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  1. Personally yes! I think these magical NOS British tubes add more "flesh and blood" to the reproduced music.
  2. Keep us posted on your experiments with the tube rolling! I'm a devoted "Mullard" fan - from when I a had an EL34 tube amp too - though I have also enjoyed the sound of NOS Amperex tubes too. Sort of a best of both worlds kind of solution for many.
  3. I see them in various states of depletion for over $300 USD these days. Haven't seen a matched pair in eons. Trust me, I got a decent price on mine when I purchased them 7 years ago (and thankfully they last a long time.) The A2900s seem to be very, very scarce and have at least doubled/tripled in price if you can find them. If they start to die, the next "richest/warmest" tube I've heard in my Lector are Brimar 6060s (also quite pricey.) Do you know this US tube site ? Very informative descriptions and I think he has always been reasonable. https://www.audiotubes.com/
  4. from the US - sorry for late replies but I'm a Lector CD player lover! I supposedly have a unique version of the CDP 0.6T (per their US repair guy who had to tweak something.) I replaced the stock JJ 12AT7s with NOS GEC A2900s and they sound amazing. Like a jaw dropping level of improvement (and a different type of improvement than Telefunkens will give you but I lean to the euphonic.) My Linn LP12 dealer and installer said it was the most analogue sounding player he ever heard. I also have a Lector integrated amp - a ZXT 70 in a ZXT 60 body - but I may get a Sudden A21SE seeking a little more clarity and punch at lower volumes.
  5. Actually, if Linn made a new version of the "smoked" dustcover, I'd buy one. Dated to some and cool retro/nostalgia to others.
  6. Let's look at this statement: "He was beligerent [sic], uncouth and foul mouthed to the person..and for no good reason that I could tell. This is apparently something that he is well known for. " I listen to a lot of NY sports talk radio (WFAN to be precise.) When a listener calls in with a negative personal interaction story about a particular NY sports personality (could be athlete, coach, announcer, writer) the host will immediately cut short the convo as there is no proof that this person is telling the truth. Earlier in this chain, some wammer made a glib comment about Fremer's credibility. When pushed to detail examples? No response. A disagreement with MFs opinion or approach is not a credibility issue. YOU just didn't want to believe what he put in his column (and yes, without Onzow's ability to respond, maybe a little incomplete.) I'm sure if he wrote about a problem with Naim's Solstice, Wammer's here would be dancing. In your case, your lack of certainty over the context (THAT I COULD TELL and APPARENTLY) of the alleged belligerent interaction makes it a non-issue to me. So Fremer obviously rubs people the wrong way (both on this site and in the feedback section of his column.) Fremer is a controversial figure for certain. Opinionated and an authority with like 30+ years of experience in this thing. Knowing how heated some people (me inc. right now) get over this nonsense, maybe he blew up at someone. Maybe his reaction was entirely justified (lifelong advocates to certain brands get very upset when "experts" don't agree with them and you read that here all the time.) As a semi "celebrity" in this business, people these days have boundary issues. Based on how unreasonable people in this hobby can be, it's just as likely as it being justified. As a proselytizer for the superiority of analog playback THERE IS NO BETTER ADVOCATE ON THE F-ING PLANET than Michael Fremer. So I will continue to read and learn from MF's column. Feel free to join me. You'll learn something about music and equipment (but really only if you want to acknowledge that the world thankfully doesn't revolve around Linn Audio.) If he is not a perfect person, I DON'T CARE. Until he personally causes me direct harm or is under investigation for a heinous crime, I WILL continue defend him for what I learn from his writings and videos.
  7. That's great. Let's take a poll here on Wigwam about wammers who personally experienced bad behavior by MF - which on the scale of first world problems ranks up there with disgruntled LP12 owners who have to live with the fact that their former top of the line Kandid is no longer top of the line.
  8. well over and above the DS Audio/Onzow issue, the ad hominem attacks on MF seemed to overshadow a simple discussion on those two stylus cleaning products. very typical for this forum.
  9. I think anyone on this forum (inc. me at times) that has an issue with someone being defensive needs to take a serious look in the mirror at themselves. Once again, MF's combativeness is part of his persona and what makes his writing entertaining. Don't like it? Don't read him. There's a ton of boring audio writing out there to consume.
  10. I'm with you. Not really sure what to think. I'll stay clear of the DS Audio cleaner for a while. Most of my LPs are very clean - I own a Nitty Gritty - and have the new Audioquest LP thing and a many little stylus brushes. PS - making this post about Fremer was not my intent but another wigwam member's glib comment about credibility. Fremer is probably the most passionate defender of the superiority of vinyl playback out there.
  11. I worked at a MAJOR magazine for 16 years. He's an entertainer. He's not writing for a scientific journal. And a writer with longevity - never a bad thing. Thin skinned? Perhaps. Suffer fools? No and why should he? Big ego? Sure but that is not a crime. Know it all? Maybe but does he knows A LOT and he listens to a lot of equipment. He's not a snob and doesn't dismiss low priced equipment. He's an expert and has found a niche for himself and he makes a nice living from it. More power to him. He writes because he is genuinely excited about recorded music. He doesn't rip people off. He doesn't tell lies - ESPECIALLY lies that can have an injurious impact on one's physical well being.
  12. Please site specific instances that point to Fremer's "low credibility." I'll give you that he may be full of himself, and sometimes his persona is borderline obnoxious. But what makes his opinions less "credible" than anyone else in the mainstream audiophile press? Please elaborate with facts not opinions. Like almost all the Stereophile staff writers, he's an extremely good WRITER for a consumer facing publication. He knows his stuff and has good taste in music and pressings. I don't mind that he writes about the extremely expensive out of reach of most audiophile equipment. Magazine writing is aspirational in nature.
  13. from a new Stereophile...https://www.analogplanet.com/content/zerodust-saga-continues Yikes. I have the DS Audio cleaner. I know some even use Silly Putty (smh.) Now I have to eat crow and get some green paper...
  14. This is what you should be feeling when your LP12 is rotating properly - "I listened to a vintage Island UK pressing of Cat Steven's TEASER AND THE FIRECAT and I wept like a baby at the song If I Laugh..."
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