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  1. I might sell my HiFace 2 next week - moving house etc. It's boxed/mint.
  2. Collection only from NW London please. Good: Mint condition includes remote/power cable Bad: Won't power up. It could be an internal fuse or something but I haven't the skill to troubleshoot.
  3. Moving home so won't have anywhere for hifi unfortunately hence selling my pride and joy. It comes fully boxed with original accessories as new: documentation, Naim Powerline Lite power lead, Naim speaker plugs, original remote and box. The Nova comes with HDMI ARC capability for those connecting TVs to it. It is running the latest firmware. It has performed admirably. Comes from a smoke- and pet- free home. Looking for £3000 and this includes an isolation stand that I'm using with it. Zero touch collection is possible. I'm in NW London, approx. 5 mins from the M1. Demonstrations not possible under current COVID restrictions but happy to do a Facetime/WhatsApp video call to show it working.
  4. You could try this gem:
  5. Hi, are these for loudspeakers or components? What's the approx weight of each, please?
  6. Looking for a USB connected Digital to Digital Converter so that I can connect a NUC PC to my Naim Uniti Nova. Audiophilleo 1/PurePower, Singxer SU-6, Schiit Eitr or anything else similar. Thanks, C.
  7. ideally with box/manual/receipt/warranty.
  8. Master Yoda, you sound like!
  9. Looking for 28-30kg of Atabites to fill speaker stands, if anyone has spares/bought too many/didn't use what they bought.
  10. Thanks Mikey...looks to be specific to this application.
  11. What's the output voltage on the PSU? Could it power a NUC?
  12. I'm using Ansuz Mainz8 X with Naim. Instant, significant improvement that just gets better when you upgrade the connecting power leads.