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  1. Thanks for the link 👍
  2. They look like some nice stands. I’m guessing by their looks that they are expensive?
  3. Thanks, I’ll be sure to have a read through these threads. Then Adam Artists look very nice, I had no idea they made Floorstanding speakers. With regards to the subwoofer, yes I understand they can be a bit hard to integrate. In my younger days I was guilty of cranking up the bass tone control on my amp and cranking up the sub so all to the point that you couldn’t hear much except for the pumping bass. Now days I’m more after that right, fast bass that compliments the music and doesn’t over take it.
  4. Thanks for the link, I have bookmarked it ready for when I order them. With regards to stands, is it best to go for HiFi stands as I have seen these regularly advertised with studio stands.
  5. Yes the Adam T5V are meant to be quiet a steal, and I do also like the look of the JBL and Yamaha offerings. I’m currently in rented accommodation so can’t really have a full blown atmos setup and the price of the atmos soundbars is ridiculous. I’m definitely going to replace my soundbar with a set of actives and sub (plus these can also be used for music as well as my main system). Do you run any of your actives with a sub and if so, is it a studio or HiFi sub?
  6. The gain on my nad C320bee used as a pre is quiet high so that should be fine with the bantam. My only concern is with the Tisbury Audio passive pre the gain may be a little low, although it does have a gain setting that may help.
  7. I just googled your speakers (very nice by the way) hell, if the bantam can power these monsters then it should have no problem driving my puny (by comparison) ae109’s 🤠
  8. Good to hear, they do seem to get glowing reviews online. How do you find the bass response on them as I know studio monitors are normally flat but have seen a few people say the T5V’s have a good bass response.
  9. I have the original ae109’s which are 90db and 4ohm so they might be a little tough to drive. It doesn’t matter too much as a speaker upgrade is also planned for the future. Would you say the bantam is more suited to stand mounts than Floorstanding speakers? Any lack of bass doesn’t matter too much as I am also planning on adding a subwoofer later on.
  10. With regards to active speakers, do the lower budget ones perform very well? I’m talking in regards to £500 or under, i.e. Adam Audio T5V, Edifier Pro, Tannoy Gold etc? Are actives very forgiving to lower quality streaming? My family use Spotify connect so only 320kps where as I use Qobuz or FLACs from my CD rips on my PC. I was thinking of using some actives as a replacement to my sound bar. The Tisbury Audio passive pre I’m looking at getting has 2 pre outs so I guess I could get some actives as well and switch between the two setups.
  11. At first the bantam would be used with my current Speakers, although a change of speakers could also be on the cards in the future.
  12. Good to see so many people recommending this amp, and yes I would be purchasing from temple audio but through their eBay store. I listen to a variety of music but Rock/Pop is what is mainly listened to (the whole family use the system). Would you say this is matched well with a certain kind of music genre or is it a good all rounder?
  13. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve never heard of the Pear Drop amplifiers (although have heard of BK electronics) I’ll be sure to look them up. I have considered active speakers (mostly studio monitors) although I have read that only some of them are suited to HiFi due to their flat nature etc
  14. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of maybe using two of these to bi-amp my ae109’s. It would seem like a good cheap way to try out class D, it’s very interesting what you said about running on batteries. How have you managed to achieve this?
  15. Hi all, Has anyone heard or used one of these little power amps? I quite tempted to try out class D, however I can’t really find any reviews and I’m slightly worried that it may struggle to run my Acoustic Energy AE109’s.