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  1. If you heard a big difference then it’s worth investigating the SA10. I also have a Luxman dac The DA100. It’s not a DA06 and whilst I like it I prefer the Marantz sound but Marantz do not do a DAC in that size.
  2. Just checking that you are ok as point two was “Invest in stands, spikes and speaker cable” and you are against spending on cables.
  3. Just have a listen. I had two different cables between dac/pre/power and there was a difference when I switched them over.
  4. I used to own the SA Pearl and had an SA10 on demo for a few days at home as well as the PM10 to compare to my PM11S2. I thought that the SA10 was only slightly better than the Pearl and was disappointed. And I had convinced myself before the units arrived that I would buy them as I am a serious fan of the Marantz sound. I think though that my speakers were the limiting factor. I used Harbeth SHL5 speakers that are not as explicit sounding as my previous WB Curves. With the Curves aincould hear much greater differences between amps and CDPs. If you have very explicit speakers it might be worth buying mail order and return of you don’t like it. They come up second hand from time to time.
  5. No problem. We will dig them out and confirm number of CDs and price. Many thanks Dom
  6. I am more of the opinion of the room as close to your preference first (without obvious sound panels etc) if it’s primaril for music and then tweak with dsp rather than to more heavily rely on dsp. How is the room sounding today?
  7. Some people who bought CDs or hifi kit have paid by PayPal f&f and others PayPal business. It’s up to the buyer to choose what they are comfortable with. I think that I also sold some stuff here via bank transfer. The main reason I use PayPal is that as we were selling so many things here and on eBay and elsewhere is that it’s much easier to track who you are receiving money from and I didn’t want to lose track of who I needed to send stuff to. Bank accounts do not give much information.
  8. James Bond, some Sylvian, all Bill Nelson now sold. We are hoping to sell quickly by offering really cheap bulk prices. So grab a bargain whilst they are still available. About 35% have been sold already.
  9. The only bit of ‘equipment’ that has influenced my music choices has been digital systems that suggest other artists. I never listen to the system I just listen to the music. The non-equipment item that has affected what I listen to is my wife - no King Crimson, Numan or George Clinton!!
  10. You already have a benchmark. If you like the sound then do something similar (carpet) with the floor. If it’s too bright or flat right now then carpet/wood as appropriate. If you don’t like carpet we had wooden floor but used a 3x4m rug and it worked well.
  11. It’s fact that many commercial contracts prohibit disclosure of the relationship. In a previous life I was the guy negotiating the contracts. It’s your problem if you are uninformed.
  12. These all received safely. All Bond and Bill Nelson gone, some Sylvian gone. More bargains to be had.
  13. Mark no problem at all. Will get back to you soon.
  14. DomT

    New Vintage TT

    Lenco L78 seems an obvious choice if you liked your L75