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  1. Just done some checking and found an advertisement for the Bartley. They are almost exactly the same size but the bass driver is 2cm wider than on the speakers that I have. Also unusually mine have screw points on the outside of the drivers that the Bartley and Ashurst that I used to own. Maybe they were a prototype of the Bartley? Any other ideas anyone?
  2. Thanks for that very helpful!!
  3. It’s a real shame that some journalists use such stupid and unhelpful language but it still does not diminish the fact that power supplies make a difference.
  4. I agree that streaming doesn’t sound better than CD, in my comparisons CD was better. But I disagree that an out of the box solution doesn’t exist although we may be talking about degrees of difficulty. There is always going to be some people who can’t even use a ghetto blaster. But the Auralic Altair G1 is pretty much the epitome of a plug and play device that you turn on set up and forget about. You may have some questions about ripping CDs but it’s not complicated but for just streaming the Auralic, and some others, are so so simple if it’s just for streaming. The rabbit hole of tweaks and investigations happens when you buy say a Bluesound and then want to modify it or add a power supply or DAC but even so none of these things are essential and you could just live with the Bluesound. There are some people who have had some set up problems and in one thread the person literally had not opened the manual. For others it seems to be mainly because the some software has quirks that didn’t appeal to the user. If you want a Raspberry Pi then I would expect you to start a thread about how to get up and running. Naim, Bluesound (including Nad), Auralic and now Innuos have the best Apps. I haven’t seen the Linn one but it’s probably as good as the rest. So long as you get one of these you shouldn’t have frustrations just for streaming. If you need a platform that will seamlessly play your ripped CDs and for streaming you will notice some differences in approaches. The differences are about personal preferences but a dealer should be able to show you some differences although many dealers will use Roon as it’s easier for them but you can ask them to show you using a native platform.
  5. It’s absolutely worth looking at streaming but a few things to bear in mind. a) some albums were never released digitally b) Some albums on say Spotify but not Tidal and vice versa c) Platforms can delete or add albums at any time d) some versions of streamer albums are MQA only e) some albums are not the best version. So I ripped all of the albums that I cared about to ensure that I could listen to it regardless of platform. And I have just bought some more brand new Bill Nelson releases and a Japan release on CD specifically to rip to SSD. It’s easy to rip CDs but can take a bit of time. For me it was worth it but Martin has made a good point. It’s more of a faff with vinyl and that’s a task that I will get to next year as I have about 80 LPs that are not in streaming services. Still considering how to do it but most likely will use a Tascam DA3000 that will just sit there waiting until I play an album. Much easier than setting up a laptop each time.
  6. Given that a classical recording artist and a fan of classical music don’t share the same view of AN hifi maybe it means that there isn’t just one answer and it just depends. So why argue constantly that there is only one route to what is correct? You don’t have to be so absolute about it because it’s just your opinion and nothing more.
  7. I didn’t grow up with vinyl either. Just a few years after my first turntable I bought a CD. Many reasons for or against any format.
  8. Regarding back ups of CDs. I have CDs stored on a master SSD that I rip to. I then also copy the files to another SSD and also have an SSD in both my Auralic and Innuos with the same files. So I really should be pretty safe. SSDs are probably the best way to store rips.
  9. Not necessarily. Why do you think you need one? I don’t have one.
  10. @tackleberry the ripping fortunately was very very easy so don’t worry about that. You can use a third party software to edit the meta data of your rips. I found many were mislabelled for example an artist with very similar albums had them categorised differently. Or there are products that allow you to rip directly from not them but there may or may not be a limitation on your ability to edit the meta data.
  11. I was *exactly* where you were just over a year ago. I had no clue about streaming and everything seemed really complex. And I also thought that streaming was a low quality format where you have no control over the original file quality or quality of streaming. So my first step was to do exactly what you are seeking out to do. I did a thread Auralic Altair stick or twist. Since then so can say that the Auralic is excellent but it sounds very different sounding than my turntable and had I done this again I would have gone for the SME that was a leaner sounding turntable and a warmer sounding DAC so that the two sources were more aligned sound wise. Having said that it’s not a major problem but you might have to choose which platform you prioritise in your end to end chain. Other than that I still might have chosen the Altair for the huge amount of facilities that it has over the competition; some of these will not be of use to you. But it could also be just as simple to have a streamer and separate DAC. You may possibly find that this helps you get both the facilities and sound that you want. Back then only a few streamers had a decent native app. I still wouldn’t consider any platform that didn’t have their own app. Literally just now Innuos have also launched their own app and in a second system I also now have Innuos.
  12. Am sitting in sunny Portugal now so have no idea. The point was that never in over 30 years have I had an amplifier that sounded so different plugged into a power socket vs a power strip.
  13. Given that it was from the owner of said concert hall I thought that it was valid to highlight it as most people wouldn’t click the link. I am in no way saying that AN stuff is the best or better. It just seemed like some interesting info to help balance the discussion.
  14. Not you Andrew but others are claiming a big superiority for digital and completely dismissing analogue and valves completely out of hand. I know that at least one of these people adores classical music and so I naively thought that maybe, just maybe, there would be some acknowledgement that maybe analogue vs digital = it depends based on credible classical recording artists countering their claims. I have never claimed one’s superiority over the other; just that not to dismiss vinyl or valves so quickly in the discussion and these people obsession with distortions when in fact everything is a distortion from an acoustic live event let alone amplified music. Anyway it’s getting really boring talking about this stuff as the same people repeat the same stuff endlessly and it seems that no progress is made. And the theorists seem reluctant to attend any practical tests later this year which is disappointing as it would be their big opportunity to prove those with another view point ‘wrong’. Maybe they just like to argue?
  15. And once again the digital/technical leaning folks have no response to this.
  16. This thread is about what ears prefer. But it seems that some people are more comfortable talking about musical realism and others technical achievement
  17. The most engaging experience is determined by the listener and therefore a much easier to achieve goal as most have found on this forum
  18. I found this interview with Vincent Belanger the cellist who plays live at Audio Note shows playing along with his own recorded material. This is an essential read as this thread is about what the ear prefers. There has been a side debate that has dominated the thread about the superiority of digital and non-valve based systems to avoid distortion. I have been saying that it’s a red herring. So this interview is interesting as it concurs with me that realism is all that matters. https://www.dagogo.com/vincent-belanger-hi-fi-cellist-audio-note/ Quote from the interview: I am reminded of the first time I talked about this aspect of my job with my father. My father is a great musician. Forty years have passed since he founded the Opera House of Québec city, and he was also my conductor on Là. At first, my father could not comprehend my work for Audio Note, but then he got to listen to Pure Cello at the Montréal Hi-Fi show with all of the Audio Note components, and he turned to look at me and said ‘this is better than concert hall!’ Now he understands. A breakthrough
  19. This is the best way for me to sum up for those that are seeking absolute neutrality and transparency. It just doesn’t exist.
  20. ‘Technically accurate’ is that when a piano, violin or dare I say a cello is reproduced that it sounds just like the real thing. Nothing else matters. I am baffled why you think that this is invalid and not worth of a response.
  21. And in the face of some evidence about ‘realness’ it’s completely ignored to continue a theoretical discussion.
  22. What we need is a well known test for this, to settle this nonsense once and for all. Wasn’t there a manufacturer of audio equipment who went to shows with a classical cellist and had the cellist play along with music from an audio system in front of a live audience? This obviously had to be a high end DAC company like Chord or RME or Benchmark surely? You know, clean and neutral sounding to really let the recording shine through! But no. It was Audio Note known for their noisy coloured DACs, amps, CDPs and turntables. I am not saying that vinyl is better than digital. I am just saying that vinyl or tape is just as real sounding as digital and sometimes more real sounding. Digital doesn’t always do tone as well as it does detail. Just like some speakers are more real aka neutral sounding than others. The best test being voice isn’t it? And who is most renowned for voice reproduction? Why it’s that manufacturer of those ‘coloured’ speakers Harbeth isn’t it?
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