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  1. Hijack away my friend no apology needed. And there may even be a surprise ending for me but you guys will have to wait a few days to find out.
  2. Or the Iceman came to his senses and bought an EMT
  3. Well the Wam will not allow me to upload another photo of the same size. It was a photo of a Kuzma
  4. Super super happy. Had thought that I had mentioned that here but it must have been in my ‘amp for P3’ thread. I bought a Quad 909 to go with the P3s and the sound is stunning to the extent that one of my keyboards sounds much better than I thought that it did so am now not selling it! The Quad gives the P3s a nice punch and listening nearfield means that I am hearing all of the speaker and am not missing anything apart from really deep bass that the Adams give. But the P3s do go deep enough for the job that they need to do. Absolutely zero complaints.
  5. That’s really fabulous news! Am really pleased for you!
  6. Did it come from Australia? (Sorry just had some sausages and a beer but hopefully someone can actually help soon)
  7. And just to confirm that I did indeed buy the Harbeth P3ESR. I found them on eBay and coincidentally from the same dealer that I bought my brand new SHL5s from 6 years ago! And what is even more weird is that they are in Edinburgh and I have been in London!!
  8. I can give a quick and dirty reply now (there maybe some nuggets ofninfo in this thread somewhere as well) and if I have time later this week or next will see if I can do more comparisons and write something more complete but am really getting stuck into making music now so I can’t promise. Listening done with Marantz PM7000N using HEOS/Tidal and various synths and a drum machine through Mackie VLZ4 mixer/Quad 909 power amp (interconnect SilverCore) speaker cables in both cases Atlas Hyper 3.0. No fancy hifi tables just Human Scale desk and Vitsoe wooden shelves to place equipment and speakers on. Harbeths needed Auralex pads but Proac didn’t. This was not really a decision for a hifi setting as 80% of the time it will be for tracking and mixing but primarily mixing as I will track with Adam actives most of the time summary: Proac Tablette 10 has a brighter more open treble than P3ESR but it did not appear to be more detailed than P3 so it’s just a style of presentation. The treble for me always had me slightly on edge even though rest of signal chains were warm. Proac seemed to have a more transient attack in the bass. Harbeth seemed to show more musical expression eg vibrato on violin Harbeth seemed to have a more realistic tone but this is difficult to say for certain because all of my instruments are electric and amplified. Proac much easier to position on shelf in studio. And bass less boomy on a shelf. (This nearly clinched it for the Proacs) Harbeth was easier to listen to and work with over an extended period of time. (More important to me than anything else as you can always compensate for everything else). Neither speaker is better or worse. Just choose the right speaker for the job. I hope that’s helpful to someone. Dom
  9. You can beat goat. My favourite is Roger Federer 😂😂😂
  10. Thought that you might which is why I posted the photo! We met the owner of the spice company who is a chef and author. Her spice pastes are amazing. Am always extra happy after eating a good curry that music always sounds better. Very off topic!
  11. I find that Harbeths sound better after eating this. I wonder if Alan would agree?