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  1. @jkbmusic Thread can be archived please. Mike.
  2. You're not wrong! It's a curse this hobby of ours. It can bring so much joy but horrific doubt at the same time! Have I done this right, that right, are my speakers toed in correctly..... The list goes on and on. I sometimes miss my simple soundbar. Doing a load of measurements in the morning ready to install all the new cable etc etc. So there's a load of stress I don't need but, curiously, I'm really looking forward to it!
  3. You're welcome! I think they great without the sleeving and, to be honest, I didn't even realise until you mentioned it! There's nothing worse than not being as ble to complete a job there and then. Eats away at you doesn't it (or is that just me)? Hehehe
  4. Absolutely fantastic job mate! Love what you've done! Bonus that the missus noticed a difference though. Whenever Janine (my wife) mentions something you know you're on the right track as she really doesn't give a monkeys! You should be proud mate! Brilliant job.
  5. See. This is why I shouldn't have said anything. I'm talking about 240/400V systems. The load a speaker draws pales in comparison to the loads I work with. Having said that, any electrical current WILL involve heat.
  6. Hmmm. Maybe my side of things is slightly different to the DC/electronics side of things but I can assure you that the impedance of a cable does change with temperature. Once the cable is at full operating temperature, the impedance value is definitely different to the measured resistance when not energised. I see this on a daily basis when carrying out test & inspection. Not that it matters really as I honestly don't care!
  7. Cool! Do you think you could post a few pics? I know it's a P.I.T.A but it would be nice to see your efforts!
  8. I'm an electrician by trade and my understanding of resistance and impedance is that they are the same except that resistance is a value given in ohms on a cable that is not energised. Impedance is a value given in ohms on a cable that IS energised. On an electrical installation, when doing an Initial Verification (testing on a brand new installation), on each circuit, we measure the R1 (live cable) + R2 (earth cable) to confirm both polarity and to ensure the CPC (Earth) is not broken. This is a "dead test" with no circuits energised. After the installation is energised, we then carry out (amongst many other tests), a Zs (Earth Fault Loop Impedance) test on those same circuits. This is a test to ensure that the protective device will trip in the event of a single fault on that circuit. If the impedance (resistance) is too high, either the cable needs to be uprated (increase the Cross Sectional Area) to counteract the high impedance or the protective device needs to be changed to suit the impedance value. 99% of the time, the protective device is downrated/uprated to suit the impedance as pulling a new cable in is usually impractical. P.S. I'm not too great at maths either.
  9. Interesting (if very lengthy) investigations which mirror my findings. I thought the very same, there can't be any difference between cables but I found there definitely is. I have been a Van Damme speaker cable user for a good while. When a set of Tellerium Q Black II came up for sale at a reasonable price, I decided to try it out. Now I listen to music set at 60 on my amp which correlates to 80dB so I swapped out the 4mm Van Damme for T-Q stuff. I instantly noticed a difference in the sound. There was more detail in the top end and I was hearing things I hadn't heard before in tracks I was very familiar with. I was shocked to be honest as what I was hearing went against my belief but its true, there definitely was a difference. Crazy huh.
  10. Is it true that Phono leads have to have extra low impedance due to the low signal being carried by the cable?
  11. Do you think you could post a few pics of how you terminate the cables just for educational purposes?
  12. Hehehe. It's a godsend being bald sometimes! I'm doing OK and the scar is healing up well I just have to keep on top of the pain management meds. I've lost a lot of movement in my left arm though. I'm so lucky I'm right handed or this could've been a career ending injury! Im hoping the movement will slowly return over time and I'm sure it will if I exercise the arm each day. The height I fell (3 metres)....it could've been a LOT worse!
  13. Videos on where to install acoustic panels too...
  14. Well the above YouTube suggestion explains it all. Like I said, this guy's videos are brilliant and very informative. He has a 1.5 hour video on using REW with minidsp 2x4 HD. Goes into a lot of detail.
  15. Ah, I understand where you're coming from now. I assumed it was a lounge with a main listening position. That's fair enough that there isn't a prime position. Me personally, I would want a prime listening position as everybody is listening off axis anyway so you might aswel have a "hot spot". You'll have people arguing over who sits in that spot! SBIR is Speaker Boundary Interference. This relates to EVERY boundary whether it be a wall, side wall, ceiling or floor. Watch a video on YouTube about it. The channel is "home theatre gurus" and it is episode 27. Its a really interesting video and will teach you a thing or two. Most of this guy's videos are spot on. I'll be watching one today as I want to calibrate my dual subwoofers using a minidsp 2X4HD. I will be posting a thread soon regarding measuring my room.
  16. Sorry for the late reply. There are tons of different opinions out there with each website giving a differing opinion on the next but you look to be doing it the right way. You have absorption panels with, what look like scatter plates on the front which is perfect. I'm envious of your position in being single and being able to do as you please! Yes, I genuinely believe that lowering your panels to ear height will benefit you greatly! I know it may not look all symmetric but, unfortunately, it's what has to happen otherwise the panels become pointless. Is your main listening position the central seat? If so, I would angle the speakers inward towards that position as, the way you have them now, you're only ever hearing the speakers "off axis". None of the 3 listening chairs are currently in a prime spot so you might aswel have one of them as the prime spot! I would have that central chair as the focus point and the other two chairs either side as just general listening chairs for your mates. My polyfusors are going to be positioned behind the speakers against the wall. As sound below say 10-200hz is omnidirectional. I'm hoping these two beauties will clear up my SBIR issues. There being built as we speak so I should have them next week at some point.
  17. Morning. I'm sorry if I came off a bit over-critical of your fantastic room mate as that definitely wasn't the intention at all. I really like what you've done and am envious of not only the space you have available to you but the fact that you've been able to treat the room to such a large degree! It was a daily argument between my wife and me about panel placement and type of panel used hence why the panel count in my room is ZERO. . It is a living room first though so I guess I'll have to play the long game on this one. The one wall I could treat was the floor so I've chosen a really plush, thick carpet and, rather importantly, the thickest underlay you can get. This one change in the living room has completely altered the room dynamics and now the sound is rather good! I'm still secretly planning some 1st reflection panels and a couple of SBIR panels behind the speakers as I can only pull mine out to 600mm maximum. I went for these as they deal with the SBIR frequencies I'm having trouble with which are at 130 & 250hz. https://gikacoustics.co.uk/product/evolution-polyfusor-diffusor-absorber-bass-trap/ I have other ideas in the pipeline too....hehehe
  18. I feel I need to add a comment here as your panel placement is well off IMO. The centre of each panel should be in line with your tweeter/main driver but I see your panels on the left are far too high! They won't be don't their job adequately when positioned like that I promise you'll see further improvement if you set your panels so that the centre of them is level with your driver's. It's the very same scenario on the right at the windows. Again, they are positioned far too high! Please please go back and reinstalled them in a more adequate position to allow them to do their jobs because otherwise, all you've done is bought a load of expensive "wall art". I presume you used a mirror to determine you're reflection points on both the ceiling AND the walls? Mike.
  19. Some good looking cable here...:D
  20. Feeling sorry for myself. Its a weird sensation having the lower part of your arm completed disconnected from the top.
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