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  1. I have two Lp12s. One of them is Majik Sub Chassis, Lingo 1, Cirkus, Ittok, Ortofon 2M Black, Lejonklou Gaia The Second is Kore, Radikal (A), Karousel, Ekos 2, Aska (Soundsmith rebuild), Uphorik The only recent change to the first TT is a swap from Cirkus Sub Chassis to Majik Sub Chassis. So I have direct comparison of your current and proposed position. First thing to say - they are different. Having said that, I like them both - and the first one gets more airplay - primarily because of the room that it is in. I listen to a whole host of genres but my go to favour
  2. This is correct - I bought some balanced cable off the reel as it was all that I could get my hands on. One blue core, one white core and one braided screen. Are the balanced and unbalanced cables the same? No sure, as I only have factory unbalanced and cannot easily open the connector.
  3. My thinking too - If the current sub is a Majik then I'd swap the Lingo 4 for an ex demo Radikal - not too painful - and park the Kore (or Keel) for a later day. The Radikal is a significant change. But, having said that, I'm the wrong person to ask as there are very few levels of LP12 specification that I wouldn't live with and I honestly think that if the basics are right (Majik sub, Karousel, Lingo (x) PS and a serviced Ittok) then anything else is in the nice-to-have category. Once 'nice to have' is full Klimax then that is a different league but if one chooses to step off the upgrade rou
  4. Hi Andy, I have three LP12s here at the moment - our two and my dads. Ours have a Kore and a new Majik sub. Dad's has a Cirkus from just before the change to Majik. I went from Cirkus sub chassis to Kore and was significant. Listening here this is still the case. However, the difference for Majik sub to Kore is not so great. It is still noticeable but it isn't as big a jump. I only have one Karousel, but I have run it in both the Majik and the Kore - you can hear the benefits via both sub chassis. To me the Keel has two issues - one is that with an Ittok then the arm board has to be drilled
  5. Thanks for posting this one - didn't know it existed! I was at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester show which was the previous night to the Hammersmith ones on the album. The Rolling Stones Mobile was at the Manchester gig too - the crowd must have been too loud! The Rory Gallagher December / January dates were a bit of a staple for us - usually hitting Manchester before Christmas (this one being an exception) they signalled the start of the late teenage heavy drinking season!! He was up there with the best - absolutely no doubt about it.
  6. One further option, if you cant find an Aro, is a Roksan SARA. I haven't actually heard a SARA myself and so can't comment on just how it compares to an Aro, but I have listened to the AO Uniarm on which the SARA is based and I found that very engaging. I missed the boat on the Uniarm, otherwise I would have bought one at the time - which is why I now have an Ekos 2. You would need to check the arm board requirements (the Uniarm definitely worked on a Linn armboard). Price wise the SARA is in the same ball park as the Akito 3 - for me that is where the comparison ends as I simply do not hear £
  7. I agree - they fit well into Peter's demo room - but it does require quite a room - they are large beasts. They also take a small army of Solos to keep them warm! Impressive sound though - controversial, but I'd take them (active) before 350s any day.
  8. Thomas isn't actually far off the mark for quite a few people. There are a number of folks (on here) that run a high spec LP12 via non Klimax hubs/Amps into Ninkas - which are a sub £400 speaker from eBay. I myself run close to what Akamatsu refers to as a "Japanese Akurate" (Karousel, Kore, Ekos 2, Radikal(A), Tramp 2, rebuilt Asaka, Uphorik) into Keilidhs via an ASH and exaktbox-i. However, would I set out and spend the current list price of that LP12, all at once, to place in an ASH/Majik/Keilidhs system? Unlikely. When I first bought the current LP12 it was in a system of (new) Keilidhs/LK
  9. Beware, the pad lock appears to be loose on the door leading to a very slippery slope!! The buffers at the bottom of which are made out of a Klimax Kontrol and KCTs (or Solos if you have the space) with a Tunebox and the Kabers!! Personally I like the prospect of a Kairn and LK140s driving active Kabers and suspect that it will sound great! The 5125s take the same cards.
  10. The OP was already talking about an Akurate level TT, and a PU7 with an Adikt (or OPs MM of choice) is actually no more expensive (probably less expensive) than the Akito 3/Karousel combination. I fully accept that if one was to put more money into this, then the PS is where to start - but that wasn't the OPs starting point - it was an Aro vs Akito 3. I think that the Akito 3 is a lot of money for what it is - personally I'd go with a used Ekos 2 and have AO service the bearings. Again, I appreciate that it is easier to say this living in the UK than on the other d=side of the Atlantic.
  11. The 'Akurate' Level doesn't involve a Keel as the sub chassis at that level is a Kore. The Aro is a nice arm but if I was spending the money that they tend to fetch today (approx £2K+) then I would also listen to an Audio Origami PU7. The advantage to this, apart from the PU7 being a great sounding arm, is that AO can supply for Linn or Rega fit (and maybe others). The AO PU7 will go into the Keel collar and (I'm pretty sure that) it can also slot straight into the Kore. For the difference in price I would definitely audition it agains the standard Akurate offering (Akito 3).
  12. Lucky man - GR don't do 'bad' guitars!! I also have one of their Rattleskin Straps (and a T-Shirt of course)- it was probably illegal to import it into the UK!
  13. Me too! The home of Guitar Resurrection - one of my toys came from there and I spent a great afternoon jamming away with the locals! Timing the trip to slot in with SXSW was something that I had down to a fine art!
  14. Actually the cost to swap Exaktboxes, from a 6 to a 10 by putting on and taking off eBay isn't that great. In fact, at the moment there is a '10' for less than a '6' (Granted the 6 is advertised as ex demo as it has a new Katalyst upgrade - it is a 2015 box). My thinking was shaped by my Exaktbox-i - I have two channels doing nothing, and am in no hurry to change (if at all) but one day I just might - and its nice to know that the only cost would be in the speakers themselves. My Exaktbox-i is in a Majik case and one day I will change it as the rest of the rack consists of Akurate cases (and t
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