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  1. That is good to hear. Personally I am very happy with SO(2) and it is one of the reasons I am quite happy with Linn. So yes, I am using it.
  2. I have always told myself when I upgrade that I should be able to hear the difference. By now I might have reached a point where I don't hear that much difference anymore. Not enough for the price at least. About bass, I can tell you a funny story (well, I think it's funny). I changed the room setup drastically at one point. Before that, SO had to take care of an empty space of almost 2 meters behind the speakers. Something SO was not really meant to do, so it took a while to setup. Read: add a lot of bass. When I changed the room however, suddenly there was a wall 30 cm behind both speakers. I kept the settings, because I was waiting for de dealer to set that up. I noticed there was a bit too much bass. Then my neighbour was asking hey, what are you doing in there? Is there a war going on?!? It put a whole new perspective for me to the meaning of thunderous.
  3. Woohoo! There are more lovers of the 530 here. How do you deal with the difference between left right back wall? Also, the curtains are not always there I suppose.
  4. My modest system. Please don't look at the cables. I have organisers for that, but still haven't unpacked them
  5. Thanks for the tip. No idea if it is already switched on. Will check.
  6. I would like to dream of having the organic in my 530's. Wouldn't that be something. Probably not going to happen, but one can dream.
  7. Oh... thank you! Yes, I saw that one, and it resembles my issue a bit. But it never happens outside of my using the headphone. When I pull out the connection, my speakers take over, and they are working. I will try the helpdesk though. So if they can tell me anything more.
  8. Hmm... Nobody? It looks like I have to say goodbye for a while to my MDSM then
  9. True I should have a new one for my matrix. If anyone knows how to get it?
  10. Most mornings I start with work with my headphone and the LP12. I am using the headphone connection the MDSM/3 has, and I'm quite happy with it. Lately however, every now and then, the headphone amp just is not working. I can get it working again by a hard power cycle of the MDSM, but I suspect something might be wrong and causing problems in the long run. Any idea where to look? Not really looking forward to having to send it to Scotland, frankly.
  11. @vicjayl Thanks for the tip about Craig Wright. I'm following his nicely detailed YouTube series now.
  12. For classical music Primephonic was kind of my hope in dark days. Classical music on streaming services is still a disaster, and at least they seem to understand this and create an alternative. Pity they too never made it to anything else than a phone or a pad. And then they sold out for big money, turned their backs to their customers by closing down the service immediately.
  13. Good tip. I will try to find it. Amazon Prime, I hope that is also here in the Netherlands. I once saw a film about studio musicians that laid the basis of many well known pop song. They were called the wrecking crew. See https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1185418/.
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