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  1. I notice the Konfig analog mode (XLR or RCA) does not have any effect, i.e. if you select RCA, XLR is still on and vice versa.
  2. Does anyone know a good LP12 expert in northern CA (SF, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose)?
  3. That was what happened to my Arvkiv cartridge many years ago, and it was the cartridge that went caput.
  4. Forget Qobuz, Audirvana with respect to UPnP, they just do not work. Use Roon instead.
  5. I have seen this issue a number of times with my Klimax DSM/3, just simply power off and on the Klimax fixes it. Rebooting the router, reinstall Kazoo, etc. won't do anything. The DSM or DS just simply needs powered off and on after a few weeks or maybe few months. I think this is a firmware bug, and Linn need to address it some time.
  6. I think Naim said specifically that if their own speaker cables are used, it must be at least 3.5 m in length, so it means they must have done their homework carefully.
  7. Does the cable length matter? I recall Naim recommend at least 3.5 for their amps to work optimally.
  8. I have just looked at the EtherREGEN's whitepaper and it seems to me like some sort of snake oil, for example the following paragraph: The heart of what makes our switch so unusual is the use of ACTIVE, HIGH-SPEED, LOW-JITTER DIFFERENTIAL DIGITAL ISOLATOR chips combined with ULTRA-LOW JITTER DIFFERENTIAL RE-CLOCKING FLIP-FLOPS. No other Ethernet switch on the market attempts this (doing this, and doing it correctly is neither easy nor cheap!). On the circuit board photos you can see the isolators set across the wide “moat.
  9. Are you talking about the Linn Kazoo? This app has been around for a long time and being replaced by the new app, simply called "Linn" on the iOS.
  10. I like it too, waiting for the this kind of app after suffering the silly dark mode for far too long.
  11. The problem with Echo Link is that it cannot go beyond 96/24. Some of the albums from Amazon Music HD are 192/24, so I cannot see it as a replacement.
  12. Harrods is meant for poor people, so Linn has been downgraded? Or rather, Linn downgrade themselves?
  13. The Naim forum contributors like the Cisco switch, and I think they are right in preferring it to the switches catering mainly for home users. A new cisco switch such as the Cisco 2960 switch originally could cost thousands of dollars, now you could get it for less than 60/70 bucks.