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  1. Hi MH Interesting to read about the alternative power supply, my Aries is the LE, which has an outboard PS. I also know about the wireless card problem, so far mine has been OK but I have the lowdown on where to get a replacement if required. The Lightning DS software seems to be fairly stable, I think Auralic spend a lot of time and money keeping it as user friendly as they can. Happy Listening to you ! 👍🏼
  2. And that was the last Post, May 2015 ? Lots of happy Auralic users out there no doubt. I have since sold my Vega dac due to having a dac built into my new Hegel amp. I still have the Aries although I am tempted by the latest G1 version. Until I decide to change, the original is still performing very well.
  3. Another vote for WTL, I’ve had my Amadeus GTA for about six years and have never regretted the purchase. It’s the silence that you notice first, other decks are a bit noisier due to the bearings in the arm. On the WTL decks there are no bearings to transmit mechanical noise. It’s amazing how much more you hear when that mechanical noise is not there. Overall, a very nice deck, I have a Transfiguration Orpheus on mine which feeds a valve phono stage, the Allnic H1500. As someone else mentioned, the price is a bit of a steal.
  4. OK, thanks for that.
  5. I know I shouldn’t, but where is your Hegel 390 being advertised?
  6. As a happy Isolada owner I can say that whoever buys this pair will not be disappointed. At this price they are a bargain!
  7. Yes , distilled white vinegar! I have spent the last 45 minutes on another forum which has made me realise I should have been at the fishmongers! Seriously, lots of people use it in solution with water and they generally have positive results. I may try it out on some crappy 45s I inherited. I would be cautious using it on a new LP.
  8. I have also never had to drain my Moth RCM, I’ve had it for years and have cleaned hundreds of records. Whilst on the subject, I have been wondering if using vinegar instead of alcohol would be an alternative? I was cleaning the bowl of a very dirty carburettor recently and was amazed at how easy it was using vinegar! Anyone got any thoughts on the subject?
  9. So there you have it, some hi-fi components sound perfectly fine to some listeners while other listeners are not so impressed. Nothing more to discuss really....
  10. Yes well, everyone hears things differently. 🙃😆🤔
  11. I would like to add Neil Young’s Live at Massey Hall 1971. I don’t know what it was recorded with but it’s a great sounding live album, I just have the cd release.
  12. Well I’ve taken delivery of my Concept 20s. When I was unpacking them I noticed one seemed to have something loose inside. I wondered what it could be. I connected them up and turned on some music, I couldn’t detect any undue vibration in the offending speaker ! I will try and speak to someone at Q Acoustics but I don’t think I’m going to get to worried about it. They sound great but they will need a little running in before I can assess them properly. The 2010i’s will be moved into the kitchen/dining area and the outgoing Eltax Century 150’s will go to a charity shop.
  13. So seven years on, how did everyone get on with the Concept 20s ? I have just taken a punt on a pair after reading some positive reviews and comments. I am possibly biased towards the Q Acoustics brand as I have Concept 500s in my main system and my daughter has the 2010i s in her system. The Concept 20s will be used in the dining area connected to a Denon DM37 so obviously will not be used to their full potential. They may get better electronics at a later date but they will be used more than any other speakers in the home. I’m looking forward to hearing them.
  14. Jules, apologies yet again for not replying earlier. You asked whether my floor was suspended or solid, the answer is suspended . How is your search going ? I am still marvelling at these C500s, I'm discovering lots of detail in my music that I didn't know was there previously . They are an utter joy to listen to !
  15. Hi Jules, again I apologise for not replying quicker. The speakers are actually 1 metre from the back wall and about the same from the side walls, that position is tolerated by the rest of the Family ! Here's another photo just to let you see the position and finish better. I have never heard the C40s but I'm sure the C500s would pack a bigger punch. I don't get overwhelming bass when I turn up the volume with mine, but then so much depends on the room. Good luck with your quest, you may find an ex-demo pair if you are patient !