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  1. Good Afternoon All, Having had the opportunity to listen to a top flight Klimax LP12 (pre-Karousel) and a Klimax DS/3 Katalyst playing the same piece of music through the same system I really wouldn't want to say the difference was as clear as night and day. It wasn't, not by a very long way. I find myself at a crossroads. All our CD's have been ripped and the CD's disposed of. I spend at least 95% of my time streaming. The Akurate Radikal LP12 c/w Keel, Ekos MkII. Krystal and Urika II does get dusted off every so often but I'm asking if the frequency of use justifies my keeping it. I'm currently looking to replace the NAC52 c/w Supercap and SNAXO 3-6 c.w Supercap with an Akurate Exactbox (6 channel). I may yet have a few bits of gear seeking new owner(s). Regards Richard
  2. Our Bosch dishwasher failed about 10 months ago after 19yrs. We replaced it with one my wife got (for free) of a horsey acquaintance when they had their kitchen done c/w all new electrical units. The dishwasher was less then two years old at the time......... It is a Miele integrated thing (G977 i PLUS) and, miraculously, worked after lying in the outbuildings for years. The only drawback is that you can't delay the start time so we end up using slightly more expensive electricity but as we're on Octopus Agile and have a Powerwall2 it kind of offsets that. As it was free and saves the the embedded energy of manufacture thing...... Other than that we have a Miele washing machine and condensing tumble drier here and a Miele washer/ dryer at the flat (and a Bosch induction hob). Regards Richard
  3. I'm not sure the words Gove and integrity can appear in one sentence without including the words totally and without??? Regards Richard
  4. Good Morning All, Another vote for Miele here. We have a Miele washing machine/ tumble drier and dishwasher here at the house and a Miele washer/ dryer at the flat. Oldest item is at least 8yrs old with zero issues to date - can't say that for any other laundry device we've owned. Regards Richard
  5. Really - so breaking everyone of the lockdown rules is OK?? Then a PM who OK's it. Jesus no wonder we have problems in this country.
  6. Respectfully she was Scotland's Chief Medical Officer........ Regards Richard
  7. Rousty is a roustabout - can be a drilling or deck operations oriented 'labourer'. You then work you way up the tree to roughneck to derrick man to assistant driller to driller to toolpusher. It's all very Americanised terminology but they did kind of develop the oil patch out of Louisiana back in the day.............. Regards Richard
  8. I should have been clearer it was the rousty who developed the cough, my two colleagues could well be developing COVID-19 themselves......... Regards Richard
  9. Good Morning All, I'll not mention any names here but have just come back onshore from a COVID-19 affected drilling rig offshore. As a sub-contractor the company I was working for went through their COVID-19 checks with me. I then had to fill in a form from the rig concerned declaring I believed myself to be COVID free and was 'granted' permission to join. I join the bloody rig (alongside) to find out they had COVID-19 suspects onboard with one landed already and tested positive - they had neglected to advise me of this minor detail. There was discussion between the rig owners and contracting company and they made the decision to sail the rig - wrong call. They've had to evacuate 6 people in all. We came off there yesterday and I'm in a hotel under 24hr lockdown having had a test this morning. Fortunately no symptoms and expecting a (negative) result in about 5hrs (private testing facility). Two of the guys I was working with were working with one rousty in the afternoon getting gear into a container so definitely in close contact. The following morning he's got a persistent cough and is retching but was actually 'under temperature' rather than showing a fever - he certainly seemed 'OK' the previous afternoon. I've never washed my hands so much in my life. It is very difficult to socially isolate in some jobs which are deemed 'essential'........ Regards Richard
  10. linesrg


    Good Afternoon, It's why some of us choose to live a way out in the country - we live like that all the time........... Regards Richard
  11. Good Morning All, Raising the issue of just how many deaths are 'acceptable' and/ or at what financial cost are questions that have to be answered by somebody somewhere. You cannot keep an entire country remain in lockdown until a vaccine comes along so collectively, as a nation, we have to accept that people will die. That is a fact and no amount of hand wringing and gnashing of teeth will change that. People keep bleating on about the NHS being underfunded, it probably is and will, almost certainly, always be so. Can anybody state how much we should spend on it because it is a bottomless hole? Regards Richard
  12. Good Morning All, As I'm posting elsewhere I'm thinking of experimenting with taking the output from my Akurate DS/3 direct to socket 5 of the Supercap powering my SNAXO 3-6 and by passing the NAC52 c/w Supercap completely. This means I'll need to use the DVC function within the DS. I'm aware that some people have 'issues' with this DVC, I have tried doing a search here but I can't be using the right search terms as nothing obvious comes up. I have also read that the DVC function of the Klimax DS/3 is better than the one on the Akurate. Simplistically my NAC52 c/w Supercap is a very expensive volume control as the DS/3 is well able to provide the necessary line input to the SNAXO direct, as I understand it. Thoughts/ comments welcome. Regards Richard
  13. Good Afternoon All, The biggest impact on the sound heard will be the impact of the room and the quality of the original recordings. Regards Richard
  14. What leads you to conclude I might have limited knowledge or that yours might be superior. Whilst flying might be a solution it will not be the ONLY one. Is there really absolutely no way some of these problems couldn't be solved remotely or assisted by somebody, directed remotely, on site and on every occasion? There is a very real need to address a great deal of the flying that currently takes place and ensure that whatever remains is taxed accordingly. This from somebody who works in an industry that does a lot of flying. Regards Richard