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  1. Spendor sent me new dust covers for my D7's after a chance conversation with one of their staff at this years Bristol Show. My issue was loose plastic inserts where the dust covers attached to the cabinets, and in conversation I mentioned that the previous owner had recovered the dust covers (pretty good job tbh). The rep said, 'just give me your address and I'll send you new ones' I was well impressed!
  2. If you live in a less 'populous' area where there is less choice, like Wales, we are effectively still in lockdown with reference to this thread. There was me thinking that next week I could pop over the bridge if something caught my eye, but that option is gone now.
  3. I think the 'London' tag is mildly amusing, however if @Klassik used 'Cardiff' instead I would be quite cross
  4. I became aware of IPL Accoustics speaker kits quite a few years ago. The floorstanding transmission line models were one of my upgrade options when my budget was tight. But in the end I felt it was too much of a risk, and really wanted to try a commercial speaker north of £3k. But I really fancy building some speakers as I have always been quite handy although I am busy with work and have a list of home d.i.y stuff to do first. The plan would be to build a centre speaker and front bookshelf pair to replace my MA Bronze models in my home cinema setup. I'll get there one day!
  5. I agree, but there is a sure way to check, demo each at home!
  6. I love drifting off as the music washes over me - especially late at night. Does that mean I'm not taking my serious listening sessions seriously?
  7. I remember hearing about somebody who (long before home computers were generally available) used to make a note of each time they played an album, and at the end of each year, they would produce their own top ten most played albums. We all thought this was weird and laughable at the time. Although not exactly the same, Spotify now does something similar automatically.
  8. Well I've been reducing my box count, I'm down to only two sheds atm For me, any new shed must measure well!
  9. This is so embarrassing, I have another confession to make 😳 Sorry I can't bring myself to say it.........
  10. I didn't need to - she's my neighbour
  11. I confess that I purchased my speakers without studying the measurements first
  12. Yes, and I have spent nearly 10 years reading your posts
  13. FWIW I demoed the A19 and Elex-r in the same session and the Rega was far more lively to my ears.
  14. I have completely lost all confidence in Amazon reviews so much so that I am actively looking for alternative sources to purchase stuff where reviews would be helpful. As for hifi reviews, they can be helpful up to a point, as we all have different ears!
  15. It's not in my nature either to purchase something I did not intend to keep. But you are right, any of the sellers I had in mind would accept a return and refund.