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  1. The quote on the fist post was quite specific though Thomas: "Unique construction creates superb synergy with Ekos SE headshell" To me, this leaves a door open...2023 is around the corner.
  2. One day I suspect that it will go the machined plinth/top plate direction - with maybe a new Keel. I agree that the bearing could stay - but I ca't help thinking that the thrust plate base is removable for a reason. Linn sells upgrades - why not upgrade the thrust plate next? Fully Polished Glass Aktivated technology
  3. My thoughts too. FPGA integrated into a Urika. I'm surprised at the timing of releasing a cartridge before a tonearm - as if there is one coming then one would expect them to have been developed together. I guess that the head shell material, if not the head shell itself, will remain the same. This could well be correct. The job of the Karousel was to solicit a £3K spend out of people last year - largely on items that have just received an upgrade!I'mwith Sktn77a -mine's staying as is.
  4. Yes, mine is one of the 400 series. It is a sort of caramel colour with the quilt showing through. Although described (and called) a Precision they actually sit between a Precision and a Jazz in terms of both feel and the way they play. The Kubicki is the interesting bit though as it really enables you to shape the sound. I was lucky with this as it wasn't what I was looking for at all (I was looking for a fretless to the same dimensions as my Squier JV - but gave up on that)! If the image that you found was the an archived Bass Direct one then that is my actual guitar - I've had it about 5 years now.
  5. I’d rather have a Marcus Miller Jazz Bass. You'd probably both like mine - a 1991 Precision 40th Anniversary Custom Shop Ltd Edition with the Kubicki Pre amp. It has a glorious sound - especially when paired up to its Eden WTP and Eden cabs - but it is equally at home direct to desk.
  6. My rationale for this is that the plinth forms a base for the top plate. The top plate houses the studs. The studs have to be perpendicular for the motion to even have a chance of being 'pistonic'. There is no chance of achieving this if the plinth isn't level to start with.
  7. I don't have Solos (or 4200s) but the fan on my Kisto is very room temperature dependent. Normally (360 days of the year) I have no problem - but when it has been Avery warm day then they will fire up within 90 minutes - and it's bl**dy noisy!! The Sizmiks are just the same - and more often than not will kick in on exactly the same days. So, in my experience, room temperature is critical - and 2C to 4C rise is sufficient to trigger the fans.
  8. The arm board could be the culprit - especially if it is the one removed from the cirkus sub chassis. Once an armband has been screwed to a Cirkus (and earlier) sub chassis it is very difficult to remove the screws without leaving raised areas around the holes. The Majik sub chassis has a plate that the board mounts down onto. If you don't sand the underside of the board flat then these raised areas will compromise the flush fit. I hadn't really considered that they could result in the armband being out of a level plane with other parts - but it certainly could. I sand so as not to compromise the flush fit - I've found it to be quite important.
  9. I would also be surprised if the Komri/Twin system was too old a design to resolve what it is that you may be seeking. I have Active Keilidhs on my "Klimax Light" LP12 and they certainly resolve the differences between the two LP12s described earlier.
  10. I don't have the pleasure of owning a CD12 - but I've heard enough of them know how good they are. I don't believe that it is the Lingo 2 that separates your LP12 from a CD12. I have a Lingo 1 (newly recapped) LP12 here - the remainder of which is below yours as it has Kore, Cirkus and Ittok ( with an Ortofon 2M black). Even in its previous state (last week only) when the Majik chassis was in place, I found that for certain music (not all by any means) it far nicer to listen to than my KRDS which is in the same system. I see that yours has a Karousel - and that, in my opinion, sounds more 'analogue' than the Cirkus in that it brings detail but with more fullness to the overall sound. My Karousel equipped LP12 lives in a very different (Exakt) system but I have had the Karousel mounted in the lower spec LP12 and it certainly moves the overall presentation further away from that of the DS. Fundamentally though I think that the two things are quite different but can live quite nicely together and I'm happy with either. I actually still have, and use, my Unidisk SC. It is not in the same league as a CD12 but it does things (like play my SACDs) that a DS and Qobuz simply cannot do - and it does not in a way that I prefer. The difference between the Radikal and the Lingo 1 (or 2) is, to my ears, a significant lowering of the noise floor. A Keel, Radikal, Ekos (2 in my case), Karousel LP12 brings more detail. lower noise floor and to me, most importantly, it enables an appreciation of the silence in the spaces between the notes. However, I do also believe that a huge premium is paid for this and that a Kore/Majik, Lingo (performing to design spec), Ittok, Cirkus (or Karousel)is actually a very nice place to be. Whether the CD12 sits sandwiched between these two is a very good question - which I have avoided answering!
  11. I'd agree with this. The LP12 that you have chosen is very capable - any upgrades on this are nice but diminishing returns really do kick in. This LP12 will handle a decent MC without any issue at all - in fact the quality of the MC Phono stage will likely have more effect than the equivalent money spent on 'upgrades'.
  12. The green paper is actually a jeweller's polishing paper that was (is?) available from Linn (and maybe other) dealers. It requires an amount of skill and experience to use it - I, personally, wouldn't start by practicing on an Akiva. I've recently purchased a "Flux HiFi" Ultrasonic cleaner. I am astonished at how it has removed the crud from a stylus. I have an original Shure V15iii stylus that I bought in 'used' condition. I honestly thought that the diamond was of a black colouration. Having cleaned it with the Flux HiFi cleaner I now realise that I was wrong - it is shiny and clear! The difference in sound is amazing.
  13. This is interesting - and not the same as my issue as I can use Analogue devices without a problem (I run the Lp12, via the Uphorik, through the Analogue RCA). Good luck!
  14. My guess that Katalyst, from an R+D/ design budget point view improbably already dead. It is quite possible that there will be a 'son of Katalyst'-an "Organik Light", FPGA approach to the lower levels. This move appears to be about more than music reproduction quality. It is also about taking control in house and relying less on third party chips. With third party chips the obsolescence timetable is dictated by other players actions. The interesting design challenge, taking Nestor's point above, will be taming the noise without the use of hideously expensive machining. I doubt that the markets for "Majik", Selekt" and whatever fills the "Akurate" gap will stand the cost of tens of hours of (very) expensive machining. Katalyst is interesting - I certainly prefer my ASH with a Kat AEbox-i over a non Kat AEB-i. I do, however, still prefer my KRDS/1 and active analogue playback over the Akurate and Katalyst. So, to my ears, Akurate and Katalyst still didn't match Klimax (even Renew) and non Katalyst.
  15. Which is unfortunately not the case with mine! One more thought-have you recently removed the card (switched it from for example mm to mc)? It may be that one of the gold pins is in need of cleaning. David
  16. If you mean that the music plays, then goes quiet and then plays again, in a cycle then I've also experienced this and I'm pretty sure that it is a fault with my ASH Phonocard-just haven't got around toddling anything about it yet as I use an external Phonostage. With mine it was doing it with the card on Pass Through (Line level).I haven't tried the phono level options yet.
  17. They may well have been formed as a company in 1972 but my old LP12 (serial no 14xx) is definitely from the Summer of 1973 (I have the original receipt).
  18. Hi Paul The Kairn is very different to the newer generation Linn pre-amps - I went to a 5103, Unidisk SC then Exotik, Kinos and Kisto from a Kairn (and 5125s). I use my KRDS/1 with a Kisto - the Kisto is a very good pre-amp -incredibly transparent and to my ears only (just) bettered by a Klimax Kontrol - but no longer supported by Linn. I can't really say whether the ASH is a 'better' pre amp than a Kairn as the are so different - but it is good - I would say comparative to at least an Exotik.
  19. I use Qobuz a lot - but like Akamatsu and others - I buy new (and old) as vinyl. I do still buy used CDs and rip them (eventually) to the NAS. They tend to be spun in the Unidisk for a good few moths first though! Weirdly, I buy most of my pre-owned CDs from The Vinyl Exchange in Manchester!
  20. Are there multiple arm cut versions of the Majik chassis then 'Troll? I've only seen a 'Linn cut' Majik chassis.This is important as the bolts and pillar go through the Majik chassis and therefore the holes in the chassis must be cut to matclh the board. OP - there are several chassis out there around the Majik/Kore price point - but doing an A / B demo will probnably prove difficult. There are almost no chassis available at the price point of a used Majik - and very few at the point of a full price one. If you are looking at Mober then also look at Stack Audio as they have a good reputation also. I listened to quite a few before I bought the Kore - VP, Mober etc. Had I pushed the budget I would have bought the Ruikon but they are very difficult to find today -and I'm uncertain if they will take a Karousel.Failing that Would have taken the Akula. This one really liked but the Kore was where my budget was. To me those two sat between Keel and Kore. I have no issue with third party parts- but all parts should be auditioned≥ To me, the bearing and chassis are what bring the LP12's sonic signature. Third party parts may well alter this, but you may find that you actually prefer it. If I could justify having two TTs at the expensive end I'd have my current Keel, Rad etc LP12 and a Tangerine Audio They do things differently and I like both.
  21. Karousel and Majik Sub Chassis really is a good place to be and that is where I would put the money. Used Majik Sub Chassis do turn up - I sold mine this morning! Ittok can still be serviced at Audio Origami (or at least they could back in March when John had mine) - it does mean sending it on a Transatlantic Trip though. If it has been looked after though and continues to be so then I don't see it suddenly failing. Mine will fit a Keel but I wouldn't go that way - it's taken me a week to decide to drill a Kore for my arm rest (andI have a Pillar drill and vice). The Ittok itself works well on a Keel (if as Mr Kandid says, you have the wide pillar - which I have) - but I wouldn't drill one for the armrest as few would want this should you wish to move it on. Having said this, plugs are only a few dollars! Thomas mentions a new arm board and I think this is good advice. The Majik has a plate that the board sits on. Almost invariably any used board will have raised areas around the screw hole. If you are doing the job then you can sand these flat and know that it was done properly and that the board will sit flush-good LP12guys will do this but I'd hesitant at saying "all". If the board isn't flush to the chassis you are losing a lot of what the Majik brings. A new board avoids this issue. Karousel, Majik Chassis, Mose, Ittok - this is great place to be - not a lot not to like!
  22. I happened to slowly run my. playlist up to 999 and, because it was in effect full, I emptied it to zero. The difference between having 999 and 0 in there was clearly audible and, like your 'tweak' was almost instantaneous. There was no expectation bias - I never for one minute thought that emptying the playlist would have a beneficial effect - but it did.
  23. Given the timing of the release, I doubt many people went into a store and listened to a Karousel bearing before ordering one up. Technically (certainly in the UK) they would have struggled to even visit a house to listen to a friend's Karousel equipped LP12 Even as 'free gift' when taken with the £3K spend I suspect people took it and tried it. In fact again, given the timing, I suspect that quite a few people dropped £3K without actually going in and listening (to be fair though, as the £3k was probably on Radikal, Ekos, Kandid etc. these purchasers had probably demoed these particular items at other times - but not the Karousel. The Karousel marketing then had to be successful largely because of social media - and by all accounts it was certainly successful. Did I personally hear a Karousel before buying? No. Did I spend the £3K on items that I had heard and assessed previously? Yes.
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