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  1. I'm currently using an Onkyo NDS-1 for USB to SPDIF. I've had it years. https://www.hifix.co.uk/onkyo-nds1-digital-ipod-docking-station It works great but of course I'm wondering if the sound might be improved with a more recent device.
  2. Which DACSs have a poor USB input that needs a device to bypass it. I need to add this to my calculations. Cheers
  3. Another stupid question. Aren't CD players basically a transport and a DAC? If so, shouldn't DAC choice be as straightforward as CD choice? If not, please ignore me. I'm just trying to understand all this.
  4. What's the problem with USB? I've not noticed one on my lower price point DAC.
  5. There I was thinking about high end DACs that I can't afford such as the Sugden DAC4 but the more I read on t'interweb the more I think a Topping D90 will do me perfectly well. I tried the E30 that I use for headphones in my main system and it's quite a lot better than the DAC in my current CD player. That did surprise me. Hmm.
  6. I've been following this thread because I'm considering a DAC to replace my ageing Cambridge Audio 740c. Now that most of my listening is via PC, either Tidal or ripped CDs, I feel the CA may be a bit of a weak link. An obvious choice for me might be the Sugden DAC-4 but I think I'll add that AN to the list.
  7. Thanks I'm familiar with NOS as New Old Stock re. valves and assumed it meant something different in this context.
  8. Can I ask a couple of silly questions? 1. What does NOS mean? 2. Doesn't that Copland only use the valves when used as a pre? Sorry.
  9. Any chance of letting us know what they are? Thanks
  10. Yes and Yes. They're normally hooked up to a Yamaha AS500 in my "office". Same thing really. They are from 1974 after all
  11. Thanks I've been in touch with Wilmslow. They had nothing exactly the right size so I thought I'd try here. Cheers
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