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  1. I've finally got my hands on a decent looking Kaber Activ Crossover box and want to get set up. Not done this before so hoping some of you might be able to share some tips. Set up is 1 x Majik-i (used as pre-amp) + 3 x LK140s + Kabers. I'm guessing that I need to (a) remove the passive crossovers in the speakers and (b) invert the connections between LK140s and the speakers. Have I got that right? Also.... - I see a lot of Aktiv back plates for the Kabers on ebay, etc. Are these functionally necessary or are they just cosmetic? II've tried asking some sellers but get mixed and often confused/-ing replies). - I'm sending one of the LK140s off to Linn for repair. Is there a way of running the Kabers using just 2 LK140s through the Crossover? Any other tips anyone might have would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
  2. So I'm staring at a Tunebox with Kaber Aktive cards that's just come up on Ebay and wondering whether it's worth the investment. Am running 3 x LK140 (cards are 6 x mono). I keep hearing the transition is spectacular and that sound improvement incredible. Would I need to change /remove the crossovers in the speakers? Is the whole thing worth the effort considering that 1 x tune box costs as much as a couple of amps? Any thoughts / suggestions?
  3. Hey Zee9, sorry for late response - been offline for a bit. I did take note of your points and contacted SEAS, although they advised that they only have a suitable replacement for the Kaber mid driver, not for the bass. I reached out to a few more driver manufacturers but no luck. Frustratingly the only original like-for-like piece I found on ebay was being sold by some cowboy in Canada who kept increasing the cost of delivery (driver - CAD 69 / Delivery - CAD 300 ?!?) and wouldn't let me arrange my own. Anyway, in the end I found a great solution locally from an ex EPOS engineer who had "a load of drivers hanging around" in his workshop which he's made himself. He's fitted a couple of amazing units which sound even better than the originals, with a clean yet deeper bass. The downside is that they look different, but with speaker covers who cares. Here's a few pics.....
  4. Thanks ....but Linn have advised me that the /4 is only for midrange and not bass = mistake in the seller ad.
  5. Yeah ... Linn have stopped supplying parts for Kabers unfortunately.
  6. Hi zee9 - mine has blown sadly - no movement in the unit, just a nasty scraping sound. It's the same as yours in the photo, 007/2 lower bass unit. I saw the one on ebay but as I'm in the UK the transport costs are higher than the unit cost. Also the seller has advised me that it's un-tested and sold as-seen, which is never a sensible risk when buying used. I'm using a Majik-i as pre and have 3 x LK140s for tri-amp set up. How did you get on with your replacement? I see you're in the US, did you source it there? Is it working ok? or any issues?
  7. Hello everyone .... one of the bass drivers on my Kabers has made a final judgement on my music taste and has stopped working for good. I was hoping this could be fixed with a simple replacement but am finding it impossible to find a like-for-like replacement on the used market. Does anyone have any ideas on (a) where I might find a used original part or (b) suitable new alternatives? Am also thinking of using this moment to convert to active, but am unsure if the cost of fixing + crossover kit is going to be worth it, or whether it's better just to change speakers. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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