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  1. that's not up for debate. The debate was set out in the video.
  2. Maybe, maybe not, that digital is more accurate as lack of universal agreement on definitions blah blah blah. Regarding tonality, you yourself said upon receiving your new DAC, something along this lines that the resolution was much greater than your previous one and that some people may consider adjusting their playback system in someway to compensate. I have an idea. Lets get rid of orchestras because digital keyboards and computers exist instead and they are technically just as accurate and far easier to record than an orchestra that needs mics (hello analogue signal path, degradation etc etc). Don't just assume that digital is always better. Have you actually heard a really top flight t/t? I have heard a few and also have owned one. I don't have one any more because it majored on resolution/detail. And for the same reason I have no interest in a very high resolution DAC.
  3. Auralic Altair G1 or Innuos Zen Mini/power supply, Benchmark (doesn’t need to be better than this for digital unless chasing extreme resolution) + Audio Research or Accuphase level of amp (better amps make a big difference) + Harbeth P3ESR for small room or Harbeth, ATC or Proac if a bigger room. Surprisingly would put most of budget towards the amp based on my current testing at various price levels as cheaper amps don’t always have enough resolution, tone and punch; they might have two of these attributes but probably not all three. Wouldn’t buy a new amp but might for digital or speakers.
  4. Here we go again. Tuga did you know that VHS format was used in studios for multitrack audio for years. The technology is not as bad as you are making out. But once again you are conflating things. I am yet to hear a digital front end that has the resolution *and* tonal qualities of the best turntables that I have heard. Edit to say do we really need to do this again. If so I shall leave it to the really dedicated.
  5. I was really hoping for some actual facts or white papers on this and the only ones that I can find are on the PS Audio website. If anyone finds any info please post here. Thanks.
  6. Try telling that to Paul McGowan!! 😂😂😂
  7. Exactly. you just gave an opinion. The FLAC site has NONE of the information about DECODING nor AUDIO issues.
  8. Given that people in this thread offering an opinion on where it happens don't agree and therefore the only facts remain in technical documents and you haven't offered any that address the subject of this thread ie where the decoding can take place and if this decoding affects sound quality. Everything that you have provided defines what FLAC is and how it is created and nothing more.
  9. So it’s just your opinion then? Ok. Given that there is *debate* about what actually happens I was hoping for facts.
  10. This document does not mention decoding at all and nor does it mention ANY of the points in your response. (And some streamers send data via USB to a DAC). We need to read a technical specification document describing it rather than the opinion of a guy in the internet. But of course if you did write the FLAC technical spec please give us a link to your document.
  11. Thanks but there doesn’t seem to be any info on this specific topic. Maybe you could point to exactly where it is?
  12. DomT

    Iinnous mk2

    The title of your thread is Linnuos
  13. DomT

    Sound proofing

    Nick I realise that however there is some overlap. I own three properties and the big difference is that the EPC B home is far far quieter between rooms and between neighbours than my EPC C property. The EPC B property has Rockwool in all internal and external walls and the other does not. Otherwise the properties are constructed in a similar fashion. There is no doubt that this use of Rockwool is achieving its thermal goals but is also helping acoustically as stated by Rockwool themselves. Clearly there are other thermal products but it is most likely that a better thermally insulated property will also be better acoustically.
  14. I listened to a Norma 140 recently vs an Accuphase E380 and thought it a great amp. I had never heard of it before and good to know that some Wammers have hands on experience.
  15. DomT

    Sound proofing

    If it’s any help at all an EPC A or B flat or house will be well insulated. There is also an EU directive on noise transmission. If you target properties built in the past couple of years you might be in luck.
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