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  1. I am not sure if I should mention his name but a well known amplifier and circuit designer was responsible for a credible UK brand’s amplifier designs used Epos 14s until recently. I visited his home a few times about four years ago and was surprised that he didn’t have anything more current.
  2. In case anyone has a Michell Focus 'S' (I doubt it) I replaced the original rubber mat (which was the same as the period Gyrodec) with a Funk mat and it cleared but some muddiness and I have used it like this for maybe 10 years. A great result.
  3. J how is the move going? Are you exchanged now?
  4. Pleased to have been of some help. And great to read that you have also benefitted from the Wam; its a great resource. Power amps are an interesting point. On here maybe everyone says ATC active is better than passive but I always wonder a) what their musical preferences are and b) what power amps did they try if indeed they did try any. I did heard the ATC 40 active and it sounded great with a DCS Bartok. But I have never liked the sound of the ATC power amps when I read about them in magazine and user reviews.
  5. The Artera is a power amp and has no volume control. Of course differences in loudness can make a difference. But even when XLR was at a lower volume than rca there was a distinct difference.
  6. The type of wood is really important. Have you never watched Diners Drive-ins and Dives when they talk about how to barbecue meat and the differing effects of the type of wood? And a clay oven tastes different than metal so you really are right on the money!
  7. Gutted not to be able to make it as it sounded like a great event. Hopefully next time.
  8. I am not an audiophile but here are a few thoughts. I can only compare it to what I have here ie an Audio Research D130 and Accuphase E380. The Accuphase integrated is almost £7k and the Audio Reseach would probably retail at £4500 if sold new today - so it’s not a fair assessment. Comments are in relation to using an Innuos and Benchmark DAC2 front end and ATC SCM11 speakers all using single ended connections. Compared to the other amps the Quad is a warm bath of sound. The midrange is really nice and fluid. The high frequencies are clear. The Accuphase power amp section is far more detailed and punchy especially in the bass. The Audio Research is not as detailed as the Accuphase but more so than the Quad. It also goes deeper, instruments are bigger, and it’s more punchy than the Quad or Accuphase; the D130 is my favourite with the ATCs. Subsequent to this assessment today I assessed the DAC2 straight into the Quad via single ended and XLR. XLR was a lot more punchy and bass was deeper. The main reason for getting the Artera is to replace my 909. The 909 is great with my P3ESR but I wanted an XLR input and front power switch. The specs say that it is also quieter than the 909. I can’t compare them side by side until May but am not sure that the Artera is great value over the 909 because it’s double the price secondhand. But to get these functions and retain the Quad sound it’s worth it to me.
  9. Manufacturers will typically defend their product, especially the expensive ones, in the same way that Wammers defend their purchases
  10. …. I just wanted to say a big thank you to the various people on this forum who have been a big help in informing me, suggesting new things, and encouraging me in finding some new kit. These thank yous are specifically because without this forum I probably would not have embraced streaming the way that I have. The first step was a Quad 909 from @Mikeandvan and that would never have occurred to me even though I had one previously Then Auralic Altair G1 - my first streaming platform Then the slippery slope started….. Auralic Aries Mini from @Griff500 SBooster Wave digital cables from @Fourlegs Innuos Zen Mini mk3 from @Fourlegs Innuos Power Supply Tellurium Black 2 speaker cable Quad Artera Stereo ATC SCM11 QAcoustics 3020i (thanks to @Lurch insistent promotion of these) And so a huge thanks to everyone and the special thanks goes to… well you know who you are. Am off on holidays this week for a month or two back in Portugal.
  11. I think that you are right that with LP there is a more physical event and interaction with the music. But I also think that hearing an album for the first time, even if on a streaming service, is an ‘event’.
  12. Also I am coming round to the opinion that with the right replay chain digital can actually be satisfying. Although I think that in my case some of the happiness of finding new music on Spotify is clouding my judgement of the sound quality.
  13. That’s ok and I have no idea how to frame it either! But some seem obsessed with accuracy. It would be easier to pin the tail on the donkey; only it’s a live donkey that’s high on drugs and that has been stung by a huge hornet whilst wearing roller skates!!
  14. Simplistically yes but achieving a great DDD recording is another matter. Early digital recordings were typically poor because the entire recording process and equipment chain was geared towards analogue. So when digital came along engineers had to rethink entirely how to records bands and it took a few years to iron out. And there is digital and digital. These days some engineers don’t like to record in DSD, not because of sound quality, but because the way they record doesn’t easily support this as they are set up for PCM.
  15. Great post and agree with everything apart from the final sentence. Only a fool is trying to emulate the master tape. I am just looking for a pleasurable musical experience that is meaningful to me. And there are varying other goals that people have on here.
  16. And I would add a NAD 3020, a Michell Focus and a Creek OBH-22.
  17. This has nothing to do with good quality vinyl
  18. Just a follow up to people who said that ATCs need to be played loud or something to that effect to get the best out of them. This puzzled me and so I have been testing the SCM11 with three different power amps. The Accuphase E380 power section using preamp input (120W), Quad Artera Stereo (140W), and Audio Research D130 (130W). Music was typically jazz fusion like Crusaders, Herbie Hancock and Marcus Miller. Listening at lower volumes they all brought something different and pleasurable to the party. The Audio Research had the deepest and punchiest bass followed by the Accuphase. I had no complaints with either of these amps as I hadn’t when listening to Proacs. The Quad however was more gentle and had less punch than the Accuphase. And it had less depth and punch than the Audio Research. I was a bit surprised about the Quad as current dumpers are meant to be able to drive anything. And was also surprised that this new Accuphase wasn’t laid back. Maybe with amps you really do get what you pay for as the Quad is only £1500. So with the ATCs maybe it’s not so much about volume but about the quality of the power amp driving the speakers.
  19. Aaah thaaaaat thread!! Don’t know what all the fuss was about!
  20. Nothing too bulky or weird please. What have you got? Thanks
  21. Given that many people criticised the new Linn streamer they should go to the show and listen. But Linn really should be doing a comparison with another one of their streamers otherwise we can’t make any judgements about it.
  22. With an unfamiliar room and unfamiliar system you can only assess the ‘whole sustem’ as that is what you are hearing. You will have no clue about anything until you start substituting components. Don’t fall for your ‘simple answers’ trap.
  23. A lot of people say that ATC only come alive at high volumes but I just don’t understand that. I don’t listen loud either. Maybe coming from Harbeth I have low expectations or maybe my ARC amp is rather good. The ATCs were on par with the a Proac in this regard, ok the Proac a little more lively, and only the Harbeth really lagged behind.
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