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  1. Rabski, Keith treats us all like we are his bitches. I think that he must be Eminem’s dad!! 😂😂😂
  2. As you are a friend that’s a deal! Shipping is £2500! 😂😂
  3. Fled should bite your hand off. If he doesn’t I could be interested. Please put me on the reserve list.
  4. I watched these two videos this morning. Very useful.
  5. DomT

    Exited vinyl

    It’s clear the OP doesn’t want it
  6. DomT

    Exited vinyl

    But if you use a Linn arm and what to change cartridge then you have to take the arm off (according to Linn dealers). Then there is the setup nonsense where apparently even some Linn dealers don’t know how to set up the decks as well as other Linn dealers. They are a good sounding deck but given the faff and mystical powers that are required to be able to use one and that there are better decks available today it’s just not worth it.
  7. Given that your last t/t was a Technics and that I have been reading up on the SL1500C today the 1500C would seem the most obvious. I have owned a Michell since 1984 and so the Technodec would also get a nod.
  8. DomT

    Calling all lurkers

    Well if I had known that cheese was included I would have joined in more. Will go back to the beginning of the thread.
  9. I would rather stab myself to death with a blunt knife then look at a spreadsheet. Sorry. 😜😜
  10. Tuga I am sorry to disagree on a technical subject but I think that you have made a mistake. The correct number is 99.9999 recurring is it not?
  11. I could use Tidal to stream to my Auralic before this Connect version. Just don’t get what it’s meant to do. But there again the DS App sounds better so am just curious.
  12. DomT

    Exited vinyl

    Set up foibles are an LP12 strength but not what the OP is looking for.
  13. DomT

    Exited vinyl

    Even cheaper than I thought. Hmmm do I need another turntable?
  14. That would be a very dangerous move! Our Griff hears something he likes and makes an immediate purchasing decision