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  1. Being that the behringer is a pro amp I would of thought that my humble ae109’s shouldn’t trouble it, my speakers would more than likely blow the drivers before the amp struggled. I’m located in Gravesend, Kent.
  2. That may be an issue as I had a rattle on one of my drivers and I couldn’t remove the driver. Once the bolts was removed the driver would not come out so it would seem that they are maybe glued in. The rattle now seems to of disappeared so I haven’t tried to remove the driver again. I may have to research the behringer and minidsp to see what best suits me.
  3. Thanks for the advice. My speakers are rated at 6ohms, I’m not sure how low they may dip, I know the behringers can cope with 4ohms fine.
  4. Thanks for the advice. With running the hybrid active setup, would any modifications need to be done to the speaker to direct feed the bass drivers? Would a behringer super x pro crossover work or would something like a behringer dcx2496/deq2496 or minidsp be better?
  5. Thanks for your reply. Would you recommend using one KM750 in stereo mode or using two in bridged mode so I can use them as monoblocks? I’ve noticed the KM750 have built in fans, are they temperature controlled or running all of the time and are they loud when in operation? Would you recommend the KM750 over the behringer A500 or A800? You mentioned using a dsp/xover, is this fine to use even though I’m still using the speakers internal crossover? Are there any dsp/xover that you would recommend using? I am planning on running stereo subs in the future as well so anything that will help incorporate that would help.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I have seen a couple of reviews which seem positive, it’s just if the quality of them can compare to similar price power amps. My main reason for looking at these and possibly the Bahringer power amps is due to them have independent volume controls, I’m thinking of possibly using a passive preamp like the Schiit sys or Tusbury audio mini passive preamp II so having a volume control on the power amp may help with any low volume issue from the preamp.
  7. Hi all, While sitting here in the current lockdown browsing the web looking at potential upgrades, I came across the Dayton Audio APA150 power amp. Class AB, 75 watts per channel in stereo mode, 150 watts in bridged mono, built in switchable low pass filter, line level output for bi-amping and an independent volume control, all this for around £180. This got me thinking, would the below configurations work and be worth doing, would it improve sound quality or be overkill, or should I look at a similarly priced behringer power amp? Configuration 1: X3 Dayton Audio APA150, One in stereo mode to bi-amp the LF on both speakers, Two on bridged mono to bi-amp and monoblock the HF on each speaker. Configuration 2: X4 Dayton Audio APA150 in bridged mono to bi-amp and monoblock each LF and HF terminal on both speakers. Configuration 3: X2 Dayton Audio APA150 to either bi-amp or monoblock each speaker.
  8. Unfortunately all we can do is take each day as it comes, no one knows how long this will all last and no matter how long it does, it will gravely effect the future for a very long time.
  9. Sorry to hear that and I hope that all this madness doesn’t result in you losing your job. I understand that there are a lot of people right now in financial difficulty and faced with uncertain futures, I hope my initial post didn’t cause offence to anyone.
  10. Yes that is very true and I appreciate that there are many people in the country right now who are struggerling financially due to the circumstances. My decision to voluntary furlough was based on my family and helping out my colleagues as it will hopefully help keep some of them in full paid work.
  11. Yes I totally understand what your saying. I’m very fortunate that I can survive on 80% of my salary and it was a decision that wasn’t taken lightly. There are over 20 sites that my employer has temporarily closed with all of the staff placed onto furlough without them having any say in the matter. The decision for me to take voluntary furlough was based on It being the best decision for my family and also to help keep some of my colleagues in work on full pay as they may not be fortunate enough to survive on 80% wages like I can.
  12. Hi all, hope everyone and their families are staying safe and healthy in the current situation we are all in. Although I work in the one of the essentials trades outlined by the government, due to my Wife and daughter being in the vulnerable list (Wife has an condition that causes a weak immune system, daughter has asthma) I have volunteered to be placed on “furlough” so that I can be at home with them. To quote my line manager, “at time’s like these you have got to say f**k the money, our health and our families are what’s important” and I couldn’t agree more. So with potentially the next 3 months at home from work, apart from venturing out for supplies and helping out at home and with the kids, to keep myself sane I plan on listening to a lot of music, discovering more artists, comparing Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music, Qobuz and Tidal (I may post my findings on here if anyone would be interested) being more active on these forums and finally doing a lot of research (and hopefully saving) so once this is all over I can continue with my planned upgrades for this great hobby of ours. Stay safe everyone (and sorry for the long read).
  13. Thanks for clarifying that for me. I may as well give it a try for that much, I was planning on keeping Qobuz when my trial expires but may give tidal a chance first.
  14. Sorry for the dumb question, but is this £4 a month for 4 months or £4 for 4 months which would equal £1 a month?
  15. Thanks for the info. Im thinking of possibly either using a Pi 4 as a server and player or using the Pi 4 as you suggested as a server along with a Pi 3 with the official touchscreen and Case. This way it would be nice to have a touch screen interface to use and easier for all the family to use when I’m not there. Plus it would look kinda cool and be a kinda Squeezebox touch clone.