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  1. Morning All I recently signed up for a Linn account so I could use SO2, I'm finding more or less every time I want to access my SDSM it says the unit is off line and I have to turn it off and on. I'm getting pretty sick of it and its on the verge of going through the living room window. This also happens with Konfig but not nearly as much. Seriously considering ditching my SDSM after only having it for 12 months for something that works. Any ideas on any workarounds or is this an inherent software e.t.c issue? Cheers John
  2. Evening All In the end I used thin layers of card under the back two legs of the IKEA table, the deck was only slightly off so it was easy enough. I suppose if a deck is miles off then a different approach might be needed? Hop this helps John
  3. Afternoon Mick I can't believe I'm going to admit to this but it should give people a laugh. The problem was in fact a very simple fix, I didn't have my wi-fi turned on, what a berk. John
  4. Evening all My MacBook in connecting to my SDSM no probs, however when I try and use my iPhone I get the dreaded 'waiting for room' I've had the odd snag before, powering everything down, going for a brew, coming back and powering up has always worked before. I've always had my iPhone and MacBook not find my SDSM before and not one or the other. Ive deleted and re-installed Kazoo on my iPhone, its not worked. Bit baffled, any ideas? Cheers John
  5. ZZ Top have a fine back catalogue, I think most people think of Eliminator, which is a great record but for me Tres Hombres is top of the pile
  6. There is certainly something quite special about Aktiv Katans especially when you think how relatively cheap they were new. A friend of mine has recently made a financially substantial upgrade in power and pre amps (Non Linn but Linn source). He’s tried numerous speakers but not found anything he likes as much as his Katans without spending a lot of money.
  7. Like many of these lists, in no particular order Springstein Born To Run U2 The Joshua Tree Radiohead The Bends The Smiths The Queen Is Dead Pearl Jam 10 Beatles Abbey Road Led Zeppelin 4 Yazoo Upstairs At Erics Jeff Buckley Grace Fleetwood Mac Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac and Rumours Deacon Blue Raintown Joy Division Unknown Pleasures The Jam All Mod Cons Sex Pistols Never Min The Bollox ZZ Top Tres Hombres Queen Night At The Opera Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks Dusty Springfield Dusty In Memphis
  8. I'll level with you guys (boom boom) I've just used a few layers of thin card under one leg of the Lak table and just a bit less on one other, decks now dead level, table not moving or rocking, Not noticed any difference, more listening required though. The table was only very slightly off to start with so maybe not enough to make any difference?
  9. I'll definitely look at used/ex demo market, by next year there might be a few more Exaktbox and M140's about on the market
  10. That all makes sense, I certainly think 109s would be a sideways move so I would demo with 140s with that being the goal. So Exaktbox and a Karousel upgrade first followed by M140s may well be the plan, subject to demo of course
  11. I didn’t think actually, no reason why I can’t do the Exaktbox first, still run Aktive Katans, add the M140s later, simples!! Following on from that would I run the speaker cables as I do now, except from one Exaktbox rather than 2 LK85s?
  12. Having read up on the Exaktbox I really like the idea of one box to Aktiv M109s. Bit of a stretch budget wise but a bit of extra saving up and selling the LK85s and Katans I might just manage it. I’ve also got the original Majik LP12 baseboard and power supply, peanuts I know but all adds to the pot. Of course this is subject to some serious listening first at my dealer.
  13. I’ve plenty of room for M140’s, ref the A4200 are they Accurate power amps and would I need old style active cards?
  14. Afternoon All I’m thinking about a speaker and/or an amp upgrade, I’ll be looking at next year when funds are available, about £6000 max, I’d like to stay active if possible and wouldn’t rule out second hand. Did try the Selekt DSM power amp module when doing the demo with Katans passive but to be honest I preferred my active Katans and trusty old LK85’s Any ideas welcome Thanks All John Majik LP12 Trampoline Lingo MK3 Selekt DSM 2xLK85 Active Katans
  15. Thanks very much I'll have another week. One thing I did find yesterday was I got a couple of room measurements wrong on SO 1 on Konfig so I did all my measurements again and vastly improved the SO, SO 2 is still a further improvement. I accidentally deleted the SO my dealer did for me on installation and had to do it again, as I say though I was out on a couple of measurements and that made a big difference.