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  1. Very interesting read. Apart from problems with the lingo 4 motor, it also shows to me how difficult it is to get Linn gear across the pond. And how dependent all that is on the service of the dealer.
  2. Wow. I usually ignore messages like this, because they seem to come from uninformed ppl crying havoc and creating a text virus themselves, but this time I'm glad I read this. Thanks for the warning. It seems I'm not affected, and I'm currently doing the update. I will be going through a round of "close all ports" later.
  3. Oh... Linns equivalent of car tires is not easy to tame. I've done that also, but I survived. Sad to hear of your accident!
  4. Just while I was listening to it! I wanted to do this post myself
  5. About classical music and Linn: yes, they've been disregarding a lot of functional requirements for a decent classical music experience. If you use Minimserver, you can choose the composer from a list, right? I never use the search function for that, I just find it in the lists. But that is something that minim server does, and not Linn. Kazoo and the app just ignore composer (and conductor) in searches and display. Yes, Roon does a lot better for that. Given that fact that it is Roons specialty, and they can make a living of it, I cannot blame Linn for not dealing with that in so
  6. Oh, it definitely adds to my listening pleasure. It allows me to find new recordings more easily. Also, something that the Linn app does a terrible job with: grouping of titles. Roon does a good job at that, Linn is totally ignoring it in their app. I have to go to the Qobuz app to see what "Allegro" actually means (being the nth part of a concerto). Minimserver does that very well btw, and I can also force Linn to pick it up with that, by some clever tagging. But then I am missing the links between albums that Roon offers. I guess nothing is perfect huh?
  7. Those are already the things I usually listen for. I noticed a big difference in musicality with the new setup. It feels more in the middle of the room, I noticed a considerable effect in sound stage. So what I'm hearing here is that tracking force can also be an influence on this. Difficult to listen for that, because the conclusion I reached so far is the result of several days of listening (hehe, I'm a slow learner...). But with a measuring device it should be possible to try it.
  8. Hmm... I am using that a lot on minim server. I like that it allows me to define different genres within an album. I use that a lot for classical music, where a pianoconcerto is quite something else than a symphony. I'm afraid I have the HS version, and it is already complaining about memory use, and I only have one album in the library at this moment (more is on the way: I'm still ripping the cds).
  9. Okay. Can that be because maybe you're using the sound enhancing abilities of Roon? What happens if you don't? I would like to use Roon only for the aggregation (tagging, cataloguing, etc) functionality. Would that be any different?
  10. I've been thinking about using Roon for years now. For classical music in my opinion the kazoo / Linn app is not good enough. Not only does it not show a link to the booklet, it also totally misses the grouping of tracks (Brahms piano concerto consists of uhm.. four parts, but you'll want them grouped for easier overview), and sometimes plainly does not give any other information than "Allegro". Having said that, I don't like to have another device in the house that I have to do maintenance for, another device that has to stay online all the time, etc. I basically try to leave out as man
  11. Based on I decided to do this myself. And then write about it. Following the update of my trusty LP12, I am now listening to all my records in the order of acquisition. About a lot of them I can relate some nice stories, and they are also a portal to the past. They range from 1983 onwards, though the recordings themselves can be older. Lots of classical music in there, but there is something for everyone I believe. So, I write down these stories as they come. I'll see how far it goes, but so far it's going well. I have no idea if there is interest here, but I just like
  12. Is there any specific thing to listen for when checking the tracking force?
  13. @Music At Home Yes, that is understandable, and I believe that. If I'm assuming correctly here, that falls into what I defined in my post as 2. Ground base noise because of interference from other devices / power supplies Am I right?
  14. Indeed, that is the thing. From what I can see I guess it is at 1.6, maybe 1.65. But from what I read here, I need more precision. And yes, after that it's down to listening. The dust under the stylus is definitely dust, not crud. So a anti static gun might help. However, I never needed one before. When it skips, it skips over very minute spicks (is that English?!?) on the record surface. However, it never skipped on those before. I get the sense it is way more sensitive there now. I can imagine that has to do with the weight difference, as I used to have a much heavier setting.
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