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  1. Not quite the same thing but when I got my SDSM two years ago I quite happily ran it old and new with 2XLK85's and active Katans and really enjoyed it. However I've recently replaced the LK85's with 2 Power Amp cartridges in the SDSM, still using active Katans through the Exakt crossover in the SDSM. So, even still using the trusty Katans having modern power amps has made a huge improvement to my ears, more focus and exact timing in particular. So for me modern power amps with modern Linn kit. I am aware though that LK85's were the bottom end of the LK range so that could make a difference compared to 140's and 280's. Majik LP12, Trampoline 2, Lingo MK3, SDSM(with 2 Power Amp Carts) Active Katans
  2. I agree Mick, I don't mind the Bob Welch era as well but listen more to Peter Green and Buckingham/Nicks era's
  3. Really enjoyed the Fish track recommended by Billz I'll do some further listening. However finishing off this evening's listening with this belter on vinyl
  4. Not familiar with Fish solo stuff, I'll have to investigate. As far as Marillion albums go Fuzagi is my fave.
  5. Evening All Just wondering what tonights listening choices are, I'll start off with Marillion Fuzzagi (Vinyl) and Misplaced childhood (Qobuz)
  6. Thanks mate, never thought about using the classified adds on here. I’ve just thought as well I’ve still got my first “proper” system which is a Mk1 Rega Brio, a Marantz CD player (I forget the model) and Haybrook Solo speakers. Might as well see if anybody wants that as well.
  7. Morning All Over the years I've accumulated a few items after upgrading that were not traded in. Having never sold anything on Ebay what do you guys think is worth advertising and any guesses at rough values. Majik LP12 Power supply (no mains lead Majik LP12 Baseboard SDSM Standard Power Supply SDSM Line out cartridge (no DAC) 4 lengths of K20 bi-wire cable 1.7 meter long Cheers John
  8. I remember going Active a few years ago with a second LK85 and cards, that was certainly an improvement, going to Exakt however is even more of a leap, even with my trusty old Katans. I'll never be able to afford the Linn Exakt speakers so using the Exact crossover in the SDSM with Katans seemed like the best way forward.
  9. Evening All In an effort to both upgrade and reduce boxes had a Selekt upgrade installed today and very happy with it. System was SDSM, 2XLK85, Active Katans, Majik LP12, Lingo MK3. Today I've had 2 power amp cartridges and standard DAC's installed and the trusty very old LK85's have gone. Immediate impression on listening today is more grunt and grip, and more clarity. The main thing i've noticed is timing and focus which I'm guessing is down to the Exact crossover which I suppose makes my old LK85's and Active cards show there age. So as I say very happy indeed
  10. When I lived in Barnsley, Audio Images and Moorgate Acoustics in Sheffield. Since I've lived in Lincoln, Castle Sound & Vision in Nottingham. Been more than happy with them all and always found the guys are real enthusiasts about HI-FI.
  11. Evening All So at the moment my NAS is connected with a short cable to the router in the corner of the living room where my broad band connection is. There is then a long run off earthnet from the router to the SDSM at the other side of the living room. So would the cable from the router be connected to the switch and then another cable from there to the SDSM? If I'm understanding this correctly the switch should sit between router and SDSM and the NAS stays directly connected to the router? Ideally I would have the NAS in a different room but that's not practical, I can't say i've noticed much noise from the Qnap so I'll probably leave it where it is and just have the one long cable to switch and then SDSM
  12. Thats a very good point about the NAS fan making noise closer to where I listen. Didn't realise long earthnet cable runs were not recommended, I've already got a 7 meter run from router to SDSM so I might just leave the NAS where it is.
  13. Afternoon All Can anybody recommend a supplier for Ethernet cable? At the moment my Qnap is next to my router and connected with a patch cable which was provided by Ripcaster when I bought the NAS. Planning on moving the NAS to where the Hi-Fi is when In get my new rack so I'll need about 7 meters. Thanks All
  14. Hi Fi Racks Ltd Podium Slimline, 2 shelves https://www.hifiracks.co.uk/collections/all Made to size so I've ordered one wide enough to leave a bit of a gap between the LP12 and SDSM. Will take up less room than current Soundstyle Rack and IKEA side table. 10 week wait unfortunately, so I'll have my upgrade and loose my LK85's before I get it, patience required. So top shelf will be SDSM and LP12, bottom shelf Lingo 3 and Qnap NAS. In two minds weather to put my Genki on the bottom as well in case I have any network disasters and dig out CD's again, or sell it?
  15. Didn't want to order a very wide rack to create space between boxes as that would defeat the point of reducing boxes and downsizing, so that advice is good news. Ordered amp cartridges and power supply for SDSM, 4 to 6 weeks lead time, and the rack is being ordered tomorrow that's a 10 week lead time so patience required.
  16. That was the plan, thinking the only thing the SDSM could have an effect on would be the cartridge?
  17. Evening All At the moment LP12 is on an IKEA coffee table with rest of kit on a Soundstyle rack. I’m reducing number of boxes so going for a lower wider rack to accommodate LP12, Lingo, SDSM and Qnap NAS. Plan is LP12 and SDSM on top shelf Lingo and NAS on bottom. How is important is the gap I need to leave between the LP12 and SDSM? or is not going to matter? I’d like the width of the rack to be as small as possible.
  18. Power supply upgrade was a bit of a shocker to me, think it's on the Linn pricelist but its in small print. Line cartridges doesn't require upgraded power supply but power amps do. Not sure if its because I'm having two amp cartridges I need the upgrade, if its only one amp cartridge might not be needed.
  19. Morning All Bit late to be asking this question as I'm half way through ripping my CD's but I'll ask anyway. Is there any advantage to having rips set to Accurate rip over Burs? My understanding is Secure will recover errors but if a CD rips error free on Burst is there any difference with Accurate and Burst rip in terms of sound quality?
  20. In terms of vinyl, i've had to replace some of my very very old vinyl with new copies, most of the time they don't sound as good as the copies they replaced. In terms of CD's i've not got any records where I've got both a CD and vinyl copy but it would be interesting to compare the two
  21. I posted an earlier thread about replacing my old LK85's and reducing boxes and one idea was the amp cartridges and keep running the Katans active. My dealer hadn't had anybody ask this question so was a bit puzzled. After talking to Linn they confirmed with two cartridges and upgraded power supply you can set Konfig to use the Exact Engine in the SDSM to run active Katans, so no cards required.
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