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  1. Nick your findings are similar to what a I found when I placed a Creek OBH-22 after my Benchmark DAC; albeit the Creek was not as transparent as yours. The difference though with my active preamp was very distinct in that music had more life. Did you ever try an active preamp with the Dave?
  2. This was your response to justify why people may not enjoy listening to the actual recording in the mastering suite. I said that was weird and you say it’s normal. The thing is that unless the visitor had been to the actual recording session then they would not be able to comment as they would have no reference point and in any event relying on audio memory as the mastering would happen later But nevertheless in your view people may not like the sound that they are hearing in the mastering suite, but you advocate strongly that these same people should spend money on HiFi equipment that is transparent and accurate to the original recording. Why on earth should people buy neutral and transparent systems if they didn’t even like the sound in the mastering suite? If it’s so very subjective as you say why be so forceful in your comments about neutrality and transparency?
  3. Listening at the mastering session is listening to the actual recorded performance. People may not enjoy listening to the actual recorded performance but that would be a bit weird wouldn’t it?
  4. Good point. Hadn’t thought of it that way round but makes total sense
  5. But unless you were at the mastering session it’s just a guess though.
  6. It appears that you didn't get them to confirm how they would pack the item. After you complained to them they told you they use their standard method which you now say is inadequate. Sorry to say this but you should have asked for confirmation of packing and insurance and you didn't. If I was paying £120 I would have wanted detailed information than rely on assumptions. You don't appear to have confirmed who arranged the courier; big difference in liability if it was the auction house or you.
  7. unless the outside of the box is visibly damaged as in this case
  8. Just thought of something. Was this eBay? Did the seller arrange the courier or your arrange the courier? If it was eBay and the seller arranged the courier you could have some recourse as eBay expects sellers to be responsible for the item arriving safely.
  9. It seems that you didn't clarify how the packing would be done, nor explicitly accepted how it would be done, and didn't check if there was insurance or not. If this is the case then you appear not to have much recourse against anyone.
  10. No I have not confused you you have seriously confused yourself. You wrote 'to avoid the power amp' when you wrote connect Preamp Tape Out to ATC speakers. You also repeatedly suggested that I try an ARC DAC when I have only just bought another Benchmark DAC and never said that I was unhappy with it. The thread was about preamp or no preamp in my existing chain.
  11. How about the one in your S1100? Yamaha's description of it makes me think that you would need to spend more than £100 to beat it!
  12. The equipment is what the equipment is and I am using it as intended by the manufacturer.
  13. You are suggesting for me to avoid the power amp stage, even though I have not declared that I have a problem with it, and yet using one yourself which is why your recommendation is baffling.
  14. Well you said use tape out to ATC aka don’t use a power amp. I quoted you and asked you a question about your idea and you didn’t respond and I then pointed it out. I think that someone on here said something about people not reading posts properly. You also didn’t respond to why you appear to use the analog outputs of your RME into an integrated amp when you argue strongly that this is a bad idea although some people may like it.
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