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  1. @vicjayl Thanks for the tip about Craig Wright. I'm following his nicely detailed YouTube series now.
  2. For classical music Primephonic was kind of my hope in dark days. Classical music on streaming services is still a disaster, and at least they seem to understand this and create an alternative. Pity they too never made it to anything else than a phone or a pad. And then they sold out for big money, turned their backs to their customers by closing down the service immediately.
  3. Good tip. I will try to find it. Amazon Prime, I hope that is also here in the Netherlands. I once saw a film about studio musicians that laid the basis of many well known pop song. They were called the wrecking crew. See https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1185418/.
  4. I think the comparison is usually with the cd times. Sales were exploding in the years from say 1980 to early 2000s. If you compare to that, the sales in the earlier days were also not that good. Maybe music is not that rich of a business to begin with.
  5. I do love an attempt at solving these reproduction issues at a purely mechanical level. I think Linn lately chooses an approach where these challenges are met in the digital domain (looking at you Urika II). So kudos to Naim for that. I just don't like their solution for reasons outside of engineering: I just think it is plain ugly. Didn't Clearaudio, VPI, McIntosh, MOTT try the same? Was it working?
  6. Yes, but I bet that NSA facility is also using cold storage. I agree file storage gets more cheap all the time, but files also get bigger it seems. And you have to look at the kind of storage we're talking about. The storage that is used in high access, high volumes traffic is different from the one the is used for archiving. The latter might take a week to download, because it needs to be prepared. The former is readily accessible, but on drives that are still very, very expensive. So I think storage cost can and will factor in decisions for a streaming service to offer content. That said, I do think streaming service of the future will no longer save the data itself. They will just act as a go between, offering the transfer and the control as a service, but leaving the actual storage to outside parties.
  7. What an impressive experience. You also had the right recordings to listen to. At that level you start hearing the quality of the recording, and most are not that good. You heard the clothing shifting, wow.
  8. Partly akurate level LP12 / 530s with MDSM/3 Reputation and dealer That it is also 'women friendly' (oh oh...) and gets out of the way. I am a programmer in my professional life. I don't want to be one in my private life. Integration with Roon should be easier. Right now both Roon and Linn point to each other for a solution, but I think it is silly the remote control is not working well when using Roon, and switching to a different channel is a disaster. Linn creates beautiful and sturdy hardware, but in the software sometimes they're missing a few points (I'm looking at you Kazoo / Linn app / Config!!) I would urge for a better care of the software. That goes for SO in Konfig, but also about accessing the control point. I know this has not been standardised at all, and all brands seem to have different solution to streaming audio in general, but I think Linn could with its experience be in a position where they can really contribute to this. Lead the way to a path of better integration, using standards. Make it possible to connect using any streaming service you like: Tidal / Qobuz / Primephonic / Soundcloud / Spotify / Apple / Amazon / Youtube / Whatever. Linn was groundbreaking with streaming when they started, they could do so again. Given the interest GT has in streaming audio, I am sure he can lead Linn to a more ambitious path in the development of it.
  9. I think it depends on the level of crappiness. I used to have entry level Philips speakers, the ones that can just produce a squeak. They didn't even have the necessary connections for anything even remotely resembling to what we are talking about here. I think that if you start out in audio, you can better learn to listen and hear the differences if you start adding a decent pair of speakers. Let's say the level of a B&W 600 series. Once you have that you can start building from the source. If you start by adding a Ikemi to a pair of 20w Philips speakers, you will not hear the difference. You might be disappointed and stop with this hobby.
  10. Haha... I thought of that. Then I realised I could do the same by turning the couch.
  11. Read this and weep. http://www.6moons.com/industryfeatures/eac/eac.html Essentially, CDs were there before digital data was written to disc. CD's follow the red book standard, and to say it is 0 and 1 is a bit short. EAC is still the best ripper in my view, but the technology making most of that difference is indeed accurateRip. That is used in XLD as well. Since EAC is only for windows, it does not work on my Mac.
  12. I once gave my speakers so much space at the back that the SO totally got confused. It had to correct for the total lack of reflection. When I moved them to the current place, it was a huge improvement. SO now has to do to way less correcting, as the reflecting wall is what is expected in the design. Linn makes speakers for home use after all, not for an open field in the snow. Best sound improvements: 1. get rid of the carpet 2. turn the whole room 90 degrees 3. use exakt or aktiv And yes, Lin keeps saying source first, but I find that is only true when the later parts of the chain are already in a reasonably good condition. You can source first all you want, but if you do it using crappy speakers, you will not get the improvements.
  13. Something might be lost here. I was talking about the amplifier. I already got the zmf Eikon.
  14. on topic On my MDSM I see the same happening with dsd files over Roon. Roon is downsampling in halves to whatever is below 192. But that is also the specs of the dsm, right? Or is that different for Klimax? If I look at the signal path, as soon as anything is streamed to the dsm that is above it's specifications, it downsamples it in halves. So in my case DSF DSD64 goes first to 352.8kHz PCM, and then, since it is higher then 192, it gets halved to 176.4. (4*44.1). I guess my question here is: isn't this happening to all Linn streamers? I have a friend that has a Bryson, he doesn't have this, since the Bryson can handle the signal.
  15. For now I leave it. Also to get more adjusted to the sound. I can then better make the comparison in the shop. He's happy to help me with it. As for taking the mdsm to the shop: that would be so much like taking away the heart of my setup... too much work. It would be nice if I can try one at home, before buying it.
  16. Always good to hear that enthusiasm! I think we talked about this subject before also. You're just very happy about your setup, and that is always inspiring to hear. My 530s were SO'd by the dealer, in situ. I could hear the difference every step of the way, and I can tell you, yes, a proper setup makes a whole lot of. difference. Respect if you do that yourself.
  17. It is good to know there is still so much in the 530 that it can carry the Klimax. I have them running on the majik/3 now, and I have been wondering how much I would gain with a Akurat hub.
  18. I live next to a important road that is always filled with traffic. As an added bonus, this is where cars are either breaking or accelerating, as it is next to the square. Oh... and then this is also the main road for emergency services, and they go around 10 times a day through the street with sirens. Why am I buying high end audio at all? I am thinking of sound isolation, I think that might be the single best upgrade to my set.
  19. I am using the Eikon now for the better part of a week. Superhappy with how they sound (from the MDSM), but I do think they can get a bit more oomph with a separate amplifier. I was using a Burson in the shop before, and the difference was enormous. According to the manufacturer they should have a burn in of 200(!) hours, so I'll give it a while before I decide anything. There's no immediate need.
  20. Yeah, I believe Qobuz has both. I like the remixes, because they really break up the sound in such a way that you hear the instruments. There is way more soundstage, way more separation between the different instruments. Most Beatles lovers I know don't like them though, because they totally messed up the original, in their opinion.
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