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  1. This is indeed the nicest DAC I have heard that cost under 20k... Probably not that many have had the chance to audition it, especially in comparisons. Really hope it finds a new home for someone to enjoy this absolute superb DAC. For anyone in London, we can arrange an audition if seriously interested.
  2. Anyone interested in it certainly know hows much an Accuphase costs. The E-270 is part of their latest line-up. If you want to check current hifi prices across the world and websites you can always go to The cheapest one currently available in Europe is 4000 Eur... And none in the UK at the moment. I'm also happy for anyone interested to come and collect so they make sure they get what's advertised. They are harder to come by in the UK and the "cheaper" Japan / Asia or US versions are 100V. This one is the proper European version.