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  1. One has to admire Linn's industrial design team. That is a nice piece of elegant machining and aesthetically elevated fit and finish - even for the bottom of a DC motor.
  2. Forgot one. Atlanta, GA - https://soundimageatl.com Super nice Linn guy Lawson Hale. He has done all my upgrades recently as well as the installations of the Target wall mount shelf (you've seen the photos.).
  3. I'm going to be "ekstatic" when the posting in this thread dribbles off to nothing.
  4. Sigh. The LP12 is like the "Holy Land" of audiophile components. Tribalism at its finest. Constant disputes. Intransigence. Eternal debates. No compromises. Wars (of words.)
  5. Not defending the turntable but it does have additional isolation tweaks (by HRS) and design elements besides the Fender plinth for the additional $1500.00.
  6. That's very good news! I would have been disappointed if their response was otherwise.
  7. Agree. This seems like it is a replacement for the Kandid doesn't it?
  8. I actually thought about your recent purchase (and had compassion for you) when I read the news! Good luck.
  9. Thou shall not mess with something that is pretty damn good to begin with especially when you make it look like it has been "Frankenstein'd" with discarded parts.
  10. PS- recommended by a Linn/Naim dealer in the Atlanta area. He was spot on.
  11. Target VW wall shelf - robust and made a HUGE difference in isolation. Impervious to footfalls and just made everything blacker deeper more silent.
  12. you are correct. I thought the bearing was mixed in w his platter review etc. Good luck in your research.
  13. I would read what ThomasOK said about the review and the reviewer's missteps on set-up etc. But even with some of his reservations, the author thought the LP 12 was special. HiFi Choice did a recent shoot out and the LP12 was the preference (remind me to post the scans.) So while there is a tendency to "Linn bash" there is still a lot to love about how the LP12 performs. Truthfully, the only to way to smartly purchase an audio component is to audition it. Listen to the Majik and others in your price range. What do your ears and heart tell you about the music? There will be pluses and minuses to all. Some sonic and some monetary. Everyone one this forum seems to have a "preference" for the way the LP12 reproduces music. But there are plenty of fine options out there.
  14. I'm with you here. The outlay is pretty much the same right ? Go for new and shiny and warrantied. Sell the old one off unless you are really in love with the sound of an original LP12 (Linn isn't obviously so prevailing wisdom is upgrade the whole thing.).
  15. Speaking of the AR turntable - from a very recent Stereophile post by Michael Fremer: I recently got hold of an old AR turntable—a rare TA model, which has two motors, one of them to get the platter spinning in the correct direction. It didn't include a headshell, so I ordered a 3D-printed one on eBay for $50 and to honor the late Len Gregory (aka "The Cartridge Man"). I installed in it the original Cartridge Man Music Maker cartridge that starts life as a Grado moving iron design. This one had been sitting in its red pill box for more than 20 years. I placed a Funk Firm Achromat on top of the bare platter and plugged it into The Vinyl. Even with overhang unset (because at first I didn't know you could move the armtube to adjust it), the sound produced was laugh-out-loud sweet! Anyone hearing this and thinking about getting into vinyl would stop thinking and start doing. link here: https://www.stereophile.com/content/analog-corner-313-cyrus-audio-phono-signature-qhw-audio-vinyl-shaknspin-x-quisite-sut-x-20
  16. from a review of a new Luxman CD player... https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/luxman-d-10x-cd-sacd-player-and-dac According to Sigmund, all Luxman products go through a final design stage during which they are voiced by a single individual. In this respect they are not unlike several other Japanese manufacturers. Marantz comes most immediately to mind, the late Ken Ishiwata being perhaps the only “voicer” to have become a celebrity, even a guru. At Luxman this individual is Masakazu Nagatsuma, head of the company’s Research and Development. Sigmund informs me the final sound of any given model results from a series of intensive listening sessions that involves such processes as substituting in crucial parts of the circuitry capacitors selected from a tray of same or tweaking the screws and bolts that secure transformers and circuit boards. One of the Luxman integrated amplifiers, for example, has five to seven different torque settings that “yield subtly different sonic profiles.”
  17. Linn's "K thing" is a smart gimmick. It's their brand. One of their K components are immediately identifiable as Linn products.
  18. Responsibility is 100% on Naim or their US distributor who arranges these ad buys. The mag just receives these digitally and it's not really on them to proof read advertising.
  19. Good one. And quite possible that Naim will "gaslight" us and say that we're crazy and that's how they spell it.
  20. I'm sure it is a good/great cartridge in certain systems that are a better match all around or have the ability to dial in precise adjustments. The one thing that was quite noticeable was how silently the Delos tracked. Yes super clean and no sibilance. Not the slightest iota of groove chatter esp. compared to the Dynavector I had before the Krystal.
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