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  1. I have lived in 6 (!) different homes/apartments with my LP12 since 1989 - #1-poured concrete floor - no issues #2-poured concrete - no issues #3-tile floor - wood underneath - footfalls a minor issue (tile floor an issue too sigh) #4 - concrete floor - no issues #5 - hardwood floors - and a very "springy" one at that - major footfall problems - could make it skip by walking 10 feet away - a wall mounted Target VW shelf eradicated the issue and the add'l isolation made it sound better than ever. Would my footfall problems been lessened if the LP12 was on a Q
  2. There are a slew of reasons as to why actors/people change their names. I've never heard of "personal empowerment" being a reason - see Muhammad Ali. It usually deals w race and ethnicity and discrimination. Or some people change their names if their family's history has been one of abuse. For the record, I am not a Scientologist (a cult) and I have no plans to buy Shunyata power equipment. The owner being a Scientologist is probably the fifth reason on the list that I wouldn't. I own a Wiremold and use nice cables in a Oyaide outlet. That's all folks.
  3. I'd like to see the link to the $100 Shunyata knock off. Did it look identical? what model is being compared? We're in murky waters here. How much do you think it costs IN PARTS to make a Keel or Kore vs. the astounding retail price? Also, real names vs. taken names? Who cares? If that mattered, no one would watch a classic Hollywood film.
  4. The magic of the LP12 and its numerous upgrades is how Linn manages to extract more detail out of the table itself without it becoming just a musically inert hyper detail machine. I for one, have not gone down the road of a Kore or Keel yet, but when I do, it will be a Kore or a Keel and not a 3rd party clone. I understand wanting perhaps a different "approach" for a distinct type of sound tailoring and that can include a non-Linn cartridge or tonearm (you all know how I feel about the Aro.) But when it comes to the core of the turntable, stick with Linn. By the way, the Naim Armageddon ma
  5. Based on his posts, I really wish I had bought a Javelin tonearm when TP was still extant. I wonder how many he actually made. Do any go on the market second hand ?
  6. I was happy to read that he ultimately loved the Lingo 4 (though I'm wondering what motor I have now....)
  7. Yikes. That makes it extremely complicated. Perhaps the Aro needs to be excluded from serious discussion these days unless you are un-Kored, un-Keeled and un-Urika'd.
  8. PS - I always heard that the Aro was named because... its sort of shaped like an arrow!
  9. https://forums.naimaudio.com/topic.php?oid=1566878604986865&coid=159503632588890 Some useful info here about cartridges and the Aro.
  10. a good assessment of the Aro https://zstereo.co.uk/2014/06/01/1518/
  11. I agree w Matt Chicago on option B. It's cost effective leaving you lots of money to buy LPs. That's the path I took last year and I couldn't be happier with the results of both upgrades. PS - I listen to a lot of small ensemble jazz, singer songwriter, 70s rock, string quartets... I'd bring an original LP of Nick Drake's PINK MOON to demo equipment over 99% of the audiophile nonsense I've heard at audio shows.
  12. VERY expensive Sonos-style equipment. Or Linn's egg shaped answer to the visually uninspired Naim Mu-so (which looks just so-so.) Enjoy.
  13. I agree with that point. I will say however, that what constitutes a bad record or a bad sounding record is a subjective thing. Playing a Diana Krall LP on an Akurate LP12 or a crappy Crowley is still a miserable experience for me despite its supposed audiophile recording quality. So Akamatsu is correct - I would probably be even more miserable listening to her on an LP12.
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