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  1. Well I think that I can be forgiven for a small typo of not saying …”this nonsense about bits….” rather than just writing “this nonsense” given that you refuse to tell us what these supposed ‘bits’ are. There are no other ‘bits’ that can effect the outcome of the recording example that I gave. And as you refuse to state what these ‘bits’ are our only conclusion can be that you don’t know what you are talking about.
  2. You are missing a complete understanding of how a DAW works. Here is an example of how it works. What is 1+1? Is it 2 or it is 1.95? What is 1+1 +1? Is it 3 or 2.90? Some people on here, not understanding how a DAW works, are suggesting that 1+1+1 does not equal 3. The answer is 3 and it is only 3.
  3. I never said that he said that. I mentioned bit depth to Andrew S. Shadders then quoted me out of context and I called him out and posted the full screenshot of my full quote and not the part that he cut out; just look at the screen shot and compare with what Shadders wrote if this has upset you And Shadders still has not stated what ‘bits’ he thinks gets changed when I change a reverb send to a vocal track. I guess by now that we will never get an answer and he will continue to claim that ‘bits’ get changed because he is behaving like a troll. When studios use DAW multi-tracking we don’t need to consider how many tracks we use for fear of a drop in audio quality because there is none. It’s baffling to me why hifi people think that there maybe a drop in quality when it’s already established for decades by DAW users that there isn’t. But maybe people in this thread think that a simple recording of piano and voice sounds better than a 48 track piece because each additional track used affects the ‘bits’ in someways and this affects the final stereo master. This is a bit like me suggesting to a doctor that if a person has a headache that he should drill a hole in their skull.
  4. Nick it’s a shame that people like Shadders want to argue points without explaining themselves. In Shadders case he still has not stated what bits get changed. I really enjoy reading about your hifi adventures and hope that you continue to report back on them.
  5. The difference is that I have owned a studio for three decades and Shadders has yet to explain what he is talking about but that’s forums for you.
  6. It’s in black and white that you deliberately misquoted me. You are more confused than I thought. And you still haven’t said what bits you think change
  7. You are confused as to how DAWs work, they don’t work like you think they do, and it’s distracting this thread.
  8. You can deliberately misquote me by using half the sentence if you like. Some people would says that your distortion of the truth is in fact you telling a lie. Here is what a I wrote that you then misquoted:
  9. The audio quality does not change if you record one, two or fifty tracks. The audio quality does not change if you use effects or not. A stereo file is produced at the end of the process for consumers. What numbers are you referring to? There are none that matter. The only thing that matters is the end resulting stereo file and it’s bit depth Shadders is confused and is confusing others. Nothing to see here.
  10. What ‘bits’ do you think are changing in multitrack recording when reducing the reverb send to a vocal track?
  11. The change in the size of the file of the track in no way affects how it sounds. The more tracks you add the bigger the file size. You are completely confused. You have absolutely no idea what you are taking about when it comes to studios and recording - says me the studio owner.
  12. Except that they don’t in hifi. Just look at the websites of leading hifi manufacturers of amps and speakers. Even celebrated brands don’t publish although Benchmark does.
  13. Do you know what a blue halibut is? Or maybe better a Red Herring? The digital file size may or may not change if I reduce the amount of reverb on a track. What does not change is the bit depth of the track. Frankly it was complete nonsense for Shadders to introduce this into the conversation as it has absolutely nothing to do with what we are talking about. Please choose an appropriate smiley to add to this post.
  14. It’s a surprise that the magazine features such cheap turntables as many (young) people spend more on headphones. John Lewis also sells cheap rubbish turntables and yet sell more expensive other electrical goods. It’s as though the manufacturers or distributors are deliberately shutting them out unless they don’t have a clue.
  15. This is what I ended up doing. I have an Audio Research cable pre and s/s power amp.
  16. I used to own an Audio Research VS115. It was stunning. Really clear and punchy with great tone.
  17. And you still don’t know how recordings are made even digital ones. I give up.
  18. For the last time no ‘bits’ are changed when changing reverb on a vocal part. The part that you spectacularly are failing to grasp is that it’s just a valid for an engineer to use their ears as is someone making a change to their hifi system. A change is a change. It may be big or small. Your problem seems to be your belief system where some changes are ok in hifi and other not ok.
  19. Unfortunately you don’t know what you are taking about. If I change reverb to bring vocals forward in the mix I am not changing data bits I am adjusting the amount of reverb on a vocal channel. If an engineer can hear a change in vocals so can someone making a change at home.
  20. The conversation is about whether people can hear the difference. Keep up!
  21. It’s exactly the same and let me explain why. Producers/engineers in a studio talking about a vocal part. The vocal is a bit recessed. Let’s bring it forward in the mix. They are comparing the difference between a more forward and more recessed vocal part. They listen and decide what they like best. A person at home listening to music. They change the amp or power supply or something else. They discover that the vocals sound different. With one change the vocals are more forward in the mix and with the other change they are more recessed. The experience or making a change in a studio or with equipment at home and listening to the difference is the same. We use listening skills and judgement. Sometimes engineers do bad mixes and sometimes they might make a change that others in the session don’t notice. And it’s the same at home. Humans are fallible but I would put money on some of our Wammers to spot a difference in the same way that I would would put money on me or my wife to spot a difference. I get that there are technical considerations but in many cases they are just theoretical as otherwise no music would be produced and conductors who couldn’t hear if a violin was playing too loudly would be out of a job.
  22. Andrew how do you think that musicians and producers make recording decisions every day so that you can listen to music. They use their ears and make judgements whilst making sometimes tiny adjustments to eq or reverb or other effects. Humans can and do you ears, brains and judgement.
  23. There is so much secondhand, shop seconds or heavily discounted stuff on eBay that you really should start there and save an absolute fortune. Many dealers deliver at low cost. Also local auction houses should have something suitable.
  24. As is one that favours ASR no?? They do seem extremist on there. They might even be on some watch lists.
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