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  1. Yes, absolutely WOW! I think if you wanted one for your room it would cost you a fair few pennies! Unless anyone is quite handy, and has the time and patience, you could possibly make a simple version.
  2. I have some Mission 780 bookshelf speakers which I purchased new in 1999 and had the drive units replaced in 2006. I used them up until 2016 after which I carefully boxed them for storage. I have no idea whether the issue in 2006 was due to the ferrofluid tweeters (I paid for the new drivers as I did wonder whether my son's dry ice machine might have caused the problem). Anyway, my 780's are in very good condition and I would expect them to continue giving good service for many years. I suppose it depends on the history of each pair of speakers, and whether the seller provides a history that gives you the reassurance you need.
  3. Definitely room 1 with some big bu**ers - sorry classic speakers, or room 2 would be a good compromise
  4. Three sheds

    What Amp

    Another vote for the Elex-r. I had the old Brio and home demoed the Elex-r and Elicit-r. There was a big improvement from my older Brio, but I would still expect a discernable improvement over the latest Brio too. If I was tight on budget I would have purchased the Elex-r. As it was, I then home demoed the Elicit-r and then the Exposure 3010SD2 and preferred the Exposure, before ending up with the Exposure pre & mono power amps. I never tried the Exposure 2010, and as you said they are not so easy to demo. But IMO the latest Rega Elex-r is hard to beat in its price bracket.
  5. They say you learn something everyday, so on that premise - what is a link plug? What does it do, what's it linking? Sorry for the dumb question but I am just curious.
  6. It was certainly not what I would describe as thin, particularly as I had to cut through it once to cure a rat problem (had to get to and block an old drain). Mrs Three sheds asked me what the noise was last night and whilst I admitted it was me, I did not add that I was wandering around the house jumping up and down doing 'floor solidness testing' My listening room is part of an extension to the house, where the floor area of the extension is on two parts. The main part is a large 4m by 8m area and it was this that was filled with concrete in one go, so it affectively forms one concrete slab, over which the internal walls were constructed. So that large slab has a certain resonance to it which is different to the other floor areas.
  7. I was in two minds because of the composition of my floor in my listening room, but a recent Black Friday deal nudged me to purchase the Gaia III's. As I mentioned my concrete floor is covered by a laminate floor plus laminate underlay, and although it feels solid, its not as solid as the floors in the 'old' part of my house which have pine parquet blocks glued to a concrete base. My listening room and parts of my kitchen were a new extension and share the same concrete over insulation floor type. The tiled area in my kitchen does not feel as 'solid' as the pine flooring. So I did wonder how overall 'solid' my floor was and whether to go for isolation. That said, I am pleased with the Gaia's - I think they sound better which is good enough for me
  8. Is there also some variance in what 'solid concrete' means too? I have a laminate (not solid wood) floor over a thin laminate underlay, over about 4 inches of concrete laid over 6 inch (I think) insulation panels laid on gravel. Seems to me there are multiple variations of the above that all could make a difference.
  9. Some room treatment mostly consisting of DIY projects such as book shelves, cd storage and enhancements to furniture with hidden sound absorption - which all must (will) look and blend in with the style of the room. Plus some wall mounted absorption panels disguised as pictures/photos. I already have a microphone and REW so I can measure the results. And offload some of my old kit that came out of my attic recently just before we replaced the roof and I am determined not to put it back there. Now the hard bit: 1. I fancy a new CD player or should I go transport and DAC 2. I fancy a new TT but would need a phono stage too, and decide where to place it so need to sort out the DIY furniture projects above first. But I might get sidetracked by buying a new 65in TV and then wanting to upgrade the home cinema setup.
  10. I have a few sheds but none of them are built with concrete blocks
  11. You just have to be careful! I do some exercises in my hifi room every morning, usually to one of high tempo running/exercise compilations on Spotify. I have a floor to ceiling 8ft wide mirror to focus on too (the room previously had a dance floor)
  12. I also took advantage of the AudioT offer and fitted the Gaia 3's to my speakers last night. I took my time fitting them, so making a quick comparison is not so easy but after a late night session and a hour this afternoon I am very pleased. I won't be taking them off anytime soon!
  13. Black Friday deal which I saw this Wednesday and this afternoon I collected two packs of Gaia III's which I will fit tomorrow
  14. Spendor sent me new dust covers for my D7's after a chance conversation with one of their staff at this years Bristol Show. My issue was loose plastic inserts where the dust covers attached to the cabinets, and in conversation I mentioned that the previous owner had recovered the dust covers (pretty good job tbh). The rep said, 'just give me your address and I'll send you new ones' I was well impressed!
  15. If you live in a less 'populous' area where there is less choice, like Wales, we are effectively still in lockdown with reference to this thread. There was me thinking that next week I could pop over the bridge if something caught my eye, but that option is gone now.
  16. I think the 'London' tag is mildly amusing, however if @Klassik used 'Cardiff' instead I would be quite cross
  17. I became aware of IPL Accoustics speaker kits quite a few years ago. The floorstanding transmission line models were one of my upgrade options when my budget was tight. But in the end I felt it was too much of a risk, and really wanted to try a commercial speaker north of £3k. But I really fancy building some speakers as I have always been quite handy although I am busy with work and have a list of home d.i.y stuff to do first. The plan would be to build a centre speaker and front bookshelf pair to replace my MA Bronze models in my home cinema setup. I'll get there one day!
  18. I agree, but there is a sure way to check, demo each at home!
  19. I love drifting off as the music washes over me - especially late at night. Does that mean I'm not taking my serious listening sessions seriously?
  20. I remember hearing about somebody who (long before home computers were generally available) used to make a note of each time they played an album, and at the end of each year, they would produce their own top ten most played albums. We all thought this was weird and laughable at the time. Although not exactly the same, Spotify now does something similar automatically.
  21. Well I've been reducing my box count, I'm down to only two sheds atm For me, any new shed must measure well!
  22. This is so embarrassing, I have another confession to make 😳 Sorry I can't bring myself to say it.........
  23. I didn't need to - she's my neighbour