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  1. Thanks Peter - yes you may have hit the nail on the head. I think my preference is definitely 20th Century as to me whilst not strictly accurate is just enjoyable - maybe I have lived with that type of sound for too long and that's why I'm not understanding the attraction of a more clinical accurate sound. I think I had hoped that perhaps there was a type of sound associated with a country and missed the point that its more to do with the age of the equipment. Having said that the new Chinese valve amps that I have listened too I've liked very much.
  2. You used to be able to get a new lid on ebay for about £60 - although recently the companies switched to making screens for shops in light of covid. I would get a new plinth first - about £200 - £300 I believe and then order a lid to fit the plinth - it's a really nice deck so worth spending some money on. If the motor works and is quiet I would leave it along. When you get the lid the Linn hinges work wonders and much easier to fit - they are above £30. I once did a Thorens up and gave it to a friend - they look great with a new plinth and lid and well worth the effort. A decent cartridge will pay dividends. If it were me I would get it sounding right and then concentrate on the aesthetics.
  3. I confess I turn the bass upto 1 and treble upto 2 on the 33 and to me it sounds great. I've had a Linn Kollektor and Linn Wakonda feeding an LK100 (may have been 140, I cant remember) but I just couldn't get the sound to my liking. It sounded very good but not as bright or the bass as weighty - which is what led me to think that perhaps there was a british sound. In fairness though I have only just recapped the speakers and maybe that has made a difference, but even before then the Quad and Beomaster 6000 (80's one) sounded better. I've not heard any American amps so cant compare, however understand that there is a big following of vintage Japanese gear which from what I've read seems to give the powerful type of sound I like. I listen mainly to Jazz and Classical music.
  4. Following up on the topic of "have you been disappointed" I have been wondering if there is a difference between what constitutes good sound to an American as opposed to a British Audiophile. I live in the UK and have tried some of the respected british products and also recommends from "what hifi" only to be disappointed as it sounds restricted or dull. The only Brtiish amp I have found that works for me is the Quad 33/303. I like controlled but deep bass, clear midrange and treble that doesn't sound muffled. I like what I think is probably an analogue sound and the valve sound I found to be the one I like the most. I much prefer floor standing speakers as they can produce the bass but just sound more alive than bookshelf speakers. I haver B&O M100-2 speakers and find they work really well with the quad but I have had B&O active speakers in the past with other B&O kit and it just sounded restrained compared to the M100s So I am wondering if there is a difference in taste between the brits and the americans? Having seen the popularity of the vintage 70s receivers I wonder if perhaps I lean more towards american tastes than british. Interested in what the Americans think of the British sound and vica versa - or do all audiophiles around the world just like the same type of sound, or is there a difference between an audiophile and someone that just enjoys playing music?
  5. Amplifiers have been my biggest disappointment. I have a Quad 33/303 combo feeding Bang and Olufsen Beovox M100-2s with Linn LP12 for vinyl and a Yamaha WXC-50 for digital. The sound is really good to me and I love the weight and sheer fun of the Quad. So I tried plugging the Yamaha into 303 - big disappointment - seemed to lack life even playing around with EQ settings. Feeding it through the Quad as a player and it comes back to life. So I tried getting a WXA-50 - believing the hype around Class D and ICE Power - terrible weak sound but my speakers are particularly hard to drive. Tried a Linn LK140 and preamp and again lifeless. B&O front end apart from Beomaster 6000 and 2200 sounded dull. Yamaha network receiver sounded dull. Valve amplifiers great. Its got to the point where I wanted to get a more modern Quad but am afraid to change for changes sake and get remote control in case it sounds dull - in any case the exercise is good. My problem is I read the hype and want to believe it, whereas what I have may not be accurate or high end but it sounds great to me - lots of controlled bass, clear mids and nice treble creating a big wide soundstage, not the last word in accuracy or placing instruments but very enjoyable. Best upgrade has been recapping my speakers - the quads had already been upgraded when I bought them but changing the capacitors in the speakers just refined everything. I guess the morale of the story is that you need to trust your own ears and listen to what you like rather than what you are told you should like and what stuff should sound like?
  6. I love my Teac X3 even copying FLAC at 7 1/2 it still sounds great - there is something magical about the music being on a tape. Having said that it took me a month to fix it after buying it on ebay supposedly working. I also have an Akai 1710 that is working - bought for parents as they had one when I was growing up. A philips N something that I use for learning French. I did have a Revox B77 but had a lot of trouble with it despite it being restored. A Ferrograph that was great but Mono. An Akai 4000 but that was very noisy. In the end the Teac is very quiet, works well and is relatively simple inside so fits the bill. I am currently fixing an old Grundig for a friend and got everything working apart from a clutch mechanism on the take up spool. R2R are a lot of work when they go wrong and can be frustrating, they are also old, but properly maintained should last years and most parts can still be found even if it means buying another for spares. Are they worth it? - most definitely
  7. Thanks, yes I kind of suspected that - any thoughts on the sound signature of the 66 and 99 - are they the same as the 33?
  8. I have a Quad 33/303 combo which I love the sound of, I keep thinking it would be nice if I had remote control of the volume. I've seen on ebay that there is a small remote volume control circuit you can but for around £20 and I wondered if placing this inbetween the pre and power amp would work - obviously I would have to set the volume on the 33 to half way or more to make it effective or would it be better in the tape loop? or is just a bad idea and would cause distortion. The other option would be to look at a Quad 66 or 99 preamp but loving the sound of the 33 so much (I use the treble and bass controls) which to me sounds almost valve like I am worried that the 66 or 99 would sound more clinical and not as fun as the 33. Any opinions would be much appreciated Thanks Andrew
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