I suggest that you take a look at the Blue Note 'Tone Poet' series? - They offer excellent quality mastering and pressing and the music is sublime. If you add in the '80' series which are in the most important ways (mastering and pressing) very similar in quality to the Tone Poets tThe sleeves are not as elaborate) then you have quite a range to go at - from early classics to not so common later releases. Good examples of the '80' series are the Brian Blade Fellowship or Lee Konitz 'Alone Together' albums - the music on both of which is easily accessible for non hard core jazz fans. The '75' series is best avoided unless you can actually see the product in front of you. The US pressings (which is most of the stock) are largely poor. Sadly, I buy off Amazon as new vinyl pressings can be hit or miss and the 30 days returns policy is invaluable in this respect. Often the independents (walk in) only have the one copy in stock (and all too often it can be one returned by someone else). Used, I buy from record fairs - which thankfully are beginning to appear again.
  2. Our views differ - I find it difficult to define these things objectively - in my experience it is more about preference. I have no argument with you about retrieval, but if that was my preference I would have an SME - for me that would be the end of the story. One big thing that the LP12 has in its favour, again only in my opinion, is that I find it less fatiguing to listen to over time. I certainly cannot say that for the SME and I don't know if it would be the case for the TA as I've not had the pleasure of an extended length of time with one. Also, I'm no audiophile, and so probably not equipped to measure something objectively. I do know what I like though, and I do know what works for me. The TA system is amazing, its just not to my taste and so maybe I do prefer the edges blurred.
  3. I've heard a full TA LP12 and do agree with you that it is impressive and retrieval is a big part of that. Is it 'better'? I would say that it is an alternative take. My view is that it isn't better or worse but different and will appeal to some but not others. It's the same, but on a smaller scale, with the TA or Tiger Paw Top Plate. The only non Linn part in my LP12 is a TP Khan top plate - I like it, but others prefer the springy bit of sheet steel. I've heard several Stack Audio bits and pieces too - and built some into a friend's LP12. Whilst again, I would say that they are good parts - and I didn't find the sub chassis detrimental (I was going to buy one (I cant remember which 'flavour' it was), but actually went with a Majik one instead) - they are different than the Linn parts. I have a Kore in one LP12 and a Majik Sub in another. The Kore is a bit of a half way house for me and in some respects I prefer the Majik. The Keel is where it's at - but it is expensive for what it is. Personally I bought a Kore just before the TP Akula was launched and now I regret not swapping at the time. again though, the Akula is different to both the Keel and the Kore - probably more along the lines of where TA has been heading, but I liked what it did (rare now though) - and I've no idea whether it would take a Karousel. It is as incorrect to compare the Stack products to the TA though as it is to compare either to Linn LP12 parts - they are very different again. Personally I'd quite like a full on TA 'LP12" - but only if I had a maxed out LP12 alongside it - I do thing that they are that different.
  4. Same here - MBAir running Big Sur - stops at U. I'd noticed this before but assumed that it scrolled up with the cursor - but no, stops at 'U' !
  5. My two systems are very different from each other - one is in use in the 'day' room and the other comes into play in the evening, usually after dinner -so I use both equally. They are 'sort of' first and second systems but are really set up to match the room that they are in. For example, the 'day' system is built around and ADSM, is exakt (SO definitely 'on', and has the higher spec LP12 on it (Akurate Plus). The evening system is full active surround, but not exakt, and built around a Kisto (SO 'off'). The DS is KDS/1 but the LP12 is 'Akurate minus". BTW I also use a Classik, with Kans, in the kitchen - probably gets as much use as the 'evening system' and I wouldn't be without it (it has a streamer on 'aux' in).
  6. I've also heard that there could be issues with some platters. I have here ones from 1977, 1979 and 2000 - they all fit onto the Karousel inner with no problem whatsoever - there is no noticeable difference. I also have a 1973 platter but haven't tried it on the Karousel inner - I have a suspicion that it might not fit. The (very) early platters like this one are quite different - the mass alone differs by over a kilo. There are probably some outers - the ones between 1974 and '77 that could be a problem. If it doesn't fit, or is tight, then don't force it (or don't leave it if tight) as there is a strong chance that you will never separate them again. How old is your outer platter? What bearing have you replaced and what sub chassis are you using?
  7. The Axis ships quite easy - no suspension to worry about as such and the arm comes off pretty easy too. I wouldn't t just sent the board - that isomer of a strip down - and the board has the motor integral to it. It may be worth speaking with Gordon at Stamford Audio - they do offer a version of the Hercules for the Axis but I've never been sure as to whether it is an Axis board or a Hercules board. If it is a Hercules board then it won't have the speed control pots on it. Where are you located?
  8. If you're stuck, and don't get a response from the above, then these people do them: https://www.wilkinsons.tv/hifi-repairs/linn-axis-lp12-turntable-repair-info/ and I think, but cant be certain, that Doz also fixes them: https://andydoz.blogspot.com
  9. This would make sense. It's not as if they haven't done it before - to my eyes a Urika (1) looks very much like a Uphorik that has been 'double-decked'!
  10. Welcome to the forum -I see that you managed to spend your £6000 and a little more besides! I personally use a Linn Uphorik as it gives me the flexibility to use MM alongside MC). Speakers are very personal things, but Kudos do some floorstanders with small footprints and I've always liked what I've heard of their range - no idea what they are like powered by a Uniti 2 though, although I suspect that they will work well together.
  11. This technology might even make the Nottingham Indoor Arena more palatable - although that is a challenge and it may take until holoplot 23.0 to get there! They also need to work on autocorrect providers as Holoplot keeps trying to correct to 'Holy-Lot"! Maybe they are on to something that we have yet to realise- the targeted audio beams may carry subliminal messages -"Vote for me-I'll set you free"!! (not mine - all credit to Alice Cooper of course)!
  12. There is a left field option of course and that is to some pre owned Dynamiked Solos. I saw that Krescendo sold a pair last month - roughly £8K for the pair. If you bide your time you may even find some with warranty remaining on them.
  13. Ninkas have a nice clean and neutral to bright presentation.My guess is that they would work well. I had Keilidhs driven by LK85s (passive initially). I auditioned Ninkas but stayed with Keilidhs. The Keilidhs are 'warmer' sounding and in my view need tope taken active. In my experience the Ninkas perform much better than the Keilidhs in a passive system (and will take power - I used to hear a system regularly that was passive Ninkas bi-amped by LK140s - although I have to add that I heard the same system, a lot, when it was just one single LK140 and it was still very nice to listen to.
  14. I use the Audio Origami Skeet equivalents under mine. I think that they are called 'lozenges'. Edit: I'm wrong, they're not called 'lozenges' but 'speaker spike floor protectors'. Very discrete and work well. http://www.audioorigami.co.uk/for-sale/
  15. I have a Classik that I stream to from a NAS. I've done this for years now (before I had a Linn DS of any kind). I use a device called a (Teufel) Raumfeld Connector 2. These are no longer available new but can be found (cheap) on eBay. The are very discrete and so fit the idea of the one box classic very well. Sound-wise it is very good (for its day and price) and there's very little difference between streaming and playing a CD. It is, for example, much better than playing mini disk or an iPod through the Classik. (much better - close to CD as makes little difference (in my kitchen)). There are modern alternatives around that took up the space left by the Raumfeld. The important thing that you are looking for is that the streamer box has a DAC, has a left /right RCA 'out' and can accept in some way music sourced from either your computer or a NAS. Prior to the Raumfeld I used a very simple device from Amazon that came as a pair - one was attached to the computer and transmitted the signal, the second was connected to the Classik and received and translated the signal. `I cannot remember just what the protocol was, nor whether it was using the computer DAC or that was built into the receiver. Bottom line is that there are many ways of doing what you are seeking, some will cost you under £100. If you start to get remotely close to spending £600 or more then my route would be to consider a used Majik DSM instead. When it finally dies, I shall replace the Classik with a used MDSM. All of my CDs are already ripped to a NAS though and that makes the move a lot easier.
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