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  1. Seeing as though you have accused me of BS I must respond as it seems that you have not been correct with all of your 'facts'. Node 2i - OK so I didn't know that you bought this unit twice - and want to sell it twice; this is quite strange to do this - so an honest mistake about £430 vs £499. But your advert states that you bought this 6 months ago when Bluesound were selling these for £400. So no BS on my part. Only you know if there is on your part. Pawel is selling the interface for 320PLN (£60 using www.xe.com today). I have just seen on his website he has a small (plus tax) nex
  2. £60 for the Pawel interface at todays PLZ price. And according to this thread the seller paid £430 for the Node (new) and the SBooster was bought secondhand. But even on your figures Bencat £950 less VAT is £760. Which is why for me it's not a great deal as well as not being that far off the retail price. But maybe for someone else it is a good deal.
  3. This is true but it's also healthy to have some debate. I will be using an Auralic Aries, Benchmark DAC 2 HGC and Neumann KH80 monitors in Nottingham; you would undoubtedly like that system!
  4. Nintronics often have ex-demo Luxman and they are a great dealer.
  5. Disagree. Totally. And I never claimed any other systems are less accurate. I said that AN systems are accurate/realistic. It is very simple to compare a live cello vs a piano played back on CD. Even you would know whether it sounded 'of a piece' or not. But you seem to be saying that you prefer to refer to a graph rather than rely on your ears and judgement. I really have no idea how recording engineers and orchestra conductors do their jobs (sarcastic comment)
  6. I was also about to say that they are rubbish just because I know that @radiant red loves them!!! I have never heard one though. Maybe Mr Red will be along some time soon. He loves the Sugden with Harbeth. As a Harbeth SHL5 user I would also add a Marantz class a/b to your list; I have used this combination for 7 years. I have a PM11S2 and did a big home demo vs the Luxman L505 mk2. The Luxman was interesting but not as neutral as the Marantz. I previously had a Marantz PM-KI Pearl for 3 years (concurrently) but they are very very rare. A PM14 may be similar but I am unsure of which
  7. You stated earlier in this thread that it was fact that Audio Note systems are not accurate. Its not a fact it is in fact your opinion. Did you know that they often have a live cellist playing along with their systems at hifi shows? Is it a) to show how inaccurate and unrealistic that their systems sound or b) to show how accurate and realistic that their systems sound. I can't think of another manufacturer who does this. In this situation you could listen to the cellist and whatever is playing on CD or you alternatively you could look at a graph and say unrealistic and inaccurate as indee
  8. Wow these things must be gold no wonder they are so popular here!! Sorry but at that price it's better for me to buy new with a warranty. But actually something else came up this morning that I am considering.
  9. DomT

    Simple Question

    And to complicate things more just because something has a balanced input or output it doesn't mean that it is actually balanced. As someone else said manufactiurer and model name please to be sure.
  10. Here is a fresh idea. Look at the 15th post down. Sorry but this forum now seems to only allow externally hosted pictures otherwise I would have uploaded from my computer as I did for the past 18 months. I have a feeling that we have a member on here who could tell you all about it. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/the-lp12-where-is-the-love.559967/page-10
  11. what he said much more eloquently than me
  12. Sorry! This is like being in certain pubs and someone asks for a bitter top and all hell breaks loose. In seriousness it's only going to get back to normal when you have your TT and ATCs because in the meantime ........
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