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  1. Good Morning All, Now 'sorted' by deleting and downloading again. Strange though as version 4.13.67 of Kazoo was already the one on the MacBook and was replaced by version 4.13.67........ Regards Richard
  2. Good Evening All, Been going round like a headless chicken struggling to access my Akurate DS/3 via either Konfig or Kazoo on my trusty old MacBook Pro but everything seems fine when I use my iPhone.......... Suggestions as to how to resolve this would be appreciated - it seems affiliated to the above issues??? Regards Richard
  3. Jamie, I think you may need to look at this from a slightly different direction. I don't know what age of property you're talking about but the amount of insulation the property has might be a more important question. If the property needs some upgrading and you intend to do that then LPG is more flexible. In our case we needed to replace a Stanley single oil burner in our 1859 stone built farmhouse shortly after we moved in. We consulted some 'experts' (some not as expert as they might have been) but the consensus was that an LPG boiler was more flexible than a fixed burner oil job as we were intending to 'improve' the property over a period of time. Four years ago we reached the point where we could have a GSHP installed so we did. A side issue is you need to be aware that if it is an property off the sewer network you need to determine what the status of the sewage tank is. It needs to be registered and, I think, needs to be of an approved type and installation as of January 1st this year. We've had a new outbuilding erected here and whilst the place looked like a bomb site we had a sewage treatment plant installed even though it isn't yet strictly required up here in Scotland. Regards Richard
  4. For the record I am not in the least bit qualified to discuss this and nor would I pretend to be. That said my understanding is that such as Einstein's theories and others relies on finding the Higgs Boson particle. I don't believe we've found it yet despite spending a small fortune on the likes of CERN. I'd say that the 'laws of physics' are only what we currently understand they can be? Regards Richard
  5. Good Morning All, It could be argued that nothing is impossible - it is only our current knowledge/ understanding that is limiting??? Regards Richard
  6. Good Morning All, I am rapidly approaching a crossroads with my system. Having gotten back into my hi-fi last year with the kind agreement of SWMBO I have spent money upgrading the LP12, acquired an Akurate DS/3 Katalyst, gathered some additional Naim amplification and, most recently, modified a set of Isobariks. These have different drivers and are now driven by 10 channels of amplification. I have done a fair amount of listening and comparing. As anybody who follows the Naim forum might be aware I have 'challenged' the conventional wisdom of needing to use a Naim pre-amplifier to drive a SNAXO/ Naim power amplifier set-up and have driven the SNAXO direct from the streamer and, TBH, it really is very difficult to detect any real difference....... I am running SO2 and the room has assorted GIK acoustic treatment. I was a little cynical of SO when I first learnt about it in August/ September last year but have now changed my position on it as I have on the benefits of acoustic treatments. Next up will be trying out an Exactbox in place of the NAC52/ Supercap and SNAXO 3-6/ Supercap. This is the point at which the final 'big' decision will be made, actually it will be a two stage decision. I am hoping to get Neil Hallworth involved in setting up special filters to suit my modified Isobariks at some point but I strongly suspect that I may end up 'preferring' the Exactbox. Then the first decision will have to made i.e. to sell the NAC52/ Supercap and SNAXO 3-6/ Supercap to finance the Exactbox purchase or not. The second decision will be around selling the LP12, possibly with a view to financing the purchase of a UBG Klimax DS/3 Katalyst, in which case the Akurate would, obviously, also be sold. I'd welcome the thoughts of others. Regards Richard
  7. Good Morning All, As I have posted elsewhere things hi-fi went on the back burner from 2000 to 2019 as a result of raising children. We rebuilt the old Dining Room into what is now the Hi-Fi Room starting in 2018 - SWMBO and I agreed it would be a single purpose space. I was granted 'permission' to spend some(?) money which boundary has been pushed somewhat!!! There has been some contraction recently as the way ahead becomes clearer. The quid pro quo bit is I need to support/ tolerate the equine habit.... Regards Richard
  8. Good Afternoon All, Having had the opportunity to listen to a top flight Klimax LP12 (pre-Karousel) and a Klimax DS/3 Katalyst playing the same piece of music through the same system I really wouldn't want to say the difference was as clear as night and day. It wasn't, not by a very long way. I find myself at a crossroads. All our CD's have been ripped and the CD's disposed of. I spend at least 95% of my time streaming. The Akurate Radikal LP12 c/w Keel, Ekos MkII. Krystal and Urika II does get dusted off every so often but I'm asking if the frequency of use justifies my keeping it. I'm currently looking to replace the NAC52 c/w Supercap and SNAXO 3-6 c.w Supercap with an Akurate Exactbox (6 channel). I may yet have a few bits of gear seeking new owner(s). Regards Richard
  9. Our Bosch dishwasher failed about 10 months ago after 19yrs. We replaced it with one my wife got (for free) of a horsey acquaintance when they had their kitchen done c/w all new electrical units. The dishwasher was less then two years old at the time......... It is a Miele integrated thing (G977 i PLUS) and, miraculously, worked after lying in the outbuildings for years. The only drawback is that you can't delay the start time so we end up using slightly more expensive electricity but as we're on Octopus Agile and have a Powerwall2 it kind of offsets that. As it was free and saves the the embedded energy of manufacture thing...... Other than that we have a Miele washing machine and condensing tumble drier here and a Miele washer/ dryer at the flat (and a Bosch induction hob). Regards Richard
  10. I'm not sure the words Gove and integrity can appear in one sentence without including the words totally and without??? Regards Richard
  11. Good Morning All, Another vote for Miele here. We have a Miele washing machine/ tumble drier and dishwasher here at the house and a Miele washer/ dryer at the flat. Oldest item is at least 8yrs old with zero issues to date - can't say that for any other laundry device we've owned. Regards Richard
  12. Really - so breaking everyone of the lockdown rules is OK?? Then a PM who OK's it. Jesus no wonder we have problems in this country.
  13. Respectfully she was Scotland's Chief Medical Officer........ Regards Richard
  14. Rousty is a roustabout - can be a drilling or deck operations oriented 'labourer'. You then work you way up the tree to roughneck to derrick man to assistant driller to driller to toolpusher. It's all very Americanised terminology but they did kind of develop the oil patch out of Louisiana back in the day.............. Regards Richard