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  1. Hi Fi Racks Ltd Podium Slimline, 2 shelves https://www.hifiracks.co.uk/collections/all Made to size so I've ordered one wide enough to leave a bit of a gap between the LP12 and SDSM. Will take up less room than current Soundstyle Rack and IKEA side table. 10 week wait unfortunately, so I'll have my upgrade and loose my LK85's before I get it, patience required. So top shelf will be SDSM and LP12, bottom shelf Lingo 3 and Qnap NAS. In two minds weather to put my Genki on the bottom as well in case I have any network disasters and dig out CD's again, or sell it?
  2. Didn't want to order a very wide rack to create space between boxes as that would defeat the point of reducing boxes and downsizing, so that advice is good news. Ordered amp cartridges and power supply for SDSM, 4 to 6 weeks lead time, and the rack is being ordered tomorrow that's a 10 week lead time so patience required.
  3. That was the plan, thinking the only thing the SDSM could have an effect on would be the cartridge?
  4. Evening All At the moment LP12 is on an IKEA coffee table with rest of kit on a Soundstyle rack. I’m reducing number of boxes so going for a lower wider rack to accommodate LP12, Lingo, SDSM and Qnap NAS. Plan is LP12 and SDSM on top shelf Lingo and NAS on bottom. How is important is the gap I need to leave between the LP12 and SDSM? or is not going to matter? I’d like the width of the rack to be as small as possible.
  5. Power supply upgrade was a bit of a shocker to me, think it's on the Linn pricelist but its in small print. Line cartridges doesn't require upgraded power supply but power amps do. Not sure if its because I'm having two amp cartridges I need the upgrade, if its only one amp cartridge might not be needed.
  6. Morning All Bit late to be asking this question as I'm half way through ripping my CD's but I'll ask anyway. Is there any advantage to having rips set to Accurate rip over Burs? My understanding is Secure will recover errors but if a CD rips error free on Burst is there any difference with Accurate and Burst rip in terms of sound quality?
  7. In terms of vinyl, i've had to replace some of my very very old vinyl with new copies, most of the time they don't sound as good as the copies they replaced. In terms of CD's i've not got any records where I've got both a CD and vinyl copy but it would be interesting to compare the two
  8. I posted an earlier thread about replacing my old LK85's and reducing boxes and one idea was the amp cartridges and keep running the Katans active. My dealer hadn't had anybody ask this question so was a bit puzzled. After talking to Linn they confirmed with two cartridges and upgraded power supply you can set Konfig to use the Exact Engine in the SDSM to run active Katans, so no cards required.
  9. Hi Jens I was thinking about downloads more for saving space as long as they weren't inferior than CD but I think consensus of opinion is stick to CD rips. Got this thing about de cluttering my living room, however I've got storage room to keep buying CD's No plans to digitise my vinyl, I'm also using dbPoweramp and an Apple CD/DVD driver with my MacBook and making good progress, impressed with the speed. Might have everything ripped by the end of the week at the rate I'm going. Also come to a decision about saving space by reducing Hi-Fi boxes I've got, so after giving it some
  10. Very Interesting, probably best sticking to buying the CD if I can't get vinyl, plus a very good point about supporting the artists.
  11. Evening All Making good headway ripping my CD's to my new Qnap NAS, having listened to both rips and streamed versions definitely prefer the rips. Was thinking about future purchases and will continue buying vinyl as first choice, CD second choice. What are peoples thoughts on FLAC downloads (Quobuz for example) compared to ripped CD version? I've always been someone who likes having the physical medium but since i've started boxing up my CD's my living room is a lot less crowded so might sway towards downloads. Majik LP12 Trampoline Lingo MK3 SDSM 2XLK85 Active Katans
  12. The deck is regularly and very carefully dusted so not sure how the armband has got so dirty with finger marks and streaks, only shows up under the lamp so I could always turn it off I did once ruin a stylus by not securing the arm when I took the deck for a service, the arm bounced about all the way from Lincoln to Nottingham. Very lucky I didn't need a new Adikt cartridge, just a stylus, and there was no other damage.
  13. Thanks for the tips, I've heard a few horror stories of people ripping of a styles of very expensive cartridges with a stray cardigan or jumper sleeve, ouch!
  14. Good Afternoon All Recently bought a lamp to go above my LP12 so I can actually read the record labels, it has revealed however a particularly mucky armboard I thought was clean. Any recommendations on a cleaning product maybe? Also should I raise the platter as if I was transporting it or let it bounce around while cleaning? Cheers John
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