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  1. What are the default settings that Konfig for Space 2 is shipped with for the Temperature and Humidity sliders please? I created my best sounding Konfig using them, but having experimented I can’t get back to them as ‘Alter Konfig ‘retains the last settings Can somebody who hasn’t meddled have a look for me. Cheers. Andy.
  2. Morning PhotoMax, So far only mnky has admitted to having the same issue. I have a call into Linn to find out if this is a known issue. Kazoo 4.13.59 , but the same is reported by Kinsky. Konfig is latest (I am running SO2) cheers Andy
  3. Hi guys, I am indeed in the UK , ‘troll’ , and I think I may have misled you slightly. I can access all the tracks on the Max Richter Blue Notes album ‘ it is the ‘Original Soundtrack’ one where the first track ‘on the Nature of daylight’ is greyed out. It may well be a Tidal issue, and I await their reply. However, it is interesting that PhotoMax as a long-term Tidal user is streaming the same track in a similar way and getting a different reported screen rate. FOM, Tidal is indeed the source of the album shown on the playlist in Kazoo shown with a white dotted ‘T’ overlayed on the disc cover icon. There are also Qobuz tracks on the same playlist with an overlayed ‘Q’. Despite the different origins and reported bit rates, the sound quality of like items seems very close. cheers Andy
  4. Hi ‘troll. ‘Your subscription’ has a dirty great tick under ‘Tidal hifi lossless sound quality’ £19.99 a month.
  5. Thanks for that PhotoMax. There’s definitely something awry then, as I am only getting AAC 44.1khz 320kbps shown on both (had to use ‘Zero balance’ track on the latter as I don’t have access to ‘on the nature of daylight’ for some reason. I think it’s only the displayed figures that are at fault, as the sound is pretty good. I’ll take it up with Tidal and/or the Linn help desk tomorrow. cheers Andy
  6. Hi folks, (1) the source on DSM is ‘playlist’ not net aux/airplay (2) I have rebooted DS/Exakt box (3) Qobuz screen-shot shows similar quality on mine, I don’t use Spotify (4) Tidal account shows ‘hi-fi quality’ (5) I’m not expecting ‘above CD quality’, but AAC 320kbps is MP3 specification. I don’t believe the sound is MP3 quality, however I’d like to have it confirmed on-screen. Has anyone with Tidal hi-fi got the correct display?
  7. Hi Zee, Yes, set at: Tidal Enabled - yes , Maximum Audio Quality - lossless. Any other ideas?
  8. Hi, I’ve just set up for a trial of Tidal hi-fi using the latest offer. Despite Tidal telling me I’m on their ‘lossless hi-fi grade product, Kazoo is still showing AAC 41.1 KHz 320 Kbps on all tracks although it is set to stream at highest quality. Qobuz, under similar conditions shows a much higher bit-rate. Is there an incompatibility between the products, or are Tidal not telling the truth ? Cheers, Andy.
  9. Hi folks, So what is the situation. Tunein is working for now including the BBC channels. But will it last? Cheers Andy.
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