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  1. As you are using the Kabers passive then I think that the difference to the Exaktbox-i will be larger than you imagine. There is quite a difference between an Akurate streamer (ASH) and an MDS/0. What I was saying is that you have a nicely balanced system but you should be able to tell an immediate difference between what you have and what you propose. Whether it is to your taste and liking is a different question. To many people, once they have adjusted to the difference, then it is likely that they would consider the newer system 'better'. I think that you are being offered a good deal - and
  2. Hi LeManu - welcome to the forum. I used to to have a AV5103, AV5125 system with Keilidhs, not Kabers. It is a very well balanced system - with or without Dynamik on the 5125. Is your current system active or passive? My main system is still built around 5125s but with a Kisto and Espeks (active) and a KDS/1 (Dynamik) My second system is ASH/Exaktbox-i and the original Keilidhs - so very similar to what you are thinking of. I would not say that one is better than the other - they are quite different, but the ASH/EB-i is certainly not worse, takes your Kabers active (and if
  3. Sort out the Top -Plate - or, more accurately, sort out the studs. My Tiger Paw makes life so much easier. I'm aware of the arguments as to whether aftermarket top-plates affect the sound (positively, negatively or not a t all) but it should be possible to produce a top plate that Linn engineers agree improves the sound (or at least doesn't distract from the music) that keeps the bolts perpendicular. It should also be possible to build this into a metal plinth so that the whole structure is as one. OK, I know Tangerine are already there - but it would be nice to have the LINN option. There cou
  4. I agree, Paul has an ability to bring about pin point refinement - something which he tries hard to pass on to others. There is so much to do here to my current set up before putting in £30K's worth of DS. For example, I run my ethernet over mains - the difference between this and hard wiring is staggering (my EoM is noisy) - and all that it involves is drills, ladders, a bit of thought , time and inclination to do it! However, as my main listening is to vinyl, and the system in my main room isn't Exakt, rewiring is still on the 'to-do' list! I found your review very interesting an
  5. For the NGKDSM I think that you are possibly correct - all the indications are that it is not a subtle change - and will be nice to know what is possible. For the hub I'm not so sure - and I also find it visually unattractive (when paired with other boxes) - as a single box in a 350a exact system, in the right setting, it probably looks great!
  6. If you want to check the centre channel, and if your Exotik has the capability (I think that it has), then selecting "Limbik Party" by toggling "Surr" may emulate a centre channel. It will probably sound awful - but it may at least send some content to the speaker.
  7. Oh I'm sure that you're right! I have no doubt that Organik brings something extra but I'm happy with my lot ...for now anyway!
  8. I'm not even considering it. The investment step from ASH to NGKSH is, to me, beyond comprehension - there is the law of diminishing returns , and then there is this one! Others may have been waiting for this moment and for them the cost may be what they expected - and their choice will be different. I didn't go ASH to (normal) KSH for 3 reasons: One- all my other stuff is in Akurate boxes (and that includes my phono stage); Two: There was less connectivity available from the KSH and Three: If there was a sonic difference then my ears were really struggling to pick it up. Given that t
  9. I think that you've raised something very interesting here CJ - there are obviously some sweetener deals in place that make recent KSH to NGKSH a little less painful - but the upgrade from ASH to NGKSH is a relative massive cost to change as the resale value of an ASH is well under £2K these days.
  10. What is your source? If it is only a stereo source then you will have no centre channel information. If you are using a Unidisk (or something else that is reading multichannel audio) then it should work. It's quite a long time since I owned an Exotik but if I recall correctly (and if it is similar to the Kinos and Kisto) then the detected source channel configuration should show up in the display. You also should check that the centre speaker is present in the 'Set Up'. You can also set up other parameters for it in the menu.
  11. I started this by typing: "Yes, I' m pretty sure that you can as each channel is discrete within the 5125". But having thought further, I may not be correct and therefore someone will jump in to put me right. Let's sort the basic L & R first though then at least you know that is correct. You take the the "Front" "L" and "R" from the 'Analogue Out" Group (Block "8" in the manual rear cover image) and feed them to two of the 'Inputs' of two channels of the 5125. Ideally these should be the treble card stereo channels (on mine I have these as Channels 5 and 4). You then take tw
  12. Vic, were you fitting an Adikt? I have heard that with some cartridges it isn't possible to play records with the lid closed - as the Krane fouls on the underside of the lid. I haven't seen one (a Krane) myself yet. I guess that your armboard is now sitting in a plane below that of the top plate - am I correct? David
  13. Today I just cue up "The White Album", Side Two, Track Three and it frightens them all away!
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