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  1. Payment sent for Supra USB.
  2. You have to specify the location of the item for sale. Are you including delivery? If not, where is the collection point?
  3. I'm going to go with Townshend Audio speaker podiums.
  4. I've got a ultra small form factor Lenovo M58 going for £60 delivered. It's got a Core2Quad Q6700 processor, 4Gb DDR3 and 160Gb HDD, as well as displayport output, analogue audio output and VGA output. Comes with Lenovo keyboard/Microsoft mouse/original external PSU. It has a DVD drive in it as well and in-built WiFi adapter plus Gigabit Ethernet.
  5. I'm using passive WireWorld HDMI at 9m and 12m without issue. I've also used an active, USB powered fibre optic cable without issue. I don't have anything longer than 5m for sale atm however just wanted to open up potential options for you. I think Chord does a long passive one too.
  6. The Arche is a lovely headphone stand...
  7. A fellow Stellia owner here...how do you find them?
  8. pictures for Soundar/Innuos don't work.
  9. Not many people have their amp offset from the centre of the room so it limits the appeal. FWIW I just sold a 4m pair of these for not much more than what you're asking, so price may also be a factor.
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