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  1. Ah yes, sorry. Your opening post was a month ago and my memory is selective at best these days. Well at least you've had your 2nd vaccine
  2. Hey @plasticpenguin it's May now, have you started yet?
  3. When I purchased my BK XXLS400DF sub some years ago, I spoke to BK first and got some great advice as to which cables to purchase. Many times I've read from others how helpful they are. Last week I contacted them as I wanted some advice about connections (I am considering adding a mini dsp device between pre and power amps) and they were very helpful. They added that if I sent an email, they would draw me a diagram which they duly provided by return, and I am now sorted in terms of what I need to do. I learnt during the conversation that there are distinct differences between th
  4. With no prior experience or anyone to guide me, my first system was purchased from meagre earning from my first two jobs. This was Technics electronics (amp, TT, tuner and cassette) with Wharfedale speakers. So when I needed to add a CDP, this was the start of me using my local dealer for advice and demos - adding a Rotel CDP, and then replacing speakers with Mission 780's and the Technics amp with a Rega Brio. Do I get a prize for still having all my first and second systems?
  5. There's a few buttons on that machine, but I've never heard of 'jog'. The fact you found it in a cupboard over your bed made me smile 😃
  6. Note to self, get a listen to Croft amplification! GLWTS
  7. Not heard the RX range but I did previously have the Brio, Apollo & RS5 combo. The RS5 gave greater scale in my 5m x 4m room than the RS3's. But have you considered a more powerful amp? I found the Elex-r made quite a difference and once I got a taste of what the extra power gives I went a little further and the RS5's loved it!
  8. Certainly this new product looks better than the other models lower down the Cyrus chain. My local dealer always rated them but I was put off by the looks. They also rated the Rega Saturn so it will be interesting to hear what they think about this new Cyrus cd player. I too am interested in getting a new cd player that will be a keeper for a good few years 😀 @luxury_scruff are you using the Cyrus on its own or into an external dac?
  9. Yes, absolutely WOW! I think if you wanted one for your room it would cost you a fair few pennies! Unless anyone is quite handy, and has the time and patience, you could possibly make a simple version.
  10. I have some Mission 780 bookshelf speakers which I purchased new in 1999 and had the drive units replaced in 2006. I used them up until 2016 after which I carefully boxed them for storage. I have no idea whether the issue in 2006 was due to the ferrofluid tweeters (I paid for the new drivers as I did wonder whether my son's dry ice machine might have caused the problem). Anyway, my 780's are in very good condition and I would expect them to continue giving good service for many years. I suppose it depends on the history of each pair of speakers, and whether the seller provides a hist
  11. Definitely room 1 with some big bu**ers - sorry classic speakers, or room 2 would be a good compromise
  12. Another vote for the Elex-r. I had the old Brio and home demoed the Elex-r and Elicit-r. There was a big improvement from my older Brio, but I would still expect a discernable improvement over the latest Brio too. If I was tight on budget I would have purchased the Elex-r. As it was, I then home demoed the Elicit-r and then the Exposure 3010SD2 and preferred the Exposure, before ending up with the Exposure pre & mono power amps. I never tried the Exposure 2010, and as you said they are not so easy to demo. But IMO the latest Rega Elex-r is hard to beat in its price bracket.
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