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  1. Niagara Falls I guess if you’ve never seen it.
  2. Have a paid of the legendary Yamaha NS1000M, cabs need a refinish and one tweeter needs to be replaced or repaired, all other drivers work great, any questions txt me 716-361-1667 Buffalo NY thanks Tom like to get $1000 or trade for Klipsch or something similar
  3. Hey all! New here and I have a set of original Dali 8 from 1985 before the factory these we’re made in his basement one of the first likes of speakers they made, excellent condition Dali 8 both drivers re foamed and are cosmetically great! Looking to trade or just sell, these are as rare as can be, numbers 1011 and 1012, can send more pics you can text me 716-361-1667 Tom Buffalo Ny, thanks!!
  4. I would ship to you at your cost if you were serious about them, I’d like to get $1000 USD for them
  5. I wish I was my friend, I would be able to ship but that would be on the buyer, there was a pair I found that sold in Japan for $3500! I was looking for around $1200 for mine.
  6. Looking for a trade or sale of my original Dali 8, or anyone is interested let me know thanks Tom 716-361-1667 Buffalo NY