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  1. Sonicly, I would say there is an overall improvement over my old SoundStyle rack, the biggest difference is with the LP12 which previously was on a IKEA Lak table, I think the sound has tightened up. I do think the build quality is rock solid and better than my old SoundStyle rack and I'm very happy with the overall look.
  2. It is indeed, HIFI Racks Podium Slimline. I've put some tie raps on some of the cables to tidy it up a bit, as the rack is quite low and I'm not sat in front of it I can live with the cables.There is a cable management option available, but not for this model. When I was looking around I found that standard size racks were a bit too small or a bit to big so I had this made to the size I wanted, I couldn't find another manufacturer that offered that option. Thinking about one of there isolation platforms for my LP12 to finish it off.
  3. The SDSM has a MC and MM input so I assume that means I could use both versions of the 20X2, which does get rave reviews, the Karousel and a service is next though before anything else. If I did fancy dipping my toes in the MC world the 20X3 price looks pretty good. As has been said though, I'd probably be better off improving the rest the LP12 first, sub-chassis and arm at least?
  4. Thanks mate, I thought this would be an interesting topic, looks like it is. I've only had MC cartridges (Linn K9 on a Planner 3 and the Adikt on LP12) but ive always been interested in the sonic qualities of MC but never really had chance to have a listen to any.
  5. Yes, using an Adikt at the moment, deffo Karousel and a servicing early next year. After my recent upgrade the Hi-Fi development fund has been rinsed so going to need a while and some saving up before I do anything else.
  6. Afternoon All I'd be interested in delving into the world of MC cartridges in the future. I expect that with my current set up there are other things to do first on my LP12 before I get to a cartridge, but out of curiosity Are there major sonic differences to MC and MM cartridges? In terms of longevity is there a major difference? My understanding is MC cartridges don't usually have a changeable stylus, if so is re-tipping or having a rebuild worthwhile? Amy particular cartridge that would be a good starting point? Thanks in advance John SDSM (2XPower Amp Cart) Majik LP12 (Pro-Ject Arm) Trampoline MK2, Lingo MK3, Aktiv Katans
  7. Evening All Recently upgraded my SDSM with 2 power amp cartridges to replace 2 LK85's been waiting for the new rack to complete the upgrade so just thought I'd share a snaps. I'm deffo, absolutely, without question not spending any more money on HI-FI SDSM, X2 Power Amp Cartridges, Majik LP12 Trampoline Lingo MK3, Active Katans
  8. Not quite the same thing but when I got my SDSM two years ago I quite happily ran it old and new with 2XLK85's and active Katans and really enjoyed it. However I've recently replaced the LK85's with 2 Power Amp cartridges in the SDSM, still using active Katans through the Exakt crossover in the SDSM. So, even still using the trusty Katans having modern power amps has made a huge improvement to my ears, more focus and exact timing in particular. So for me modern power amps with modern Linn kit. I am aware though that LK85's were the bottom end of the LK range so that could make a difference compared to 140's and 280's. Majik LP12, Trampoline 2, Lingo MK3, SDSM(with 2 Power Amp Carts) Active Katans
  9. I agree Mick, I don't mind the Bob Welch era as well but listen more to Peter Green and Buckingham/Nicks era's
  10. Really enjoyed the Fish track recommended by Billz I'll do some further listening. However finishing off this evening's listening with this belter on vinyl
  11. Not familiar with Fish solo stuff, I'll have to investigate. As far as Marillion albums go Fuzagi is my fave.
  12. Evening All Just wondering what tonights listening choices are, I'll start off with Marillion Fuzzagi (Vinyl) and Misplaced childhood (Qobuz)
  13. Thanks mate, never thought about using the classified adds on here. I’ve just thought as well I’ve still got my first “proper” system which is a Mk1 Rega Brio, a Marantz CD player (I forget the model) and Haybrook Solo speakers. Might as well see if anybody wants that as well.
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