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  1. Hi Res doesn’t sound very lo-fi though does it? Or maybe it does?
  2. Humans listen to music, and when heard, music derives an emotional response. That’s why people listen to hifi systems playing music to make an equipment choice. If a person is less interested in an emotional musical response then they would likely take comfort in technical measurements.
  3. Real shame that you didn’t respond providing facts with sources to support your various statements on Bartok eg no buyers do comparison demos etc. Anyway last chance for facts before I put you on ignore forever.
  4. DomT


    Then establishing if they have original boxes and if double boxed and if in as new condition is critical as otherwise even a good courier will make no difference.
  5. Brilliant idea. Really brilliant! At least you have two immediate buyers in this thread!
  6. No SINAD was a singer and she had a big hit with a Prince cover.
  7. Do you have any facts from a reliable source to back up your facts? Please give us the links to your facts. Happy to believe you if you have the proof, especially the ones about what Bartok owners and reviewers have and have not done with Bartoks.
  8. The only person seemingly fooled is you. I could record my various DACs in my studio and mix them to be 'very bright' and then post them on YouTube and then perhaps you could tell me if my recordings match how the DACs actually sound in real life. Anyway I love comedy programmes so keep up your postings!
  9. You have an old fashioned view of the recording world but thats ok as all opinions are valid; mine is just different than yours. I agree that there are some great older recordings but to comment about "modern producers pushing buttons" is very inaccurate as a) it's the engineer who would typically do that and b) even with digital much of the actual workflow is the same as before if we are talking about the recording of real instruments rather than software and the buttons, (but I think that you mean sliders and knobs as these are faaaaar more prevalent than buttons), are typically the same as they were in analogue. And to suggest that since the advent of digital n the early 80s that no progress has been made is just plain wrong. However you specifically also said that I'm sure people who listen to a lot of modern music, which is digitally recorded anyway, really have no need for it to be on physical media. and I disagreed with you as I have already explained.
  10. Ands that why I asked my two questions as if not classical and realistic levels then there is no real problem.
  11. I had some very limited edition Bill Nelson CDs that were worth £150 each but when I sold them on the Wam I sold them for under £50 each as I didn’t agree with the principal of rarity meaning that only people with more money can have access to the music.
  12. There is plenty of digitally recorded classical music. And plenty of well recorded ‘modern’ music done in digital and analogue so that’s a red herring as well. It’s possible to argue that recordings are technically better now than say in the 1970s and I say that as a producer who only went digital two years ago. And it’s irrelevant whether the recording was originally analogue or digital and played back on vinyl, CD, cassette or streamed as the value in physical ownership is held by the owner according to their personal reasons and not determined by the format.
  13. DomT


    I suppose that we should ask if you are posting or receiving.
  14. Wow that’s really impressive!
  15. @mods Is this an appropriate time to lock the thread or are people having too much fun?
  16. I know but am having a lazy day sitting in the sun in Portugal listening to my Bartok, er sorry, I mean my Roberts radio.
  17. Wow you obviously work at MI5 to actually have that information and stating it as fact! Please disclose your data source!
  18. How many do do you like to listen at? What type of music do you listen to?
  19. So often on here people want to upgrade to improve things or there are deep discussions about what is ‘best’. For a change it might be refreshing to talk about lo-if, or those cheap bits of hi-fi, or real lo-fi that work well on a musical level but shouldn’t really work. I will nominate the humble Lenco GL75 at £150 that out-shone my brand new Rega P9 at nearly £3,000 that I then sold to fund a very custom Lenco. On funk music the Lenco really made funk music sound funkier and it was also a lot more warm sounding than the Rega; musical bliss. And I will also nominate my Roberts iStream 2 internet radio that helps me discover new music whilst cooking in the kitchen or having lunch out in the sun on the terrace. These two humble pieces of lo-fi brought me a lot of musical happiness even if they were just technically lo-fi.
  20. 15 odd years ago pretty much all DACs had an optical input, but if you really needed FireWire, then there were a lot of pro audio cheap DACs ie around £200 that you could have used instead of the £5,000 Weiss. There was nothing special about a Mac of that time when it came to using a DAC. Either you didn’t know how to research or you are very gullible and we’re conned by a sales person? And even today you seem totally confused. There are a lot of very experienced people on here who could help you but you really are doing yourself no favours at all.
  21. DomT


    I like DPD for this reason. Many proaudio shops in the UK use DPD. I know one that uses them and never insures anything never having had any loses and they send thousands of products per year.
  22. Why are you actually here on the Wam?
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